will the corrado start
Altair Club Cars Will the Corrado start??

Will the Corrado start??

Vic V Dub gets his wiring harness in from TDC and gets it installed. Will it start?

Recording yep absolutely james okay i got this belly button going on now so that’s pretty good that’s i mean i couldn’t get the car to start but at least i got some weight up um be oh that’s that’s a nice hat where does that say row no put that back in there oh that’s that motor world dude people use hats when do you wear a hat i’m on this hat today huh see

What i’m saying so that’s why you gotta hide oh guys and if you ever got a car out there and you don’t want it i’ll take it vic got a surprise for you guys i don’t know what you want to yeah we can do it right now open the back door you’re not getting naked are you i’m not getting naked why are you doing naked that’s for his only fans not the youtube .com this

Looks like just a box of buyers right no it’s not just a box of buyers this is my plug and play kit that i got from tdc shop something else so this kit i got other wires in here but this kit i got a soft tune all right nice computer computer so this is the harness i can show you a little bit here here for the front so this is my engine harness all right

All right this one a lighting harness something i got extra light harness and here’s the other section of that uh dc harness all right this one is see on the other end it’s fixed to put the blood connectors to plug into the ce2 fuse box are those uh connectors that i gave you yep connection and then so you got these two and with a tech adapter and a drive-by

Wire cable right here where’s it at that close this one what’s the driveway wire drive by wire cable all right scanner as well wow we’ll be do two scanner yeah we’ll do two scanner so i can scan that and then i got this as well for my alternator and starter all right as well the exciter wire yeah oh exciting so i got all that and yeah that’s it and it’s all

From where at a tdc shop those two harnesses work together so pretty much you ask them hey what do i need to do this he sends you a list or you get the pigtails whatever you need ship it in a box and then get it back off together nice all right no no worries no nothing just plug it up and it starts up which is pretty cool nice wire was connected wrong and you

Figured i was a black wire that now is yellow that’s power that’s why you could have started a up in the last two or three days someone went in there and changed the wire and changed the color so we’re trying to over before so all right guys this is victor starting up the corrado after i don’t know how many years 2.5 swap you just a startup no no ready no cool

Just started all right guys go ahead remember you gotta get gas from the back you got gas i got a loom right here oh my back oh these are cranks up dog i think you don’t have gas man all right well the i know the pump makes noise you won’t you you throw the pump it makes noise yeah i don’t know i think that pump is not strong enough for this engine bro okay

All right let’s do this let’s go to the gas station get some gas part two of the startup um crap position each other was up that wasn’t working so he took one off of this motor right here there’s a huge motor you got for sale and we got spark now so let’s cross our fingers guys go ahead bro all right remember we gotta get gas all right i smell the gas so

We’re gonna do at least it cranks off faster i guess part three ready guys i’ve done it i heard a throttle working but it’s positioning and stuff but still no goal all right guys we’ll go back i’m gonna pull it down under your nose holy there you go what’s up man yeah we should go hang out with jr wearing these jealous i know why are you jealous

Man where’s your wig you didn’t bring any extra victor wants to be a pro now so he wants to be eight or plus or six whatever this is yeah hell no

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Will the Corrado start?? By MidFlorida Locals

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