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With a couple of very important dates in our rear view now for the 2023 ford maverick of course the order bank’s opening and closing we can now focus on some fun stuff it’s been about three months since we looked at some ford maverick custom builds so let’s look at three more that’s come out of the ford maverick truck club if you don’t know what the ford maverick

Truck club is it’s a great community of maverick owners and aspiring maverick owners that shares all things maverick from production updates to custom builds and everything in between so if you haven’t joined up yet definitely go check them out now on to the builds the great thing about checking these out is it provides a lot of inspiration for what can be done

With the ford maverick there’s a lot of cues that can be taken from all of these builds that can inspire a completely new one of course what attracts a lot of us to the maverick is the gas efficiency and that it has a small bed that you could get practical use out of while still looking like a truck so for everyday vehicle modding it out definitely wasn’t the first

Thing on my mind but this first build from widtham definitely can change that look at this this is a well thought out build there’s no specific name for this one but we’re going to call it the tuxedo this is very well thought out and really the best shot of it is at the rear take a look at the exhaust with the black tips definitely nice the xf4 decal swap is a

Nice touch as well and those tail lights look a little smoky too this is definitely a diy black appearance package i even think that is a logo swap on the tailgate now let’s make our way to the front of the vehicle there is in fact a blacked out logo swap on this maverick it looks to be the matte black and gloss ford logo that’s the one i’m hoping that’s with the

Black appearance package but i don’t believe it is also this build has some really cool grill lighting i’m definitely a fan of the grille lighting that i’ve been seeing on these mavericks and i even made a video about it here it is and yeah i’m definitely a fan of wit ham’s math let me know in the comments do you want me to start grading these like a scale from

One to ten let me know down in the comments okay so let’s get into the next one now this one comes from las cruces fx4 hopefully i pronounced that right now this one definitely falls under the less is more ideology for sure my favorite thing about this build is the hits of red the red is definitely meticulously placed in all the right places from the grill to the

Bumper and especially the tow hooks even the decaling on the vehicle has the color scheme and i think the tiger and the rim does as well now my eyes could be playing tricks on me but i think the tire valve stem caps are red too so yeah this was thought out down to the t now like the last build this one does have an emblem swap as well and it looks a little top gun

Inspired overall a well done build and i’m gonna leave a link to these in the description so you can go to the post and check them out so this last one is a doozy and it comes from carson and it is a lifted maverick lariat on off-road 20-inch wheels and radar renegade tires and the title is not lying as it states maverick on wise every other video we talk about

How great the maverick is on fuel efficiency and we’re gonna leave it out of this one because this maverick looks aggressive is it for me no but i definitely do appreciate the look i would definitely want to see this with some fender flares and running boards i know people say running boards are not practical for mavericks i get it but in this case this vehicle

Is lifted it will look great with the wheels and it will make this truck look wider but yeah definitely this is crazy so there you have it three unique maverick builds i’ll see you guys down in the comments and let me know which one is your favorite and if you found a little inspiration for your maverick from these builds also a little house cleaning before we

Check out we finally hit that goal of 1 000 subscribers and i want to thank each of you for that and if you’re just now finding this channel consider hitting the subscribe button i guess you could consider this the 1000 subscriber special and like always if you enjoy this video make sure you leave a like and subscribe and i’ll catch up thank you

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