worlds greatest drag race 9
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Worlds Greatest Drag Race 9

World’s Greatest Drag Race is back for the ninth time, bigger and better than ever! Once again, the MotorTrend team descends upon the runway at Vandenberg Air Force Base with a dozen of the hottest, quickest, and most powerful new cars on the market for one reason—a big, fat, crazy drag race!! See the Toyota Supra, McLaren Senna, Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Jaguar XE SV Project 8, Mercedes-AMG GT 63 4MATIC+, BMW 850i xDrive, Bentley Continental GT V8, BMW M2 Competition, Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, Lamborghini Urus, and the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Red Eye Widebody face off in epic quarter-mile and half-mile sprints for the ultimate bragging rights. #WorldsGreatestDragRace #DragRace

Beautiful my gilead welcome to world’s greatest drag race nine in 1957 the soviets put a dog in space 12 years later there were two americans standing on the moon i’m currently standing at vandenberg air force base where just last year they launched a rocket that put a lander on mars we’re inside slick six this is where the delta 4 heavy lifter takes off

From joe won’t you tell it’s going on space this week well johnny space is now a contested domain and we’re finding new innovative ways using multiple mission partners such as ula and spacex to maintain our competitive edge of our adversaries yeah competition is what it’s all about and we see that our own program best drivers car when the first of all clearing

Came out the mp4-12c didn’t do so hot it finished behind the subaru brz so mclaren had to go back to the drawing board and now this million-dollar purple monster behind you it just set the production card lap record at weathertech raceway laguna seca i’m sure it took a team to build this bad boy here at the 30th space wing we provide assured access to space

And we would not be able to do it without the help of our team speaking of assured access you know we’re here for that glorious 15,000 foot runway you got so let’s start the race we might not be quite going where no man has gone before but this 9th running of world’s greatest drag race should be properly epic we have 12 contenders ranging from the new toyota

Supra all the way up to the mclaren center via some wild cards like the 797 horsepower wide-body hellcat numbers are everything in drag racing and we have got plenty how about a total of six thousand nine hundred and forty six horsepower an average of five hundred and seventy nine or maybe the fact that seven of these cars will hit sixty miles an hour in less

Than 3.5 seconds there are some cool grudge matches to the battle of the super sedans with the stripped out jaguar project tape facing amg sgt 63s not forgetting the suv that wants to prove its a real lamborghini can the errors blast away preconceptions at vandenberg and eat up the smaller lighter contenders plus there’s the blue-collar mustang eyeing up that

New porsche 919 gray rs basically everywhere you look there’s a tasty battle about to play out it’s an international lineup and we’ve got a truly global driver lineup – now they might not have let the brit into the slick six launch pad but whilst my american colleagues pledged allegiance wiped away the tears i jumped into the center i’m hoping those battles

Play out in my rear view mirrors so this is it world’s greatest drag race nine one of these days johnny will win one of these things i’ve got a feeling not today how you doing in that center buddy pretty good night is it more like a penal colony or a supermax prison it’s like a rocket ship that’s why we’re here all right i’m gonna turn the cjc down from three

To two to try and keep the jagged bay like trying to come across as like a nice normal guy jethro is like sickly competitive he always has to win so we just threw him in the setup joke’s on him though i’m in the auris which means i’m gonna lap of luxury and i’m gonna beat 2/3 if not more of the cars here ought to predict how this one’s gonna play out these

Four-wheel drive cars even though they’re big and heavy ain’t gonna jump off the light and it’s just a matter of if the court miles long enough to let me overtake i’m hopeful don’t worry alright that amd is fast that mclaren is a rocketship is it a cover from so that’s me in the center crossing the line in 10.1 seconds a hundred and forty seven point

Five miles an hour and killing the rest of the field but the following eight cars in the elevens these are monster cars and they launch like crazy but some of them are only just getting into their stride so forget the quarter mile we want to see how this plays out over the half oh look at that ass that’s all wow so i chose the right car the seller absolutely

Dominates world greatest drag race night it runs the half mile in fifteen point six five seconds are over a hundred and seventy one miles an hour over two seconds clear of the field with the dbs superleggera leading the charge and nearly hitting a hundred and fifty nine miles an hour itself but check out the porsche 992 carrera s times despite being one of the

Least powerful cars here he’s running in second position at the quarter-mile thanks to brilliant traction perfect launch control logic and his relatively lightweight build and even at the half only the 715 horsepower aston and 630 horsepower mercedes gt 63s was overhauled that 911 imagine when they show up with a turner the longer distance jostle the back of

It all but really it just emphasized how close this group of cars were if you discount the looney tune senna from second to ninth representing rear drive coupes four-wheel drive sedans and suv and even a bentley the spread was just over a second without a perfectly timed launch in the midfield you are basically toast so the margins get smaller the cars keep

Getting quicker and with launch control dual clutch gearboxes and the trend towards four-wheel-drive maybe all of these cars are converging to a point jonnie said this from way was 15,000 feet right maybe we can do something real to mark the decade so thanks for watching and thanks to the good people of vandenberg air force base we’ll be back next year to do

Some exploration of our own you you

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