why the r8 is the best budget su
Altair Club Cars Why The R8 Is The BEST Budget Supercar EVER MADE

Why The R8 Is The BEST Budget Supercar EVER MADE

The R8 is R.I.P. Audi killed their budget daily supercar, the Audi R8! Everything is going electric. Supercars are now 2000HP golf carts and Audi is joining in. Learn about the evolution of the Audi R8, the Audi R8 V10 and the Audi E-Tron GTR!

Hey take a walk back with me to 2008 apple has just announced the very first iphone brad and angelina different brad just got married congratulations you guys hope it lasts a while and tata motors launches the 2500 nano but really the star of the year was audi they released their new and first halo car this slippery looking super car that’s almost immediately

Catapulted itself into the hearts and minds of enthusiasts and journalists around the world yeah you remember seeing it for the first time on the silver screen and it looked a whole lot like nothing else kind of like your boy but this real head turner is so much more than just a blockbuster hit this mid-engine high revving quattro all-wheel drive supercar is the

Product of winning dna it’s fast it’s beautiful and is probably the best daily driver supercar ever made howdy get it howdy audi hold on to your hats partners because today we are kicking it into overdrive with the audi r eight one sec okay let’s talk about the audi r8 because well i think most of us would agree it’s the best bang for buck supercar that you can

Buy right now it’s mid-engined has quattro all-wheel drive and shares parts with one of the best manufacturers in the business who uh also happens to own lamborghini ever heard of them i mean what isn’t there to like but what if the audi as we know it is coming to an end with the complete electrification of the supercar world we have to ask where’s the audi r8

Even headed what will eventually happen to our beloved supercar and we hear it ideal might be a little bit more attached to the r8 because well we own one and it is rad so uh it’s a little bit closer to the heart although it is kind of tiny so is the audi r8 the last budget supercar of its kind well if we really want to answer all of these questions we may need to

Take a look back at where the audi r8 came from this little history lesson will help us better understand the r8 and where it may be headed in the near future and you better be paying attention because we’re having a quiz later yeah i’m just kidding we would never do that to you now let’s take a look at where the audi r8 came from and why it was built in the first

Place so you and i we’re going down the road of history of the audi r8 the car that we know now is an amazing piece of technology but everyone has to start somewhere and the r8 concept was born from this long forgotten concept car called the audi avis quattro to me it kind of looks like a mclaren f1 in bugatti veyron got it on in the back seat windows up this was

Their creation this concept stole the show in tokyo in 1991 and everyone and i mean everyone was pumped for what we thought audi was gearing up for the launch of their very first supercar but that concept never made it past that one-off bombshell and it was hen long years before audi decided to put the pedal to the metal baby and it was with this car the audi r8

Le mall prototype race car introduced in 2000 and this race car slayer went on to dominate and win five 24 hour le mans from 2000 to 2005. now quick side note before we go any further remember that audi purchased this defunct brand lamborghini on the verge of financial disaster back in 1998 and audi remember was the mastermind behind the uber successful gallardo

That came out in 2004. essentially the gallardo is the italian skin supercar with a german heartbeat doesn’t get much better than that and the audi r8 loses a little bit of curb appeal against the lambo because well it’s the german skin supercar with a german heartbeat and it was introduced in 2008. this thing took the car community by storm because well it was a

Huge deal for the first time another german manufacturer had taken the fight for the best budget supercar right from the inventor of the category porsche before the r8 came along if you wanted a high performance european exotic car that wouldn’t absolutely break the bank you could either buy an overpriced beetle with the engine in the wrong place yeah or you could

Opt for something more uh well from america you know like the viper that was frankly horrendous build quality and no creature comforts whatsoever and i think that’s why trav loves his plus remember it was 2008 so japan wouldn’t offer contender until one year later with the r35 gtr and while that car was blistering fast around the track it had the road manners of a

Typewriter and the looks of a supercar eh maybe but maybe not you see things changed when the r8 came along it was the buzz of the car world the boys from top gear loved it as it did pretty much every other automotive media outlet it started popping up in music videos and movies i mean iron man yes the tony stark drove one and uh hit this like button over here if

You saw that movie and you love the look of the new audi r8 and both the v8 and v10 models came equipped with the artronic transmission which you guessed it was plucked straight out of the lamborghini gallardo or you could just be a sane person like me and pick up the gated manual which is pretty rare considering very few cars have ever been produced with a gated

Manual transmission plus everyone knows that gated manuals are just some of the best manuals in the world and let me tell you working that shifter was like operating a well-oiled bolt action rifle and each shift was another gunshot of revs and the smiles per mile are endless as with most other audi models the quattro all-wheel drive system came standard making

Sure anyone with a heavy foot stayed on the road no matter the weather but it is rear dry bias meaning donuts anyone everybody loves donuts and not just for the mornings now the first generation saw one facelift and the introduction of the sportier gt model with more horsepower race tuned suspension and better arrow and the gt was just the r8 plus and who

Can say no to more r8 and i think it’s on pretty much everyone’s short list of best value supercars available on the used market right now i just can’t help dreaming about mine i love the way it makes me feel when i look at it and the emotion it stirs when i’m behind the wheel oh my god oh that sounds so freaking good i love this car it just gives me the heebie

Jeebies wait doesn’t that make you scared anyway sorry i got a little lost in my daydream back to the lesson the first generation of the r8 lasted until 2015 when it was replaced with an all-new second gen the styling was changed pretty radically but the overall shape of the german heavy hitter stayed the same sharper angles all around the body make the r8 look

Even meaner it’s less business suit and more medieval body armor ready for battle against the best the rest of the car world could throw at it now the new generation also saw the r8 being available with the lambo derived v10 only in fact the whole car was co-developed with the lamborghini huracan it would actually blow your mind knowing how many parts are shared

With the lambo and i’m certainly not aiming at discounting the lambo here in fact i’d absolutely love to have one in the ideal garage but the fact is the second generation is basically a slightly watered down huracan for over a hundred thousand dollars less that’s not to say it’s all sunshine and roses though because like the huracan when the r8 was redesigned we

Suffered the death of our beloved gated manual transmission the audi dual clutch s-tronic is your only option so rest in peace our dear friend you will be missed clickity-clack click-to-clack click-through clack click the clack the newer generation carries over a lot of what made the first generation just so great mid mounted v10 all-wheel drive and lots and lots

Of speed plus there’s a rear wheel drive version called the rws in case you know you want to get a little bit more sideways the audi r8 is still going strong in its second gen the german supercar has been proving itself for almost two decades at this point and that’s with only two generations i mean never before has a supercar been this dominant with so little

Being changed a few tweaks here a little facelift there and the r8 is a dominating presence in the supercar world and so that’s kind of the basic rundown of the r8’s development over the past 15 years it’s an amazing car that proves that you don’t have to change much to perfect a winning formula so where do we go from here will the r8 be the same fire spitting

All-encompassing supercar we’ve known and loved are we going to see something completely different in the coming years will our r8 become a priceless heirloom from the past probably not but it wouldn’t hurt to check out the ideal car strategies to brush up on some smart automotive investment advice i’ll link to it down here because well the r8 may be headed in a

Completely different direction and we think that looking towards their concepts may be a good start so looking to the future this is usually a bad idea but we think there’s a lot audi is trying to say with their new concepts these glances into the company’s future give us the best look at what the r8 could look like in a few years time electrification may not be the

Best option for car guys but it could be our only option yeah the e-tron gtr is the r8’s future still a similar formula that we all know and love low slung with all-wheel drive and massive performance power won’t be coming from a mid-engine layout but there are three separate electric motors with a total output of 650 horsepower how will audi manage these numbers

You may ask well a solid state battery pack with a 95 kilowatt capacity will certainly help these batteries will keep the electric motors running for an estimate 300 miles and still be good to sprint the e-tron to 62 miles an hour in just over two seconds which uh is not too shabby for an ev another cool feature is the gt-r’s ability to wirelessly charge itself

Which my phone doesn’t even do dang this thing is cool but anyway there won’t be any need for pesky wires an all-aluminum chassis will also help keep weight down as well the e-tron line is one of the most innovative lines of electric cars in production right now porsche thought that they were pretty clever when they came out with the ticon but the new electric

Audis are here and the boys in stuttgart are well a little bit scared and this new electrified r8 is gonna be on a whole new level and i have this feeling that although most enthusiasts won’t admit it they’re pretty excited to see where this tech will go because this new generation of r8 is going to have dominating performance and great styling in one perfect

Package and would you expect anything less from audi i i don’t know is this the future that we can live with of course we’ll have to deal with sacrificing a naturally aspirated v10 will take some time to get used to but if the replacement is an electric car that’s just as fast is it really all that bad so this is the hard part of the video where i have to talk

About all the things that make the r8 so damn special firstly it’s a traditional supercar mid-engined loud as hell and is fast if not faster than anything on the road the v10 power plant is a complete screamer and the sound absolutely hangs with all the competition in italy plus it has the v8 option which makes a great argument for itself having a nasty grunt

That’s sure to please any driver especially with that 8700 rpm redline that makes a lot of other performance cars blush i know mine puts a huge smile on my face every single time i get to drive it at uh the posted speed limits of course and we need to bring it up again there’s a gated manual available as well with either the v8 or the v10 is a winning combination

Bar none the r8 continued that string of excellence on the inside audi if you weren’t aware has been making luxury cars for a very long time and their interiors are so well thought out with premium materials throughout the cabin all of this applies with the r8 as well leather seats soft touch surfaces and premium features are all over the r8 cabin sure there are

A few part spin parts just sprinkled in like the radio turn signal and wiper stocks but overall the interior is sublime and feels every bit as special as it ought to and because it’s engineered by the germans everything works like it should plus that power plant has the german reliability with the italian sound it really is a winning combination as well plus

Let’s talk about looks the first generation is shaped like a tailored suit and the second generation looks like a lethal weapon the r8 is special enough to be in tony stark’s garage as well the most eagle-eyed viewer could easily see the r8 making itself at home in the superhero’s garage in all three iron mans turns out only stark is cool enough for the r8 the other

Avengers just don’t cut it and there’s one thing about this car that i like more than everything else and that is for some reason it kind of feels like the underdog supercar i mean no one expected audi to make the r8 when they did their last sports car was the quattro from the 80s and since then they’ve been putting out concepts with no real attempt at something

Serious i mean yes the tt was uh really cool and all but a bonafide sports car it was not it was just really a spiced up golf underneath it all then they made the lemon concept and followed through with one of the most well-sorted supercars of the late 2000s i mean out of left field audi of all companies comes out with a banger of a supercar and i just resonate

With that it just does it all it’s pretty it sounds great performs fantastically and puts smiles on drivers passengers and onlookers faces so uh let me ask you have we established that we like the audi r8 well let us know down below if you do too and what your favorite part about it is is it the first time you saw it in the super bowl commercial or the movies or

At a car show or realized that you could pick one up for less than a gtr well you’d have to use the ideal car strategies of course but you can also are you ready for an all-electric audi r8 are future supercars gonna be as good as the ones that we have now i mean we already have several hybrid supercars what’s so bad about going completely electric answer all these

Questions down below in the comments thank you so much for watching ideal i’m brad danger and keep living the ideal lifestyle you

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