world premiere of the all new au
Altair Club Cars World Premiere of the All-New Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron concept

World Premiere of the All-New Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron concept

This is just the concept, but when it goes on sale in 2021, the Q4 E-Tron Sportback will be the seventh EV the company has ever produced. Audi has a slew of electric vehicles on the way – the company promises 20 new EVs by the year 2025 alone.

Very good question and who better to ask than the mastermind behind the bread design howdy hat designer matt lister we are going to meet him in the most confidential area of the audi design center behind this door this is where howdy keeps its most valuable secrets probably less than 50 people in the world have access to the area and today you order let’s go hi

Mark hi tyron it’s nice to meet you here thank you very much for sharing some of your time so shortly before the big world premiere today i want to know something from you how is our d design turning into audi a design you know it’s a complete different approach and the past combustion engine has been the heart of the car on an e-tron the battery pack is the heart

Of the car which is located in the floor and this means you need a long wheelbase it’s changing the proportion of the car the interior space is getting bigger and what’s very important is that you know do you know this very well-known single frame and it’s not a radiator now and in each one it’s because you don’t need that much cooling that’s why we came up with a

Clever idea to invert the single frame by color so it’s a bright paint and surfaces sensoric integrated in dark surrounding and from far far away you can recognize immediately that’s an e-tron it sounds to me like a design allows for a lot of creative freedom of course and we took this chance and this flexibility this freedom when we designed the q4 sportback e-tron

Concept and you will see this in a few cents thank you very much pleasure and now the time has come let’s see the fruits of this passionate labor the moment we’ve all been waiting for here it is the audi q4 sportback e-tron concept ladies and gentlemen the all-new audi q4 sportback e-tron concept wow i really really like this new concept it looks sharp it

Looks extremely powerful what do you like most let us know in the comments below and to find out why this car looks a fantastic here’s designer philip oms with all you need to know this is the audi q4 sportback e-tron concept it’s a cue it’s a sport pack it’s neutron from one admit as a way you can clearly see it it’s an electric audi the inverted face an electric

Car needs less air so we were able to close our famous senior frame we covered it and brighten it up and put it into a black mask it’s a q model we have big wheels short overhangs and strong quattro muscles on top of all four wheels the slim cabin sitting on the white shoulders this sport bag roofline and the position of the spoiler this is not just looking very

Very sporty it helps to reduce the drag coefficient the interior fits perfectly to the sporty exterior bold 3d applications augmented head-up display it’s heavily driver oriented and so this car combines in a perfect way nice aesthetics with efficiency i’m really looking forward to see this car on the road third point fit a beauty like this is just made for the

Road so let’s have a look i’m sure that a lot of you guys have the same burning question to me well this beauty only remain ashoka now let’s ask the ceo of audi himself mr. marcos this man hi marcus and thank you for joining us at this world premiere today i want to know from you well the q4 sportback e-tron concept make it into serious production i also

Really like it and i’m convinced so will our customers it will go into production in less than a year and so 2021 will be a very exciting year for the e-tron models the q4 suv and the sport pack will be delivered to our first customers in summer 2021 that’s amazing news i’m sure that a lot of oddie fans will be very excited now what role does the q4e tron play in

The electrification strategy of audi this guy is a cornerstone of our electrification strategy sustainability remains non-negotiable for us and we are certainly sticking to our co2 targets therefore we want to inspire more people to choose electric cars the queue for each one and the queue for sportback e-tron are important steps in this direction there will be our

First premium electric volume suv and a gateway into the progressive premium segment in addition they are based on the vw group’s meb platform this means we are using the group’s full power an entire technical experience for new electric awning thank you marcus for these insights alright guys this was the latest launch of an audi electric model a car that has the

Best of three worlds q family sport back and e truck i’m already looking forward to the next audio world premiere that’s it for me today thank you for watching and i’ll see you the next time

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World Premiere of the All-New Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron concept By Automobile Geeks

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