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Altair Club Cars Your Mazda CX 5 | 10 Things You Didnt Know

Your Mazda CX 5 | 10 Things You Didnt Know

10 things you may not have known about your 2019, 2020, or 2021 CX5!

Today’s video i’m going to be going over   10 things that you may not have known about your  cx-5. this will apply to the 2019, 2020, and 2021   year models and hopefully you will find something  in this video that you did not know, and it will   make you enjoy your cx-5 a little bit more. hope  your second row seats in the cx-5

Recline!  that’s right, there’s two different positions   grab the lever, pull back a little bit more,   and you’ll hear that second click. lift up, give  a little push, and you can see that it reclines   about 15 degrees or so, allowing you to get a  now, i felt like this was important to  bring up because not a lot of

Sales people   but you will have safety child locks on  every trim level. you can find them on both   doors on either side. lock them in place, and  then from the inside, even with the door unlocked,   another thing that is oftentimes  overlooked is the fact that   telescopic, meaning you can undo the lever and 

The steering wheel will adjust in and out as well   as up and down, allowing you to get that sweet  spot for optimum comfort. as soon as you get your   another thing to bring up that may give you  some peace of mind if your little ones may   be playing around with the windows if you stick  your arm out, roll it up! it will not

Cut it off!   sense that there’s an object in the way   now, a lot of people don’t really understand how  the auto rain sensing wipers work so i’m going to   “low”, and “high” that you see right there   only represents where the lever is. so you have  four positions that you can choose from. “auto”   bars is not

Speed. it’s actually sensitivity.   now, this is something that i go over  feature but i’ll bring it up here anyway just  because it’s another one of those things that   reset the position of your automatic lift gate!   in the button right there for at least five   seconds. you’ll hear a beep that will confirm the 

New position! now, if you wanted to get it back to   its default setting, you can either fully open  it to its default position manually or you can   push the button again, but instead of holding  it for five seconds, hold it for 10 seconds.   you’ll hear a prolonged beep confirming that the  now, you may be wondering what do i

Do if  my battery stops working? so if your battery   ever stops working, there’s a little black tab  that you can find on the top of the key fob.   you’re going to want to move that to the side  and then the shell part without the mazda logo   is the part that comes off. so this part right  here simply slides out and there

Is a key inside   and in the event that your key fob were to be  dead, you would just simply take this key out.   you would come up to the vehicle. you’re going to  find a key slot on the outside of the door handle   so the active safety screen has a lot  over a few of those things that may give  you some clarity on some

Safety features.   the driver. the four white bars above the car   the white and orange bar is for the lane keep  assist feature. the one on the right is orange   road, which is making my lane keep assist go   off. the green symbol is just telling you that  your radar cruise control is currently active   which is

Why you see that picture  right there and i will make a separate video  so mazda’s radar cruise control actually  a lot of people don’t actually know that  it will bring the car to a complete stop.   and when it does, you’re going to see the word  “hold” appear in the dashboard, similar to   the “auto hold” feature. it’s just

Letting you  if you buy a new mazda and it comes with the bose  surround sound audio system, i would definitely   bose is turned on. for whatever reason, mazda   off and this is for all 1920 and 2021 models.   so if you got a bose audio system, you want to go  into your infotainment system, go into settings,   go to

Sound settings > audio settings, scroll  down, and make sure your bose centerpoint,   which is the surround sound, is all the way up,  and audio pilot, which will compensate for road   noise based on how fast you’re going. it’s going  to turn your volume up and down. some people like   sure if you do like it that you come in

And   you get the sound system that you paid for!

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Your Mazda CX 5 | 10 Things You Didn't Know By Charlie’s Vids

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