will the 2021 toyota 4runner sr5
Altair Club Cars Will the 2021 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Make Me Like You?

Will the 2021 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Make Me Like You?

Quick Drive: 2021 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6

Foreign moving right along on my father and i’s journey in quest to find a new daily driver for my two sons and i and a vehicle capable of pulling race cars up the five grade to the racetracks we move right along to the toyota 4runner a vehicle i didn’t expect to review or even consider but it was available and i said why not let’s do a quick drive and find

Out if this would be a good suitable everyday driver and could it tow orange car up the grade to the racetracks let’s find out the 2021 forerunner is powered by a 4 liter v6 engine that produces 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque the engine is matted to a 5-speed automatic transmission with intelligence ecti and sequential shift mode while a rear-wheel

Drive drivetrain comes standard on the base trims a full-time four-wheel drive is available as an option for the lower trims and standard on the higher trims such as the trd pro let’s find out if the toyota 4runner has what it takes to impress us as a mid-size suv with a v6 engine heading down santa susana pass road and i must say that this suv is one of the most

Manageable that i’ve ever driven in terms of body roll in terms of body management and driving dynamics going through these turns i mean this is really really easy to drive little you can lose some little tires there maybe this guy needs a ride the brakes aren’t fading too bad body roll is manageable through these turns for an suv 4 400 pounds i mean for an suv

Of this size i really know what the front end’s doing i’m finding the more i drive this on the street i’m really understanding that this has pretty decent street driving dynamics in terms of compliance and in terms of handling i’m not too bumped around or abuse or bruised by any of the bumps by riding in this yet i still have control of the road now now if i was

Driving this every single day and the roads aren’t in the greatest condition i’m might start to feel a little annoyed because this does give you a good feel of what’s going on in the road however over smooth pavement it rides very well the brakes are quite responsive quite surprised foot to the floor purging lanes wow how’s the breaking banding i haven’t related

To another car that we’ve got not as good but the boss has got excellent brakes you’re comparing this to our track car and oh my gosh i don’t know about that i think you’re probably we’ve driven so far how much has toyota paid you and when did you start your business relationship with them they paid you to say that this this has as good as brakes as the boss 302

I don’t think so let’s say it’s good oh but it reminds you of well yeah i guess it does you’re throwing me forward when you stop okay foot to the floor climbing the on-ramp decent very good okay its power is again above 4000 rpms that’s where it really excels come on okay yeah it’s holding its power in the higher rpms it’s definitely holding its power got up to

90. whoops did i say that we got up to 65 really quick there we definitely were holding speed and it was actually holding right around 4 200 rpms and we just kept climbing pretty impressed with this v6 i just still don’t know if it’s gonna have enough to tow our vehicle behind us while going up some of these grades we have here in southern california getting

To the racetracks but again i’m very impressed very impressed and does not necessarily represent them i do want to say i’m impressed i didn’t realize i would like the toyota 4runner as much as i do now now i just don’t think it’s going to make the cut or the list because we need something with a lot more power and confidence with towing and there’s a few things

That are lacking in this vehicle that my father and i are used to especially a bigger cabin or a bigger interior that’s just something that we need with as much gear as we bring to the track and my two boys with all of their stuff i just feel like already we’re going to need more room that has become an issue although the toyota 4runner will not make the list it

Was a pleasure to drive and it satisfied our curiosity however it made us realize we need a full-size pickup truck for our endeavors for watching the toyota 4runner quick drive review if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and hit the does not necessary thank you foreign

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Will the 2021 Toyota 4Runner SR5 Make Me Like You? By Tracking Ponies

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