woke bureaucrats are going to fo
Altair Club Cars Woke bureaucrats are going to force Australia down EV path whether it works or not

Woke bureaucrats are going to force Australia down EV path whether it works or not

Liberal Senator Alex Antic says woke councils and Labor Party bureaucrats are going to force Australia down the path of electric vehicles “whether it works or not”.

I want to ask you about the essendon saga religious freedom and expression under threat more than ever in australia this is just shocking stuff andrew thorburn has a strong case for unlawfulous dismissal if you ask me i’m no lawyer but just having you look at what some of the employment law experts are saying uh his basically was asked alex to choose between his

Job and his role as chair of his church group yeah it’s absolutely out righteous and outrageous that’ll be happening at any time let alone 2022 and in many ways it does show i think where we’re up to in this country and the need for people who hold strong traditional values people of christian faith but but also just strong conservatives as well to understand that

That really the job is not going to get done without them being involved in politics anymore we need to make sure that we’re involved and that we’re having our say a political level but look as to whether or not there’s an unlawful dismissal case our life it’s a complicated area of employment law i’m certainly not offering a legal opinion either but all i can

Say is given what we know about this and what this says about the place for traditional values and christians in the afl community i absolutely hope there is a case for it and i wish him well and i think afl members can make their own decision about whether they want to financially support an organization that perhaps doesn’t have much respect for their belief

System now i want to ask you about the united nations we’ve had african and latin american nations support china to prevent the un human rights council from holding a debate on the human rights abuses being inflicted on the uighur muslims in china i mean it was only recently alex that the u.n human rights council accused australia of violating the rights of torres

Strait islanders by failing to protect them from climate change yet when we’ve got real human rights abuses taking place in china they don’t even want to debate it yeah and like the best thing to do here is to cut straight to the chase and and call it like it is the unhcr is a joke it is an absolute joke it’s always been a joke those are many examples that have

Come along and by the way it’s populated by member states such human rights heavyweights as bolivia pakistan the ivory coast russia and the ukraine by the way is getting lecture too by these people and when there actually are human rights abusers they’re so holy holy are owned by the chinese communist party that they just back off i mean it’s time to disband the

Unhc it might be time to disband the u.n frankly reader i reckon oh i think that’s a very fine idea indeed you look at what it’s achieved and what it hasn’t achieved the human rights abuses it’s failed to do anything about even debate it really is a shameful organization much of the time now i want to ask about uh electric vehicles they’re apparently our future

That’s all that’s going to be available in a few years time we’re told but we know in florida they’ve got the hurricane ian ripping through this state and it’s causing all sorts of issues with electric vehicles their risk of exploding due to corrosion caused by water damage and uh if chris bowen has his way we’d all be driving around electric vehicles and i’ve had

A look at the lifespan of these batteries never mind hurricanes just the lifespan of these batteries and the replacement cost it doesn’t make for pretty reading alex no it really doesn’t read i remember in my uh former life i was sitting on the adelaide city council back in 2014 and i was told in no uncertain terms electric autonomous vehicles are the way of the

Future everything’s always the way of the future isn’t it we’re always told by the modeling you know the modeling that it’s all coming turns out it wasn’t it was complete fur fee and and why wouldn’t it be if you put aside range anxiety the fact that you can tony thing like a trailer or anything like that you put aside the fact that they’re built by minerals that

Are mined by child a child of labor if you put aside the fact that you can’t recycle them in the replacement cost and then you throw on top of that the fact that they might explode on you in a fire that you can’t put out no no wonder that they represent 1.8 percent of the of the vehicle sold in this country i’m surprised it’s not less this is like the last thing

You heard on a ted talk is not always the best thing to do with life reader that’s the mantra i go by and let’s not forget if we all had electric vehicles what sort of pressure would that put on the electricity grid and its fossil fuels that are providing that electricity so how supposedly green are these cars anyway it just seems to be so many contradictions and

Holes in this whole uh policy and yet you’ve got someone like chris bowen is supposed to be an intelligent adult who’s running things these days just having a massive blind spot when it comes to electric vehicles doesn’t make sense and one person who is an intelligent adult is michael schellenberger who of course was at the cpac conference this week or last week

Who made that exact point about california that the actual californians were told don’t plug in your electric vehicles at the moment the grid can’t take it well there’s a there’s a little glimmer of things to come for the rest of the west as well by the way and um if you ever needed more of a wake-up call than that but you know these won’t counsels and these labor

Party types of bureaucrats they’re going to force us down this path whether it works or not once again we’ve got to get involved we’ve got to start taking our country back frankly senator angie thank you so much for joining me tonight

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'Woke' bureaucrats are going to 'force' Australia down EV path 'whether it works or not' By Sky News Australia

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