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Altair Club Cars Wilderness Vans Rundle Ram Promaster Camper Van Conversion

Wilderness Vans Rundle Ram Promaster Camper Van Conversion

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Hey guys this is rich from wilderness fans today i’m really excited i’m going to show you through our new build we’ve just finished it’s called the rundle and it’s based on a ram 2500 136 high roof wheelbase um super nice build very similar to our euro if you want to check that out there is a video on youtube we’ve got running through that van as well this

Is just a more compact van a little bit easier to drive around town a little bit easier to park and get off on the trails and stuff so just before we step inside i just want to run you through a little feature that we’ve added it’s kind of like a little easter egg in this fan and it’s this table down here so it’s fully integrated we use the same baltic

Birch with the um matching color laminate on there and the same push style lock that we use in all of our cabinetry and this just gives you a little space for outside essentially and if you want to put a couple of drinks on here you know put a plate on here if you’re eating some food and you want to eat outside and it’s just a nice little area that allows for

An extra bit of a bit of places to put stuff when you’re outside of the van and that also pairs quite nicely with another table that we have here on the side of the gallery unit which uses our nice fold up arms here um super sturdy really really really sturdy it’s not gonna go anywhere and uh i think that combined with this table and the gallery unit itself

Just gives you so much room to put stuff um in or outside of the van which is a really nice feature so starting off on the interior um we’ve tried to utilize the factory seats as much as possible for eating and obviously for sitting and as well as add our own 500 bifold seat into this build and so we have uh the captain’s chairs swivels on both the driver and

The passenger seat um as well as this third seat here and that just means you have a lot of different options for for seating arrangements and whether you’re eating or playing carbs or you know just want somewhere to work use as an office and there’s a multitude of different ways you can use this area so along with the tables that we spoke about outside

The van and we’ve also added this really nice table inside the van as well so um it has a bar on the back which allows the table to slide back and forward to suit different seating positions and different people um and as well as that we have an adjustable leg to raise and lower the um the table itself this leg falls away and the table is removed but one of

The nicest things or one of the nice things that we think we’ve added to this is a extra table that pulls out so we have another table pulls out locks into place and you don’t have to lock it you can swivel it around move it in all kinds of different directions you can use it as extra prep space when you’re cooking on the galley along with the extra table on

The side of the galley and it just means there’s so much prep space in this van and you could cook a meal for 20 people wouldn’t be an issue so that’s one really nice feature and it just folds around it does lock into place and when you’re ready to remove the table and you lift up this side there are two latches just to release this there is also a latch down

Here to release the table leg fold the table leg in that clicks into place and then the table removes just like that and this can be stored down the back of the seat or in another convenient location so next to the 500 bifold seat that we’ve installed in this farm there’s also a really new exciting thing that we we’ve been working on for a while and it’s this

Window here it’s the biggest window we’ve ever installed into a vehicle so far it measures 1097 millimeters by 597 millimeters and it’s almost the same size as the factory window that comes in the promasters and in a lot of respects is similar to our other windows so um we still have the three opening positions so one two and three and you have an integrated

Bug screen as well as an integrated blind so if you want to sit it and have half open off close for a little bit of privacy it’s not an issue um it just allows the person who’s signed this seat to have a great view out of either side of the window either side of the van and it’s basically surrounded by glass and you can enjoy the scenic views of the places

You’re driving through and as well as when you’re prepping eating it kind of feels like you’re outside as opposed to sat inside of a van which is something we’re really excited about so we’re gonna walk through the gala unit that we have in this vehicle um it’s not crazy big it’s kind of small but um with the addition of the tables and we kind of decided to

Slim down the gallery unit allow for a slightly bigger opening in the door and without losing too much counter space so we’ll start off at the top here we have our dometic two burner sink combo with electric start it’s all run off propane and a 12 volt pump to pump your water in and out just like that folds away really nicely and one of the reasons that we use

This unit in particular is that you can use this glass as extra counter space when you’re prepping meals and stuff if obviously the burners and the sink aren’t in use moving down we have switches for the lights here um a nice little drawer just to store cutlery bits and pieces cooking equipment anything like that in again baltic birch pocketed and tabbed craig’s

Screwed together so super strong and also looks really nice and our nice little push tab locks moving down to the fridge this is a norcold unit it’s a 2.7 cubic feet and has enough space for kind of essentials in the fridge and then a small freezer box in the top um which is really nice for ice popsicles anything like that you might need and then moving over

We have um two 12 volt uh one you i believe is a usb and one is a 12 volt input along with a double 110 socket here um though the 110 can only be used when you’re on shore power and but you do also have the option in any of our vans to retrofit yourself so below the sockets here we have a little hatch door this is your access for propane in here so we have

Dual propane holders one for a bottle that’s in use and one for a backup just like in all of our vans and you can also access the bottom of the sink unit under here if you have to do any maintenance again push lock on there and then below that we have another large door here so this is nice for storage we would recommend putting a small bin or something like

That in here but it also houses our water system so this van has two 16 liter water tanks one is for fresh and one’s for gray 12 volt pump inside that is electrically activated when you turn the tap off and on so it’s not running constantly consuming electricity it’s only ever on when in use so moving over here we have our pantry unit so in this van we have

At the top three shelves to store your dry goods bits and pieces that you don’t necessarily need quick access to and then below that we have an actual pantry unit which pulls all the way out and this is really nice for spice racks any all of the shelves are adjustable so you can adjust the height for different things take shelves out and stuff like that so

That’s a really nice thing kind of really accessible being right next to the galley if you are cooking super easy to just turn around and grab anything you need from the pantry unit so as you can see this van being compact it is completely full of storage so we’ve also added three upper units in this van and super nice they’re all actuated by these stays here

So they do stay open um when you need to access them and two of them actually contain under cabinet lighting so these are a 12 volt light strip under here um just to add a little bit of extra light but yeah we have one here one over the galley unit and then one over the bed unit for clothing storage and stuff like that okay so we’ll move to the back of the van

Um this is the last thing to talk about in the van and this is the bed unit so um we’ve tried to utilize as much space in this van as possible and that has meant that we have had to move the bedding position to a side to side sleeping position um but that’s okay it will still accommodate someone up to six feet a little bit more very comfortably um custom made

Mattresses every one of our vans when you specify a certain bed size we make a custom mattress to fit that bed and they’re all up to fire ratings and fire code safety and but they’re all really nicely made to fit our bed units perfectly and moving down to actually get into the bed we’ve installed a really nice little unit here and we use the 5 8 baltic birch

With the match laminate and it’s a small step stool that actually hides away into the bed so you just pull down like this and you can easily access your bed and for someone who’s you know a little bit shorter and they need a little bit of a step up into the bed this is a really nice feature to have and then on each side of the bed we have um some windows and

These are 815 by 312 windows exactly the same as the unit in the front three different positions for opening your bug screen and your built-in blackout blind on there and what’s really nice about these windows and the position of them is that when you open them at night you can get a really nice cross breeze through if you are staying somewhere it’s a little

Bit warmer and you’re a little bit warm in the van you can just pop those open onto the latches and put the bug screen or the winch or the put the bug screen down and get a nice crosswind across you while you’re sleeping to keep you nice and cool and above that we have a max fan um for ventilation so to go along with the theme of this van which is storage in a

Compact nature um as you can see there’s loads of storage in the rear here underneath the bed deck so on this side we have the storage for our batteries this fan is running uh two six volt agm batteries in there and which supplies enough power to run everything that’s in the van you know it charges off the alternator and the solar power and shore power and so

There’s a bunch of different ways to charge those batteries when you’re on the move or when you’re at a standstill next to that i have two 110 plugins again that only work when you’re on shore power and below that we have a 12 volt and a double usb here and that can be used anytime below that we just have a small storage cubby area for bits and pieces items

That you might need access to in a pinch or in a hurry and they can all be stored in here moving over we have another large storage area on that side that matches up its similar size to storage area for the batteries and but there’s nothing in there so you can use it for whatever you would like and moving down from there this van is a gas powered van so we

Had to install a separate diesel tank to run our diesel heater and that’s just stored in there so it’s nice and easy convenient to fill up when you’re filling up the gas tank you can just move the tank and move the van forward and fill up the diesel tank at the same time and then last but not least in the back here we have these two huge pull out drawers um

These can be used to store bins uh of equipment and a push you might be able to fit a bike into here and if you were a little bit invented in the way you you put it in there but just a really nice storage area super easy slide in and out um yeah and then just above here in the back we do have another one of those led strip lights which just helps to give the

Back area a little bit of illumination if you’re working in the dark even in the daytime it does help to illuminate everything and just so you can see a little bit easier what you’re trying to grab and that’s just actuated by this rocker switch here so that completes our walk around of the new rundle build um we’re really really excited about this van similar

To the west coast double that we put out it’s just a little bit more focused on that compact nature and with this van you are able to go and hit some trails and stuff like that um minor trails um it’s it’s a van we are really excited about and we’re super proud that it’s turned out the way it has um so yeah if you want to check out this van or any of the other

Vans that we’ve built you can head over to our website it’s wildernessvans.com and check us out on instagram at wildernessvans and on facebook as well we’re posting on there all the time different projects that are in the works and up and coming and so you can get a really good idea of where we’re heading as a company you

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Wilderness Vans Rundle Ram Promaster Camper Van Conversion By Wilderness Vans

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