x8m all new 750 hp bmw xm review
Altair Club Cars X8M? All new 750 hp BMW XM review. Bigger than BMW X7

X8M? All new 750 hp BMW XM review. Bigger than BMW X7

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Guys welcome back to the channel and hello to you from munich we’re in germany right now on in very special place with bmw and here you can see their new suv which will go to production in the end of next year it will code bmw xm and right now we’ll have a closer look on this concept xm so we’ll start from exterior and then we’ll go to interior guys it looks

Absolutely mind-blowing in exterior but inside there are a lot of very interesting moments too what do you think about front part this is absolutely beast and it will be hybrid so v8 plus electric it will be around 750 horsepower around 1000 newton meters of torque and i think it will go from zero to 100 in three low seconds if we’re talking about going only with

Electric battery it will go around 80 kilometers very good numbers and i just can’t wait to see it in production and to try it by myself and yeah that’s great very expressive front part and also you can see search lights here and the classic for bmw m cars mirror parts 23rd inch wheels with spinners like on rolls-royce cars it’s very very beautiful and also

If we’re talking about hood it reminds me forms of m5cs hood a little bit the same super aggressive and also lights not only here you can also see it here let’s go and see it from another point of view super aggressive design i’m just in love with it and here you can see a lot of interesting moments for example this part where you can see xm batch it goes from

Here from front and almost to the rear also a lot of carbon but i think this car in production will look much more interesting maybe with made carbon we’ll see i think it will be possibility to to choose the option yeah going closer to rear part just look on this exhaust pipes and this is another unusual moment for bmw car because usually we see it with horizontal

Exhaust pipes here it’s vertical we were talking with bmw colleagues tuning guys got no chance to upgrade such car yet because it looks like absolutely maximum level of design i just don’t know what you can add here very long and beautiful rear lights and very cool that you can also see it from here aggressive diffuser another interesting moment bmw xm it will be

First bmw m car from 70s it will be only m version yeah without diesel version and the same situation was only with bmw m1 supercar and if you take a look on it those supercars got two bmw badges and here the same situation let’s start from front part of interior and then we’ll go to rear parts so a lot of interesting moments there here first of all you can see

A lot of vintage laser i saw a little bit the same on lamborghini uruz but here it’s another level of it very beautiful design of seats you just want to sit inside right now also carpets reminds me bataga veneta style things this interior is really fashion interior yeah very very stylish here look very beautiful combination of these two colors unusual carbon

Fiber here and if we’re talking about wheel the same wheel i saw on all new bmw ix fully electric suv by bmw multimedia system with dashboard very very the same like bmw x and also there are some elements which you could already see in other bmw cars for example like this one here so let’s go to rear part just look look how cool is that very beautiful carpet

Here oh look on the roof it reminds me moon looks like but in 3d style and what is important this concept car is very close to uh production car so everything that you see for 80 90 percent will be the same on production car yes so and it’s very very cool again very beautiful seats and in production car would be possible to make bmwm tricolor illumination this

Is very very beautiful so guys i hope you enjoyed our short review about this incredible new bmw m model very cool that bmw is making next step and creating very very serious model in suv very luxury and powerful model it’s cool for us because it will be very performance model on the market yeah and main markets will be united states china russia middle east and

Can’t wait to see it in production i hope you enjoyed our video smash subscribe button put bell to all notifications and see you in next videos hello from munich and can’t wait for your thoughts about this new bmw concept xm see ya you

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X8M? All new 750 hp BMW XM review. Bigger than BMW X7! By Alan Enileev Cars

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