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Altair Club Cars Y18 TESLA Y Mods All Weather Floor Mats Looks Awesome & Easy to Clean [4K]

Y18 TESLA Y Mods All Weather Floor Mats Looks Awesome & Easy to Clean [4K]

I installed Front, Rear and Trunk Floor Mats. It’s made by Lasfit. I used to have their flash bulb for my 4Runner TRD PRO and always liked their quality. They now make Floor Mats for Tesla’s. Great quality and best design floor mats out there on Amazon, IMHO. Easy to Clean too.

Hey guys welcome back to tactical expedition today i want to show you last fit floor mats and trunk mats for tesla model y fits 2020 and on 2021 2022 it’s all weather guard custom fit tpe carliner so the this one contains the driver’s side passenger side and then the rear passengers the long piece and this long box contains the rear trunk area the all-weather

Liner so last fit guarantees lifetime guarantee this brand is known and i really like this brand for their light bulbs but i think they expanded their business to tesla accessories the all-weather mats for teslas and i always wanted this in my tesla because for my stock carpet mat from tesla it creates a lot of dirt it tracks dirt from the shoes to the mat i have

To vacuum it so often and it looks horrible so i always wanted to get the all-weather mats looks better than other brands the design is nice and this brand is very reputable so let’s check this out nice look at the close-up it’s a rough surface is smooth here you’ll get the nice logo that they have and it’s so precise see all these are a little bit sharper marks

Like a plastic mark so it’s not gonna move around when it’s on top of the carpet and this is the look for the passenger side wow look at this curve and it’s very smooth and so precise here see it’s not flimsy this is the rear and all these have a little protruding plastic parts all over the bottom so it’s not going to slip around in the back already kind of ready

To go look at that it’s flat and here’s the passengers driver’s side so these are liner user manual look at this liner for the trunk it’s amazing so you can lift this because the front section it lifts up and the rear section is there so you can grab it and go all the way out to open the rear section and this is the front section the model name here and it’s you

Know it’s waterproof and nice let’s look at the back so again this has the tiny little mark so it’s not going to slip around on top of the carpet but this is a little bit more flexible than the the passenger version because you have to lift this to open and access the trunk a hidden container area but these are all the pieces that is included with this package

So i got the entire kit you can order separately if you don’t need the trunk version you can just order the front passenger areas or you can get the entire package i suggest get the entire package because it’s like i think one of the best quality floor mats out there on amazon so all these details this is a custom fit that is 3d laser scan technology ensures the

Perfect fit for your car all these edges are upgraded it’s more durable they’ll hardly lose the original shape this will be perfect because of the good materials that they use so easy to clean and it’s not gonna dirty the car because of the all the edges it’s like a bathtub almost all waterproof so if you spill coffee coke anything in here you can vacuum it first

And then put some water and just dry it outside and it’ll be perfect okay so first thing first you have to remove the stock the mats it is just velcros as it comes out see it gets dirty like that that’s what i hated about the carpet stock mat so it fits just like that these and here it goes into inside the trim so it doesn’t shake around use the trim tool just to

Lift we can hide that see right there that’s it perfect fit here it just goes in just like that it’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about anything has only that so you just have to put this in into this train okay so it has a clean install there okay so install the rear perfect fit so this is a trunk area it fits perfectly look right here see perfectly

There and all the way to the it will container like like a shallow bathtub okay anyone open this grab it open it up that’s it so thank you for viewing my video and see you on the next one

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【Y18】 TESLA Y Mods ‣ All Weather Floor Mats ‣ Looks Awesome & Easy to Clean ‣ [4K] By Tactical Expedition®

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