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Xtreme Recon 2022 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392

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Xtreme Recon 2022 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 first take review. This is going to be a great addition to the jeep family. I really like this trim package I do think it will compete with the Bronco Sasquatch. Thanks for watching @alfred thornton

Hey hey guys what’s going on welcome back to the channel okay now on the channel today i had some comment well i had a comment but we talked for a little while and this i’m doing this video because of a comment from adriano so if you would just uh stick around and we’re going to talk about a trim it’s the extreme recon trim on the 392 jeep wrangler rubicon alright

Guys appreciate it be right back all right guys let’s jump right into this trim it’s the extreme uh recon trim which recon which this this video the reason i’m doing this video is because of adriano uh left me a comment and said hey you know this is a good trim you need to check this out and see what you think about it so i checked it out and this is what i

Think about it appreciate the comment okay so now just to give you a little bit familiar with the 396 rubicon it is um 470 well starting off it’s a 6.4 liter v8 6.4 liter v8 this thing is pushing out 407 horsepower with 470 foot pounds of torque yeah i mean it’s got a hellcat motor in it so you know it’s a little bit of a beast but me doing my reading what i

Think really helped it out with this um extreme recon trim on it they changed the gear ratio in it they changed the gear ratio to a 4.56 and if you know anything about gear ratios i don’t know how fast it was before this gear ratio but now people are clocking like 138 miles an hour um which is which is pretty fast and i’m sure it’d be really fast in a jeep but

One another good thing is see the regular rubicon i think well no it gives it like a rubik the gives like a two inch lift now that’s what the old shocks but with the extreme recon trim you get actually new shocks you get the fox shocks put on there which don’t strike because the other ones are stretching out the shocks and this one you have a much better ride

Um and all of that so you’ve got you know new ratio and which in the ratio is a big deal because if you do this yourself you’re probably avoiding your warranty because you know once you go into your rear end and go into your transmission i mean yeah you’re going to void your warranty so this is coming from the factory so this is being done from the factory so

Which is great and you’re getting you’re getting 35 inch tires on it which they’re boosting the tires up from a 33 to a 35 and you can put 37s on there too which is pretty good and then it’s the 17 inch bead lock wheels which are pretty awesome too you know if you’re going climbing or going to do stuff you can actually let a little bit of air out of your tires

With actually you know rolling the tires off the rim or whatever so there’s a lot of benefits to this trim and i’ve read somewhere that they’re calling this the sasquatch hunter which you know the sasquatch is the ford bronco now if you want to know more about the ford bronco and kind of see where they pair up you can um look right here and it should be the

Sasquatch you know should be coming up and it you know you can click on there and just come back but you can click on there and see about the sasquatch and see you know if you think it compares or you know because the sasquatch is pretty nice and i think that’s what um jeep wrangler had to do to compare it’s come out with this trim because this trim really does

Help out you know it really does help out a lot but um other than that you know this thing it goes like 0 to 60 00 to 60 in 4.5 seconds and it does a quarter of a mile in like 13 seconds or just a little bit less 12 something but um this is really is is really nice and like i said these hellcat motors this is the time well i don’t know if this is the time but

Here within the next couple years this would be the jeep to get because they’re gonna stop producing the hellcat motors now jeep wrangler their resale is good anyway but if you can get a jeep wrangler with a factory a factory hellcat motor and then you know the gear ratio and you know everything is factoring so the warranties and everything like that is good i

Don’t think you i mean even the resale once they stop making them if you buy it just to resell it i think the profits would be the profits would really be good you know i mean considering how many miles and stuff like that you put on it but like i said it just depends on the reason you’re buying it but um yeah i think this thing will be great and if you have a

Comment on like please send leave me a comment on like you know ratios and stuff like that if i because it had a ratio in there of like um climbing rocks and you know low gear and stuff like that which i’m not really a techie kind of guy so i really don’t get into all of that but if i need to let me know um i just try to bring you you know the ins and outs of you

Know what things to do and and the reason you should buy a vehicle but um i really appreciate you guys watching hey do me a favor um give me a like subscribe and hit that notification bell because i’ve been seeing a lot of things like in algorithms and saying if you don’t really hit the notification bell then the subscription really you know don’t count or whatever but

I don’t know if that’s true or something you know that they’ve started or whatever but if you would just you know hit me up do all that and i guess i’m gonna end it right here do me a favor be good to yourself and please be good to others all right appreciate it guys i’ll see y’all at a car show or i’ll bring something to you whenever i get it all right appreciate it guys all right

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