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Altair Club Cars Youre Using the Wrong Build – 2017 Audi S5 Sportback – NFS Heat

Youre Using the Wrong Build – 2017 Audi S5 Sportback – NFS Heat

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Welcome to the militia gaming community i’m trigger and i’m back with another wrong build video this time the audi s5 sportback let’s go all right before we get into the video i just want to say thank you for watching i know you could be watching anything else on youtube but you’re here with me on this video so i really really appreciate it and the channel hit

100 000 subs recently which was just a dream for me three years ago you really have no idea what this means to me and if you’ve been following the channel for a while now you know i’ve struggled with the decision to enable memberships on my channel my reservations have always been that i don’t want the channel to be anywhere near a to play channel and i thought

Memberships which is really just youtube’s version of twitch subs was a little too close to that i didn’t have a clear vision on what i could offer memberships without leaving out the general viewers but i finally figured it out all of the things that i now offer with the channel in terms of content interaction with you guys community events and streams will continue

But on top of that for members i’m adding a few perks that will make it worth it to purchase these memberships and join the channel and support the channel monetarily you can see a full breakdown of your options in terms of memberships in the description of this video i really appreciate you checking it out now let’s get into the video alright the first thing i

Want to talk about with this car is the fastest engine that is always the most important piece and for this audi s5 it’s the 542 horsepower 5.0 liter v8 this engine allowed me to run a 255.5 on aryan which is actually really not that bad anything under three sort of gives you the idea that the car is semi-fast in some way usually the cars are either fast on the

Top end fast in the corners or fast off the line those are the cars that get under three minutes the really fast cars go around 250 or in the low 250s that being said this audi s5 definitely surprised me i wasn’t expecting it to be as fast as it was i mean it really has good top speed acceleration and what i mean by that is it actually accelerates through gears 5

6 7 and 8 like the top range of the gears it does very very well on top speed i was able to run a 240 1.3 on sonic which again is not like the fastest time out there but it’s a decent time it’s not a super slow time on sonic obviously that could be a lot faster if you put someone behind the wheel that has a little more skill than i do but if you compare my time

In this car to times in other cars it’s actually a pretty okay time it’s not terrible and it’s not like super great that being said let’s go ahead and give you the full track build you’ve got the 542 horsepower 5.0 liter v8 ultimate plus engine parts ultimate dual turbo and the 5 by 3 pound nos super trax suspension elite brakes elite race tires elite plus clutch

Elite plus 8 speed gearbox super track differential nos refills nose duration and then on the live tuning you want to put your steering sensitivity at plus two which is two ticks to the right and down force minus one that’s one tick to the left traction control is off drift style is on gas all right let’s move on to drag racing so i wasn’t that impressed with this

Car and drag racing it runs an 8.80 quarter mile which is okay and it does pretty well on the normal drag strip you know if you take it out there behind the main safehouse and you drag it on that strip that strip is actually a half a mile not a quarter of a mile so i think it performs better in half a mile and the longer you go the better it does because it has

Good top speed acceleration but off the line it’s just all right and in a quarter mile setting it’s really not that fast 8.8 is nowhere near the top of the leaderboard that being said here is my drag build we’ve got that same engine ultimate parts dual turbo but we’re going to swap out the 1 by 15 pound nos and then we’re going to use super track suspension elite

Brakes elite drag tires elite plus clutch elite eight speed gearbox super track differential nos refills and nose duration steering sensitivity will leave at plus two downforce you want to minimize that to minus five traction control off and drift style on gas and one last thing about drag racing this one does okay with drag tires but you do have to wait to nos

You can’t nose off the line because it’s an all-wheel drive car and you lose traction in the front because it does a wheelie doesn’t allow you to accelerate all the way so you either have to wait till about third or fourth gear to hit your nos or you can use track tires all right moving on to the drift build and honestly this is where the car surprised me the most

This is an all-wheel drive car it’s really not meant to be a drift car in real life obviously but with the all-wheel drive setup that i give it this is a very very smooth drift car i mean it is really fun to drive it reminds me a lot of the all-wheel drive build for drifting that i made with the evo 9. it feels really solid to drift around with and it scores pretty

Well it’s not the best scorer and it’s not the worst either but it does enough this car you can definitely use to restart all of the events so if you like that use this drift build it’s definitely fun to use we’ve got the 542 horsepower 5.0 liter v8 again the same engine parts same dual turbo five by three pound noss but here’s where it gets tricky super showcase

Suspension elite brakes and pro drift tires and then you want the elite plus clutch the elite plus eight speed gearbox and the sport drift differential the sport drift not the pro drift the sport drift it allows a little bit less slippage and allows a little bit more traction and you need that for when you use your hand brake to make a turn and then have to speed up

Again nice refills and duration of course on my auxiliaries and then of course you need to have steering sensitivity at plus five minus five on the downforce traction control off drift style on gas alright and lastly let’s take a look at what this car can do in the dirt now i kind of expected it to do well generally the cars that have good top speed on the track do

Well in the dirt because they can accelerate to higher speeds even though there’s a lot of problems with traction and things like that this car does okay it’s not great it’s not bad it does okay so as always i test my off-road builds on htv2 and rumble and on htv2 you’re looking for a time around 152. well this car does 152.1 so it’s a little bit higher than what

I would expect from a fast off-road car and on rumble you’re looking for a time somewhere near 312 310 somewhere in that range anything under that it’s it’s a very very fast car and this s5 actually ran a 315.2 so not quite as fast on rumble pretty decent on hdv2 but not quite as fast on rumble those two times combined is 507.3 and that’s the time that i use to

Rank it in my off-road rankings and this car actually is sort of in the middle of the pack it kind of goes along with you know the aston martin db11 the nissan skyline 2000 gtr the mazda rx-7 it’s similar to those cars off-road all right throw up the build card we’ve got the 542 horsepower 5.0 liter v8 ultimate plus engine parts and the ultimate dual turbo five by

Three pound nos super rally suspension elite brakes elite off-road tires elite plus clutch elite plus eight-speed gearbox and the super rally differential and we’re running nos refills and duration as always with a steering sensitivity of plus five downforce minus five traction control off and drift style on gas so anyway it didn’t really shock me it’s not anything

Special in the dirt but where this car is really really good is in drifting and it’s not bad for track racing it’s just not super fast it can’t handle any of the top 10 cars it’s probably somewhere in the 20 to 25 range it’s okay it’s not terrible but it’s not very very fast anyway that’s it man that’s the whole video i appreciate it and if you guys are into real

Car builds you can always check out my other channel i just launched this channel where i’m building a 2004 acura rsx we’re going to completely modify it to make it just awesome and if you want to see that you can follow that channel there is a link in the description and that is it man thank you guys so much for watching shout out to all the subs and shout out

To all three of these amazing members that we have on the channel these guys are absolute beasts right when we put up our memberships they went in and signed up right away so i appreciate it thank you so much to our members i will catch you on the next one trigger out you

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You're Using the Wrong Build – 2017 Audi S5 Sportback – NFS Heat By Militia Gaming Community

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