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Wireless Apple CarPlay for Lexus IS


What’s up guys welcome back to another video my name is kenny aka texas dry s uh it’s been a while but school’s over and we’ve got a new video for y’all it’s one that everybody’s been waiting for and this is the new 10.25 inch lexus is lexus rc lexus whatever nx screen with wireless apple carplay i already had the older one basically it’s basically the same size

Just slightly different features a little bit upgraded also and right now i’m just gonna do an overview on the new screen and what’s basically new about it it takes about maybe five seconds to boot to the android part but right now my car is already on so the tablet won’t shut down until my car is fully off like it has to be off for 10 minutes or whatever

Or so but yeah once you start it this is what you will see is the main home screen here and this is the new one with uh anti-glare screen on it i actually added additional anti-glare screen protector on it because in my opinion i felt that it was still glossy but you know i got this ipad screen protector that’s matte finish and it works really well the

Resolution is still tack sharp on there let’s see if it’ll focus on there still tac sharp let’s cycle through all the modes here so this is navi here and it’s also touch screen it works with the the knob here and move the stuff out the way so yeah the knob is right here and it still works if i turn it there you can even go down and it’s also a touch screen

So yeah we’ll just cycle through all the options here so that y’all can see what y’all are getting into so the first one is navi navigation i don’t have this setup because we have carplay but it works if you have wireless connection going to this device so if you have your hot spot on your phone projecting to the android screen then yeah it’ll work so yeah

This is basically an android tablet so everything is like this everything is also new so before i get into all the applications i want to let y’all know about the new specs that is on this new screen it’s the same size it’s 10.25 inch touchscreen it’s running android 10.0 as the operating system it has a new qualcomm snapdragon processor so it doesn’t run

The samsung one like previously as four gigabytes of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage it has 1920 by 720 full hd resolution dual usb ports just like the old one has split screen it has a lot of stuff listed online so yeah i’ll list it in the description below steering wheel controls still work like skipping songs and changing volume and all the oem stuff is

Still retained so you still get your backup camera and you can go back into your operating system lexus oem operating system and there’s different colors for the dash and stuff like that so yeah now i’m gonna click through all these apps and show you what you’re getting out of this basically so yeah first up here is navigation and mine is set to google maps

As you could barely see on the bottom left but that works but you have to have your hotspot on and i just run my maps through carplay so we’ll get into that shortly but yeah this works there’s bluetooth here this will connect your phone so you can call and on here and you can also see your music here going back here everything’s really responsive it’s touch

Screen you can also use a knob if you have the track trackpad or the joystick it’ll still work it’s just a different wire connector that goes to here but they still sell it and it’s still compatible yeah that’s bluetooth the next one is music okay there we go uh that automatically played music if you have music stored onto the tablet which is the 64 gigabytes

You could save music on there there’s also a video on here you could play so they have lady gaga as a sample but we’re not going to play that for copyright reasons but it does work and it plays full screen instrument is the additional speedometer screen that everybody’s been asking about um you could change the color by swiping the screen here and we’ll start

All the way from the beginning so we could also change it with the knob so turning in the knob here quickly changes and it doesn’t lag at all so that works well but that’s the first color here and we’re going to go through everything on the screen right now so yeah um it shows the car information here if i open the door the door will open uh same thing as

A trunk or the hood but yeah let’s demonstrate the door i would do the trunk and whatnot but it’s a little rainy outside so we’re just gonna skip on that we have everything in miles per hour right now so this is your speedometer and this is your rpms gauge right here and then the miles of your gas on the bottom you can also change the units on this so like

Miles per hour and miles are on right now so we could change to kilometers and kilometers per hour by just touching the bottom of the screen right there there’s a little seat belt indicator right there because my seat belt’s not on but if i put my seatbelt on sorry that light will go away just like that it’s just like the dash here so if i take off my seatbelt

My light comes on right there and then the light on the screen comes on but yeah here’s all the colors i will show y’all um i can either do it with my hand or on the knob on the screen or on the knob as you can see it’s pretty responsive here so yeah we’ve got purple let’s use the knob here got green very cool teal or whatever you want to call it got orange

Red yellow and that’s it so yeah there’s i think seven colors one two three four five six seven yeah um i’m on the screen sometimes because it’s cool looking and it does work so if i rev it right now it’s the rpms will go up that’s pretty cool okay let’s not bother anybody because we are at a dealership because i’m waiting for some friends right now i

Was like might as well record a review because i did test this for like a week or two before i wanted to put my word or input on it so yeah we’re testing this out right now okay so that’s all for that screen that was instrument there now we can go into settings which is the next one down there and this is basically volume settings um these are my specs for

Best audio and a lot of people are gonna ask like is the audio fixed do i still have to run bluetooth is carplay audio working and yes it is surprisingly and i’m very happy about this purchase and i will demonstrate that for y’all so this is my settings that i found best to run without distortion on the speakers because sometimes if you bass boost too much it

Distorts it but yeah here’s my settings you could pause it there and screenshot it if you have this unit but yeah basically music is anywhere from 27 to 30 i found 27 to be best navigation i don’t even know if that works the the speaking navigation audio but it always plays loud for me so i don’t know if having it at 25 or whatnot is better or worse um basis

5 alto and treble is four and somehow skipped bluetooth phone but yeah that’s at 31 so yeah that’s in that settings page or tab for the volume now we have navigation here this is just different maps you could select for the first navigation app which i don’t use so i don’t care about this setting that car is the reverse camera so the reverse camera still

Works and some of these i have off because some of these features we don’t have like 360 camera we don’t have also the front camera we don’t have but um i think i turned on oh i turned on this 360 cvbs so it could be full screen because if i have it off it’s going to show a 360 camera here but it’s going to be all black because we’re going to have a 360 cam

So for instance i’m gonna put it in reverse and show you what i’m talking about with that setting off it has the the reverse cam there but it’s all uh regular size and the 360 cam without cameras there actually so if i switch it back to the 360 cvbs on put it in reverse it actually plays it in full screen and it’s not that much stretched or distorted which i

Actually prefer this because you can see more i mean you’re paying for the screen right you want a bigger screen so why not use it this way and that yeah that’s pretty much it for my reverse settings i know some people are gonna ask like how to wire this i already had it wired uh and the old wires actually fit the new unit so i didn’t get to make a video but

I am planning on installing one of my friends carplay audio whatever 10.25 screen and i’ll make a video on the installation it’s pretty simple everything’s plug and play literally all you have to do is take out these this panel here this panel same thing on the opposite side um this center console is going to have to come out so you have to put it in neutral

Put your hand brake on whatever take out some screws that hold the radial this pops out uh as one then you can separate these two and then literally just feed the wires from this radio to that screen just like that but some of that is too difficult to comprehend um so i plan on making a video of that whenever he gets his unit in so yeah just be patient for

That but there are other people that have videos of installation so if you want to view that go ahead but if not then i’m making a video pretty soon about that so back to the overview of this about just to show y’all what it’s all about that’s pretty much it nothing really to look at it’s running android 10.0 there as stated system settings it’s just like

The android tablet settings so like your internet wi-fi bluetooth whatever storage and i just set up my wi-fi and my bluetooth to my phone for this so yep and now we shall go to apps here and these are all the apps that it’s that’s pre-downloaded i don’t know if y’all can see that chrome drive google youtube settings basically everything here another cool

Feature here is actually the avm here this is always on reverse camera so i’m not in reverse right now but the camera’s on and the lines are still active which is pretty cool it’s like a little gap cam if you want to call that and to get out of that i just hit menu there um z-link is the carplay application that they use easy connections the mirror and

Yeah the store to download other apps google so how i connect my carplay is through bluetooth so if you go on this page here which is the bluetooth phone emblem here um i connected my device here so if you go to the very bottom of the bluetooth icon it’ll actually say the bluetooth device name lexus blah blah blah and then the pen i actually have it on my

Bluetooth uh here i don’t know why that’s really dark but yeah that’s this one right here now it’s connected and you don’t have to do this every time it’s just the initial way so yeah this uh it connecting now and it’s gonna show your name your phone name of the orange box which is can right there and for me i found it to take like 13 seconds to launch every

Time i start my car to car play so i mean it it kind of works just as fast as my wired one but it’s a hit or miss sometimes but i’ve heard some people say that it takes like more than 15 five to 15 minutes to turn on but i kind of minded bluetooth and they said that they connected theirs through hotspot but yeah this is the car play here it looks like just

Like any other car play but this time i can actually use my knob to turn stuff so like you see the highlighted box there i’m actually controlling it with my knob i can go to the next page if i hit ok it’ll open the app looks pretty cool and i can use the touch screen on it also and now i am going to show you on the audio so right now i am connected to um

The carplay audio as you can see the carplay emblem on the left there that’s the name they chose and i will choose an instrumental on youtube just because of copyright as much as i love to show you all some nice songs we’re gonna have to do it this way look at my friends working hard over there well i’m just recording a review oh y’all can stay here and

Listen to the song hopefully y’all can hear face because it’s hitting pretty hard this is carplay audio by the way i mean yeah that’s pretty much it um one other thing i wanted to mention is that like these don’t work my skipping on the radio doesn’t work for songs but it works on the steering wheel control so i don’t know if it does it for youtube but

If i skip oh yeah it goes to the next song or whatever but yeah you could change your volume on here also still skip songs on here still it doesn’t double skip at all it’s just that um on here it doesn’t work which doesn’t really matter to me because i can still use i’d rather use these than my radio buttons but yeah that’s pretty much it sometimes i’ve

Had like spotify music like stop and play for like one second like it’ll just pause and play but that happens like once every other song so i’m pretty happy with this purchase rick actually gave me a really good deal just because i guess i’m a loyal customer of hers and i’ve had her last unit for almost a whole year like literally this video would make it a

Whole year that i had her old unit and it hasn’t caught on fire it hasn’t smoked nothing like that that people have been bashing on her about so yeah stop being mean this thing is nice pick it up if you want if you don’t have navigation i highly recommend it it’s starting at 680 from iric this exact unit that i have is 680 dollars would i pick this one over

The wired carplay older one i’d say yes just because of carplay audio is back and the navigation sound works um without being distorted without having flat base or whatever no bass whereas old one didn’t have any bass at all i had to run bluetooth audio just to you know just to make it sound decent but yeah that’s my review for now that was like one to

Two weeks i forgot how long i’ve had it now but i’ve been in the middle of finals so yeah i had it for long enough to test it and put my word in if you like it pick it up dm irik tell her i sent you maybe she’ll hook it up for you if you tell her i sent you i don’t know uh link to this is alibaba but it’s better to actually contact her because some people

Actually bought it straight off alibaba and bought the wrong you know controller knob mouse wire or they selected the wrong one and got the wrong wire so yeah better dm her she’s very knowledgeable she can help you with the install if you just talk to her she could tell you what to wire with and if you need help wiring it i am open to help you just let me

Know on my instagram it’s texas3is but yeah thanks for watching this video guys i hope you’ll learn something out of this hopefully you upgrade your unit like i said my subs still work my speaker still works and it sounds way better with this new carplay audio so yeah thanks for watching the video guys don’t forget to like comment and subscribe i’ll see y’all

In the next one peace tell me you

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Wireless Apple CarPlay for Lexus IS By Kenny Vo

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