won it by a nose vw passat vs hy
Altair Club Cars Won It By A Nose VW Passat vs Hyundai Sonata Drag Race

Won It By A Nose VW Passat vs Hyundai Sonata Drag Race

( ) What car is faster in a all out drag race: is it the 2018 Hyundai Sonata or the 2016 Volkswagen Passat? Watch this video to find out.

Howdy folks nathan here with andre and today something a little bit different you see the vehicles behind me are both vehicles i actually considered buying recently really the only passat and the new hyundai sonata yes they’re both turbocharged they’re coming up next we’re gonna take them drag racing check it out folks 245 horsepower 260 pound feet of torque this

2-liter turbo moves direct-injected and it is hooked up to an 8-speed automatic transmission i had an opportunity to drive this baby in california and it handles pretty good too i really like this car i really think they did a great job with the power and one final thing combined 26mpg not bad as always we’re at i am i’m motorsports park in the corner colorado at

The mile above sea level these cars will be a little bit slower up here even though there are trooper charged i’m in sport mode i’m going to break to work at the little so i’m in the hyundai sonata turbo here we go takes off like a shot he’s coming back no way really yeah it’s just it takes a while to screw up alright well that was really close let’s swap cars to

See what happens alright look good this being a 2017 facade under the hoses of 1.8 liter turbocharged four-cylinder the rating is 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque it’s backed up by a six-speed automatic transmission and here’s the thing yes behind a sniper has a lot more power but the passat weighs less about 200 pounds less and this is a very torquey

Little engine and i have i think i have a small chance all right okay i’m in a sonata now i’m in sport mode i’m gonna break to work it a little bit and i’m gonna go oh i had a decent start and now i’m winning that was weird i think we hadn’t even started that’s her – did you really torque it hard when he took off before did you have wheel spin none i mean not

Hard i think it was about 3000 rpm okay time and time again we ran these cards against each other and a couple things happen one early on they were both getting about the same 0 to 60 times around eight point two seconds remember we’re a mile above sea level and this is the cool part both cards really are different in terms of power and torque right but they’re

Really close in price tell us about the price well they’re both just over $28,000 as equipped which and they’re both gray yeah but this is a very surprising result for me at least the passat the 1.8 has a lot of torque down low and you can feel it but in the gearing is fairly well spaced in the sonata there’s a little bit less download torque but then it kind of

Takes off when it gets going and at the end of the day at least we had a good time driving them yeah i’m blown away by this results go back to tfl car comm for my news views and real world reviews

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Won It By A Nose! VW Passat vs Hyundai Sonata Drag Race By TFLnow

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