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Altair Club Cars Youre WRONG About The New Acura Integra, Heres Why

Youre WRONG About The New Acura Integra, Heres Why

Why do we care SO MUCH about a name? The all new Integra is coming. And unfortunately, it looks like it’s not going to be brewed with the same old recipe that made the car famous. This is the story of the Honda Integra.

The integra it is without a doubt japan’s best front-wheel drive car it came from a time before computers and safety ruined everything and it was built by a company that only knows how to do one thing push the limits of design to the absolute breaking point or at least that was true today on overdrive we give you integra why do we care about a car’s name so

Much we hate the mustang maki not just because it’s an uninspiring electric crossover just like all the other uninspired electric crossovers but because mustang means something to us it’s like when coca-cola changed their recipe people fought it tooth and nail not because they didn’t like the taste because the old coke taste brought back a flood of old memories

And guess what the old coke came back in 1985 the top line in the washington post reads coca-cola is bringing back the real thing so when i say the word mustang to you believe me i ain’t talking about a boring crossover but unfortunately when it comes to the new integra i don’t think they’re bringing the old recipe back we’ve had the new eclipse there’s talk

About a crossover corvette but the newcomer to the chopping block is our beloved integra i don’t know about you but when i heard they were announcing it my only thought was oh no not a new coke disaster again just not again to find out if it passes the taste test we have to start with why peggy is such an important mark our journey begins in 1986 when honda

The company known for ultra reliable but ultra simple little cars decided that they were going to compete against the likes of bmw to do that they created a bunch of new labels cleo and primo and verno and most importantly in the us they coined acura which went from zero to hero when acura outsold bmw just two years later the reason for all the success mostly

The legend which competed directly with cars like the bmw 5 series but right there with it was a car that would become synonymous with japanese performance the integra acura integra 16 valve sport sedan although in 1986 it wasn’t quite the sports car that it’s become it was mostly a semi-luxurious car that got good gas mileage a celica competitor but for people

Who just got promoted to manager that changed with the introduction of the second generation in 1989 see honda had an ace up their sleeve something they needed to share with the world v-tech in japan the very first vehicle to ever receive the new tech were the integras but we had to wait until 1992 when the gsr trimmed integra was let loose on u.s soil spoiler

Alert it was worth the wait the b-17a1 is legendary for how easy it is to tune and since unlike a lot of front wheel drive cars the integra could handle really well thanks to the independent wishbone suspension it became a driver’s car hero cheap enough to buy easy to repair and for its time it could haul the mail honda saw the potential and in 1994 high on the

Sales success they’d been having we got the third generation aka the one everyone knows about the one you see racing through your mind when you close your eyes okay little confusing here first off there’s the spider-eye integris the ones we have in america with the four headlights and the jdm honda integras that look a whole lot better then there are the trims rs

For the base model ls which is an rs with some leather se which has a gs which is really just an rs and just because screw you the gsr is the s-i-r depending on where you buy it and that’s the one you want since it had the b18c1 vtec engine which is absolutely one of the greatest of all time outside the engine being bored out an additional hundred millimeters

The third gen integra had evolved into a proper sports car the suspension they developed on the 2nd gen that double wishbone job it got truly dialed in and this car would go down in history as one of the best handling front-wheel drive cars ever built in fact you could get oversteer if you weren’t careful if you don’t even know what that means then just know

That it’s something that’s super rare for a wrong wheel drive car if anyone is thinking of buying an integra the 3rd gen gsr is the one to have it’s the second best and it’s likely the only one you can afford i know which one everyone really wants though i know because even i want it and front-wheel drive jdm life isn’t exactly my first car category of choice

The integra type r it’s 1995 you are honda and you want to show off what do you do take your sporty little dc2 integra and you turn it into a factory prepped road legal race car first you tune that b18c up to nearly 200 horsepower making it one of the highest displacement to horsepower engines ever then you give it a limited slip diff strip out everything

That’s unnecessary so it’s light as hell and do a bunch of chassis and suspension wizardry to make it handle even better the gsr was a sporty car it could keep up and even leave miatas no problem the type r then was on a completely different level and unlike the civic r which honda didn’t think us americans deserved in 1997 they did release the integra type r

For purchase stateside and i want to impress this on you because i have a feeling some of you don’t really understand that’s okay i was alive back then and i saw it happen but it’s an old story now the integra type r wasn’t very expensive 20 grand would get you one half the price of the rx-7 or the supra and yeah i know they’re worth way more now heck this one

Just sold for 112 000 but back then half the price of its competition price didn’t matter out on track though since the type r could run with any of them and maybe even more importantly when it broke us normal people could afford the repair bills that’s what it took to become legendary and it’s why you still see him out on the road today making way too much power

And turning heads wherever they go the year 2000 was the last year of the type r which was the end of possibly the greatest front-wheel drive car ever it wasn’t the last of the integras though in 2002 the mighty h would give us the 4th gen honda integra or as we call it in america the acura rsx i think this is a car that’s still getting slept on a lot of people

Think of the integra and they only think of the 95 through 2000s the truth is that the 2002 to 2006 rsx are still great the k20 is a phenomenal engine and the type s is the first integra to get a six speed with 200 horsepower and even though they got rid of the trick double wishbone suspension it’s got phenomenal handling considering it’s front wheel drive it’s

A fantastic car to own and drive just don’t really expect any acura luxury the older integras at least tried to be a little fancier than the civic the rsx gave up entirely on that notion it is a very basic interior unfortunately that was probably its downfall the civic si had the same k20 and the tuning culture that elevated the integra name to legendary status

Well it wasn’t getting the clicks like it used to in 2005. honda ended the integra in 2006. acura’s tsx replaced it if you wanted something more luxurious than a civic and the civic si replaced it if you didn’t if this were a story that was better written that’d be the end of it the hero reaches their peak struggles a bit then hands the torch off to the new

Generation of turbocharged cars and preserves their dignity reality is never well written though and so now there’s a new version i’m gonna be honest it looks fine but i don’t really get it it’s basically a civic si same turbocharged engine same basic shape same six-speed transmission ooh it’s got fog lamps though so at least there’s that it’s also a little

Bit bigger i’m just not convinced yet the civic type r is an absolute monster it makes 300 horsepower and only weighs 3 000 pounds the integra type r was a monster 200 horsepower and 2600 pounds both have over 160 horses per ton this new integra has 30 horsepower per ton less than either it’s not gonna feel fast and the og type r could hang with the super of its

Time for half the cost the new integra type s is projected to be around 40 grand or the same price as the much faster base supra now i think the integral will sell well i do if people want a fancy civic or a manual tsx it’s there for them i just think we’re a long way away from the insanity of the best handling front-wheel drive car and that makes me a little

Sad i asked in the beginning what’s in a name to the marketing team i guess it’s nothing more than a way to generate controversy so here’s my challenge acura prove me wrong prove to me that the integra name still means something and that honda still has what it takes to engineer perfection make me eat my words by launching the greatest type r ever you

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