wrangler rubicon 392
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Wrangler Rubicon 392

All right so i bought another jeep now i saw the orange one because i thought about it and the amount of time it’s going to take to make the interior nice to do a v8 swap and all of that that’s going to add up to a lot of time yes this is a lot more expensive but the amount of time saved means it’ll probably be a wash as far as money goes but i’ll be able to

Enjoy this one sooner probably more i’ve already had this thing out a couple times rock rash on the wheels and whatever um so this is the 2021 wrangler rubicon 392. so it has the 470 horse hemi v8 in it it’s pretty quick i’m pretty impressed not 100 sure the end the end goal with this but it’s probably going to get a custom long travel suspension and you know

A bunch of other stuff body armor i’m not exactly sure so i’ll try to do you know like a segment here and there on that my buddy mitch who is badass at designing suspension so he’s gonna do all the computer design work on suspension he’s going to cut and bend everything and i’m going to weld everything together so that’s that’s the new jeep project no more 89 yj

We got this one you’ll say save some time so that’s the description of that we had it wheeling this weekend with a couple other jeeps uh post a couple video clips of this and maybe some of the other jeeps i know it’s a welding page try to keep it more more to welding and and fixing equipment but um you know i feel like this is pretty interesting so we’ll post

Some of those clips enjoy and thank you for watching you’re already on your bumper audrey shut up both rear tires are trying to climb at the same time you might have to bump it foreign foreign busy back up and bump there you go almost had it brother foreign foreign back up i got that on camera you need to go over there please

Then you got you can’t lose moment s are going you just get your tires the other way go go hard all right go forward hey you see this rock right here this angle prop no you want your driver tire to go right up this with enough momentum that it bounces on top of this one you gotta keep momentum up don’t stop go hit the wrong rock momentum foreign you come

This way a little bit more turn like turn your wheel this way a little bit more no he’s gonna hit his axle if he does that all right hey stuck on that road there you go yep come on full throttle momentum i don’t know what i’m hitting momentum a rock whoa no left driver just a little bit you’re hitting that big ass rock on the right you’re not getting up

It there you go from pastor hard passenger momentum oh my god oh now you’re stuck on your axle go back a little more go go passenger just a little bit there you go no no too much right right there hawker there you go foreign

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Wrangler Rubicon 392 By On Fire Welding

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