world premiere of the all electr
Altair Club Cars World Premiere of the all-electric EQS SUV

World Premiere of the all-electric EQS SUV

The EQS SUV is the first large luxury SUV from Mercedes-EQ with room for up to seven people. It is taking the luxurious and ground-breaking approach of the EQS into a highly desirable SUV package. With its progressive design, the EQS SUV is redefining a whole vehicle segment. Join our digital world premiere. #MercedesBenz #EQSSUV #MercedesEQ

Oh the stunning new eqs suv raises desire to a whole new level it’s the first all-electric large luxury suv from mercedes eq with room for up to seven people and we are absolutely thrilled to welcome this amazing car to our family we can already see how our customers adore the eqs they love its technology and its first class comfort with features like

The mbux hyperscreen rear axle steering and its super quiet performance when the eqs suv comes to market in the second half of this year it will fulfill all customer wishes and more this is a diverse group with active lifestyles for families we offer a third row and rear seat entertainment adventurers have all the space and versatility they need for action

Tech fans who want an electric suv driving experience have the ultimate choice and for music lovers the dolby atmos sound system brings audio perfection to a whole new level on top of all that the eqs suv looks simply gorgeous on the inside we have exclusive materials such as the innovative hybrid trim a pattern of tiny mercedes-benz stars made of aluminum is

Set into fine quality ash wood with all of this we believe the aqs suv drives luxury and technology for our customers in this really important segment and in doing so it embodies the pioneering spirit of mercedes-benz for me being a pioneer means doing something first or making something unique just as mercedes is a pioneer in the automotive world we consider

Ourselves a pioneer in digital art at art studio we create data paintings and data sculptures that reveal futuristic perspectives because technology can completely redefine how we see art you just heard about what it takes to be a real trailblazer in the same vein the eqs suv really is the next iteration of our clear-cut strategy we will build the world’s most

Desirable electric cars wrapping some of the best eqs traits in an suv package takes innovation even further into this segment one example efficiency tires and wheels account for a significant portion of drag and unless cars finally learn how to fly they’re here to stay so our engineers reduced drag through details such as aero cladding spoilers optimized

Tread patterns and a closed windproof spoke design even the innovative new running boards help reduce drag all of these measures follow one basic mission create a wind-tight sculpture that guides the air around it as smoothly as possible the result is a seven seater luxury suv that can easily carry four golf bags in the trunk and still has more than enough

Electric range to be your long-distance companion the eqs suv also leads by example in the way it’s built with co2 neutral production in our factories and a sustainable supply chain that includes the battery manufactured at our brand new dedicated plant in the u.s digital technology has revolutionized our processes there and it also has the potential to

Transform the world of art for this one time project with mercedes-benz we took inspiration from the eqs suv with data from the vehicle’s research and development phase we created thousands of digital images we then use artificial intelligence to transform those images into data art in other words the data of the eqs suv was the paint and the algorithm was

The brush this translation of technology to art can also be applied to the automotive industry that’s why our second strategic focus is holistic digitalization and connectivity you can call it digital luxury because it simply makes passengers lives a lot easier the most obvious example is the stunning mbux hyperscreen with zero layer technology which shows

Only what you need to see at any given moment the eqs suv even has its own exclusive off-road mode so every passenger can see the fun stuff like slope angles and inclination in real time by the way more and more markets now allow front seat passengers to watch movies while traveling because our technology makes it safe and non-distracting behind all of these

Useful features is one simple strategic principle we want to lead in car software because we want the mercedes to constantly learn we also wanted to gain flexibility in catering to our customers individual needs additional features can be unlocked as needed with over-the-air updates and we have a lot more coming your way what we have just seen truly captures

The spirit of the eqs suv it redefines a whole segment and is the third vehicle on our new all-electric platform it adds versatility to our eq lineup with an attractive suv package that customers around the world love and it follows our strategy of making our vehicles more sustainable and more digital in our ultimate quest of building the world’s most desirable electric cars you

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World Premiere of the all-electric EQS SUV By Mercedes-Benz USA

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