will he regret selling this rare
Altair Club Cars Will He Regret Selling This RARE Subaru Impreza WRX STi Widetrack Spec C Type RA Swapped Blobeye?

Will He Regret Selling This RARE Subaru Impreza WRX STi Widetrack Spec C Type RA Swapped Blobeye?

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Welcome to sports and touring and today i’m out meeting my friend jamie and sadly today is the last drive in his beautiful subaru still now we had an absolutely epic drive on the way up here and not only does he have a very cool sti but only for a short time longer because it’s basically sold he’s also got an absolutely awesome drone here’s jamie you

Met jamie before we uh went to the music video shoot didn’t we we did indeed yeah yeah and he had his uh i had the car there yeah he did did you you want beautiful cars indeed indeed and uh we just thought we’d meet up today as it’s well it’s kind of one of the last you have to say goodbye yeah how long have you had it now i’ve had the car four years that’s

How long it’s been in the country it’s had its ups and downs sadly um spent more money on it than i would have liked to have spent on it um but that’s cars for you it’s just we’ve covered it it’s sat for the last year literally not moving uh and i’ve got a good friend who’s a real subaru nut and and he’s sold his forrester he’s got a lovely jdm sti forester

Just gone he’s always like this in fact he had two of these as wedding cars at his wedding uh white one’s exactly the same as this and he was desperate to get his hands on it so i said maybe it’s time to move it on and um try something new really does look gorgeous you’ve obviously cleaned it up nicely and it was a clean car when it came into the country um

That’s why i bought it uh and it’s quite a unique color you don’t get many white ones they’re normally import cars like this and i’ve tried to keep it as well as i can but as i say having sat and looked it for a year collecting dust on the driveway um doing nothing but washing it and then looking at it it’s um it’s time to move it on i think well today i have a

Feeling you might need to wash it again because we’re going to be driving up and down this somewhat dusty road okay but we picked this road didn’t we because i just filmed a video about the way in which i do the sort of panning camera shots on my car using the insert 360 1×2 and if you haven’t seen that video make sure you check it out i’ll leave a link in the

Description but today we’re going to take it to the next level today we’ve got a drone uh like i got this in mid february uh assigned to do during the lockdown but of course you with the lockdown you can’t go to the park to do stuff that isn’t your exercise kind of all i’ve done really a couple of videos with the kids but this is a chance to actually slide

A thing and make use of it so i’ve been looking forward to this let’s talk about the car so it is a subaru impreza sti tell me all the numbers in the list jdm so japanese import it’s a wide track you can tell by the little bit of plastic over the rear arch so it’s got a 10 mil wider track on the back of it compared to a normal sti model it is lowered on theme

Suspension it’s got forged bbs wheels on it some other bits and bobs have been done with suspension it’s got a spec-c type r8 engine in there hybrid turbo upgraded actuator um lots of other little bits and bobs done it’s been remapped a couple of times to get it to run a decent level of power about 350 horsepower but a safe level of power and it’s still quite

Good fun it’s not the quickest thing on the way in the world but it’s reliable and i don’t have to worry that i’m gonna break down one day and rebuild it and spend lots more money so yeah it’s a good fun car and you can see it’s got the rear spoiler on the back um the top level one that comes off the later model that’s off of a hawkeye model um i’ve got the

Splitter on the front there’s there’s the daffy gauges inside and a data logger um yeah i i could probably go on for quite some time yeah a lot of little bits and when we’re looking under the bonnet as well like yeah every time i thought all right i’m done filming that under the bonnet now and then i’ll see a little detail and just even little things just like

The stickers and yeah yeah yeah i’m kind of one of these people that spends a lot of time cleaning cars or on my bikes i used to race in the past would always look very nice we would turn up at the track i always had the prettiest cleanest shiniest bike um which my friends found amusing but i’m kind of the same with my cars and i always try and take care of

Them i think if you look after them they should look after you right i am in jamie’s car he’s been very kind to let me drive it i’m just going to take it easy because i’ve never driven one of these before and it’s got a huge bonnet scoop it is massive oh what a lovely feeling this car has it’s the way that the boost picks up oh you can just feel the boost

Just want it to come on oh wow so now i’m gonna get to try this car on a bumpy road in a bend and i tell you what it feels really really really cool it just feels like you’re kind of on a rally stage ah absolutely love it it’s got just a really compliant but firm feel to the suspension and then when you give it some you feel the boost building but it is a

Manageable amount of power blind crests slow maybe oh it’s got oh i just feel like i don’t know a rally legend clearly not okay i’m joking oh what a fun car jamie how could you sell her oh kind of makes me want it now and i see what he means about having a just the right amount of power it’s just you know you can use it on a fun road like this it’s not

About how fast you’re going is how much you feel like you’re making the car work whoa and the gauges are trying to tell you the temperature and they’re trying to tell you the oil pressure and you probably should be looking at the road and a little bit of heel and toe and there’s the drone oh jamie thank you so much what a car so much fun and i’m not even

Having to even really push it to be honest just on a road like this it’s kind of narrow bumpy picturesque just the smile on my face look it’s there that smile right there that’s what cars like this are about making you smile thanks again jamie jamie thank you so much for trusting me with your car and not just your car uh a soon to be another person yeah neil’s

Car so hi neil i looked after it you can vouch for it you did um yeah it was it’s a really nice car to drive you can feel like the momentum building as as the the boost is coming on it doesn’t just like you know kick you it’s very progressive yeah it was it’s a nice part i love it so how do you feel now that uh it’s going onto its new home you know i’m i’m

Okay my wife keeps saying to me don’t sell it you’ll regret it but i’ve had it over a while now and it’s going to a good friend of mine who is an absolute subaru nut and will love it i i will miss it i know i will you

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Will He Regret Selling This RARE Subaru Impreza WRX STi Widetrack Spec C Type RA Swapped Blobeye?! By SPORTZNTOURING

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