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Yeni Kia Niro. Kia’nın Stonic ve Sportage’ın arasında konumlandırdığı Niro, ikinci nesli, yenilenen tasarımı ve rekorlar kitabına giren motoruyla Yeni Kia Niro’ya dair her şey videomuzda!

Niro, which managed to enter the guinness book of records in 2016 with its low fuel consumption with us with its completely renewed second generation. hybrid engine that made it enter the guinness book of records and let’s start learning all the details you need to know in our own way. to our dear viewers who follow us without subscribing before we move on to the video,

I would like to remind them to like the video and share it with their loved ones. niro, which was positioned somewhere between stonic and sportage for the first time in 2016, niro, which is produced with ioniq on the hyundai-kia joint platform, introduced in its second generation in november 2021, the niro it makes the difference between the previous generation and the

Previous generation, both in terms of design and technology. when we look at the new kia niro from the front, we encounter a completely different design compared to the previous generation. at the front, where the headlights are fed onto the front bumper, with led daytime running lights, there is seriousness in the gaze. the chrome cheetah extending from one end to the

Other at the top is among the elements that complete this design. at the front with a large ventilation grille in the middle the use of 3 different colors, including the body color, created a dynamic design. when we evaluate the design completely, it is unusual, i give a star plus point to this acceptable design. the profile design of the new kia niro that will be liked by

Those who want to be extraordinary. when we compare the profile designs of the new kia niro with the previous generation as in the overall design, we do not see any similarity here either. the first noteworthy piece on the c-pillar, painted in piano black makes a reference to the fact that it has a hybrid engine. this piece that i don’t think everyone can accept in terms

Of design. in addition, there is the part that comes from the front bumper and extends from the tops of the wheels to the middle of the rear door. it’s a reference to the crossover identity of the new niro. the rims experience the biggest difference in the profile, where there is no change from before the make-up. 18-inch wheels with designs inspired by the habaniro

Concept when we compare the rear design of the new kia niro with the previous generation thanks to this design, which is far from the classical stop concept, with the new niro, it’s easy to draw attention while driving through traffic. between these stops, which are close to the c pillar, is a stylish tailgate with soft lines. it has kia’s new logo and a pimple-like

Backup camera on it. we witness how the turn signals and reversing lights, which do not fit in the taillights, are integrated into the design with a stylish move. in addition, the bumper with no exhaust outlet on it. the new niro reveals its difference compared to the previous generation with its dimensions. at 4420mm, the new niro is 65mm longer than its predecessor.

And at 1545mm it offers the same height as its predecessor. with 2720 mm in axle length, it is 20 mm longer than its previous generation. what awaits us in the interior design of the new kia niro, which i like the most? as soon as we enter the cabin of the new niro, we are presented as a whole. this design, which keeps up with both simplicity and the future, when you sit

In the driver’s seat of the new niro, kia’s new steering wheel welcomes you. thanks to the feature keys on this two-spoke steering wheel you can access all settings related to the vehicle. just behind this stylish steering wheel, it measures 10.25 inches. right next to this digital display, which i found very successful. again, there is a 10.25-inch touchscreen multimedia

Screen. you’ll also have access to apple carplay and android auto connectivity features. ambient lighting extending towards the passenger part of the dashboard and when we go down to the bottom of this integrated screen touchscreen air conditioner and multimedia control unit greeted us. just below them will keep you connected with the new niro. it has 12v socket input

And usb-a and usc-c inputs. storage compartment that can also be purchased as a wireless charging pad stands out with its functionality on the center console. when we come to the center console, we witness one of my favorite designs by far. gear selection control with start button, seat heating buttons and circular form in its continuation, it can be both two cup holders

And a large storage area. pet and recycled plastic and derivative materials are used throughout the interior. the seats of the new kia niro look as stylish and comfortable as they are. the front seats, which especially attract my attention with their extraordinary headboard design when we move to the rear seats of the new niro, it lacks lateral and calf support, on the

Center console for the comfort of the rear passengers under the tailgate of the new kia niro, a serious trunk volume of 645 liters is offered. ready to learn advanced safety and driver assistance features? you will have adas-compliant security features in the new kia niro. niro, which received four stars in its previous generation, he wants to get five stars with his

New generation. faced with a dangerous position behind the wheel while traveling in the new niro when it is understood that it will be stuck, it interferes with both the steering and the brake. if a vehicle is coming from your blind spot when leaving the parking space and many more features you will have in the new kia niro. come now, by being on the new niro that made

It into the record books let’s learn the engine and transmission details together. the new kia niro offers three different engine options, which vary according to countries and regions. it is a combination of a 32 kw electric hev engine accompanying the 1.6-liter petrol engine in the first row. the average fuel consumption of this engine is only 4.4 liters per 100 km.

In second place is the combination of a 1.6-liter petrol engine and a 62 kw phev electric motor. there is a plug-in hybrid engine that produces 180 horsepower and 265 nm torque. this engine, which offers a range of 53 km in an all-electric way, with fast charging, you can fully charge it in 3 hours. in the last place is the all-electric niro with its 64.8 kwh batteries.

Niro ev, which will satisfy you in terms of power with its 201 horsepower and instant torque, with dc charging, it can be charged from 10% to 80% in 45 minutes. with a fully charged battery, it can achieve a range of 400 km. it is waiting to find its buyers with a price starting from 26 thousand €. this was all the features of the new kia niro that you need to know from

Start to finish. i really liked the new niro with both its design and technology. i think we will often see him on the roads in terms of being preferred. everything you can think of and your thoughts on the new niro also, subscribe to our channel to be instantly informed about the next videos, don’t forget to like the video and share it with your loved ones. see you in

The next video, take care and stay safe.

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