yamaha rmax and x2 x4 bed extend
Altair Club Cars Yamaha RMAX and X2/X4 bed extender review

Yamaha RMAX and X2/X4 bed extender review

It’s much easier to add additional storage to a short wheelbase 4 seater and impossible to remove the terrain restrictions of a long wheelbase 4 seater.

I’ve had this yamaha oh yeah that extender for a couple days now i have this amazon net which i wasn’t using anymore and i’m repurposing it for this and it works great um you can don’t think your storage is limited to here and go high with it than that keeps everything secure one thing i did do is i took a pull noodle cut it in half and jammed it between

The tailgate and the bed you have to install it before you install the tailgate extender because you have to lift the tailgate up to get some gap so once you lower the tailgate with that uh pool noodle in there it removes any rattling and this thing is it’s solid there’s no there’s no vibration what i did was once i had my thumb screws installed these rubber

Bumpers at the bottom you can screw them out put a little bit of pressure so it takes up all the slack so this it’s pretty solid and if you have to access anything i just pull it back and have access to everything and it works with my my mesh windscreen as you reuse the bungee cords here to secure the sides so nothing can really get out the side so even though

This is meant to be easy removal stay i’m not i’ve seen many situations where i’m going to remove it and here’s the other important part you know general four guys these uh commit canon commander max um you know they have more storage because they’re limousines this really closes the gap storage i mean you have you have a lot more storage and you still have

A short wheelbase so those of you who want to bring your full-size grill along and never heard of compact cooking wear um you can do that with the sped extender and it just it’s a game changer for those of you who bought a four-seater we’re going to carry four people still want to carry a lot of gear for camping with a short wheelbase versus a long wheelbase

Four-seater is that most people once they get to their destination they set up camp so you get rid of all your sleeping bags your your gear and you offload it so once you offload off all your gear you go riding with the rmx4 you have a short wheelbase and you can do the fun stuff you can’t offload your long wheelbase on a commander xt max or a general four

You’re stuck without wheelbase and you’re stuck doing easy riding stuff compared to a short wheelbase and lance agrees don’t you lance so that’s the other thing to consider questions so just a disclaimer i just picked a bunch of crap i normally pack and threw back here you wanna put the heavier stuff at the bottom you need to light yourself at the top but

You can cram a lot of stuff in the back i would keep your weight in check but um the other benefit is by having some weight back here this is my guess you’re gonna have a little bit better ride for the passengers in the back so they can carry all that crap still have room for four passengers definitely more than enough for a day trip possibly an overnight trip

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Yamaha RMAX and X2/X4 bed extender review By MassiveOverkill

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