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Altair Club Cars YouTube activated by Ford Power-Up Software Update Over the Air, | Mustang Mach E

YouTube activated by Ford Power-Up Software Update Over the Air, | Mustang Mach E

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This morning when i got into the car i had to get an update i can hear when you investor the update icon it jumps automatically to this page here and it told me the most recent update included the following ford power up if you remember last time it was just 3.5.3 so this is not the same update now it says we think you’re going to like this video streaming

Charging your vehicle is about to get way more entertaining that’s because you will soon be able to watch video streaming on your sync for technology screen tap on the top center icon and click the entertainment tab to catch up on your favorite tv shows follow what’s happening in the world laugh at silly videos however prefer to pass the time all you need is a

Ford streaming connected service plan or wi-fi to begin for more details on ford streaming check out the connected services tail in the ford pass app or visit connected services only available in the us ongoing updates like this hope you enjoy the best possible version of your master market vehicle the interesting is this is only available in the us and

Make sure you have a wi-fi connection or you have the connected services i’m here now on wi-fi make sure i’m connected so i press here the top center tile icon i mean now if i’m here usually it opens up like this but when i go into entertainment i got now this three new icons youtube nbc news and nbc today if i press nbc today it loads the nbc today takes a

Little bit until it’s loaded i can hit the play button loads a little bit slow make sure you got a really good connection and then it will show you the nbc today show i have to volume down but here’s right away embassy today this is how that works if you press the screen you see here the volume and that an air displaying so if you go to nbc news again the same

Thing it loads a little bit nbc now i can press the play icon takes a little bit to initialize now it starts working right away sometimes it freezes a bit even though i have a real great internet connection here probably just have to fill up the buffer so when i hit the pony again i can go to youtube takes a little bit to load and once it’s loaded you will also

See you’re able to log into your own youtube account which i already did i can even watch my own channel of course immediately my my opening video i can go even to the playlist hit here the next one here’s all the tutorial videos if you ever want to watch my tutorial videos and just to show you how the video works in youtube i just press them just the size of the

Screen loads a little bit and of course you have your youtube ads again except you will subscribe for the it for you to and then you can watch it like this and then you can also change screen size maybe i think that yeah got a little bit bigger but it doesn’t lag much if you’re not good internet connection works pretty good i think it’s a really cool feature

Did anybody else notice anything else with this update please comment below or you can also email me directly again thanks for watching this video please subscribe to my channel and hit the like button and i hope to see you soon thank you

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YouTube activated by Ford Power-Up Software Update Over the Air, | Mustang Mach E By Ben the EV guy

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