why the 2023 honda cr v is the b
Altair Club Cars Why The 2023 Honda CR-V Is The BEST SUV Choice

Why The 2023 Honda CR-V Is The BEST SUV Choice

The all-new 2023 Honda CR-V is said to break cover this year, giving Honda customers in the U.S brand new models in the compact SUV segment in addition to the sub-compact. Here is everything you need to know about the future iteration of America’s favorite crossover-SUV!

The all-new 2023 honda cr-v is said to break cover this year giving honda customers in the u.s brand new models in the compact suv segment in addition to subcompact here is everything you need to know about the future iteration of america’s favorite crossover suv hey guys welcome back to our channel we compile the latest tech and automobile news our videos are

Guaranteed to keep you coming back for more exciting content so make sure to like comment and subscribe to the channel so you are always up to date with our latest videos as soon as they’re uploaded in this video we will be talking about the 2023 honda cr-v which is the best choice you can make out of all of honda’s recent releases so clearly you do not want to miss

Out on this and so without further ado let’s start with today’s video if 2023 is the first year of the next generation honda crv you can expect it to ride on a new platform and grow it has slowly gotten wider longer and taller over the years suggesting the 2023 model might be the most enormous and most spacious honda crossover suv yet with more room this will help

Honda compete better with rivals like the volkswagen tiguan the 2023 honda crv won’t accelerate anyone’s heart rate but its capacious interior and fuel-efficient powertrains make it a compelling compact crossover the honda is not necessarily fun to drive nor does its standard turbocharged gas engine or hybrid model qualify as fast but it steers and stops without any

Problem thanks to the crv’s noteworthy fuel economy family road trips will also require fewer fill-ups than many other suvs a host of standard active safety features and popular tech features help the cr-v to rival with newer competitors while the 2023 cr-v won’t be the flashiest in this hotly contested segment it is still one of the most talented and satisfying

Entrants an all-electra honda crv might also be in the cards but not until after the honda prologue comes to the market in 2024 honda will most probably try to earn as much as it can from developing and introducing the electric suv a venture it has entered jointly with general motors hybrid and gasoline powertrains will certainly make a comeback in the 2023 honda

Crv possibly even the same ones from the prior generation only more efficient the last generation cr-v started with a single engine option in 2016 a 2.4 liter naturally aspirated inline-four and added an available 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine as well the honda company will also take the opportunity to update the crv styling in the 2023 model as well

The exterior of the 2023 crv could potentially follow in the design footsteps of the recently last updated honda suv the refreshed for 2022 passport inside the cr-v fans can expect a more modern and elegant cabin with upgraded features and an optimized layout the front side of the new 2023 crv will be bolder and more powerful as evident by a larger hood a more

Prominent grille and a more modern looking bumper a lowered roof line and a longer greenhouse should also improve space and more natural light inside of the cabin unlike the old honda model the d-pillars do not slant forward as much but with a more confident stance and an expanded interior the new cr-v will change customers perspectives about the crossover’s design

And practicality at the rear the camouflage test mule has cutouts that indicate repetition of the signature l-shaped graphic in the rear lights however those cutouts could disguise and the tail lamps could possibly be rectangular instead however regardless of the shape and orientation of the rear lights of the all-new honda crv fans can expect them to feature a wide

L-shaped light guide on the outer ends that flows out to the shoulder line which will be similar to the civic hatchback 2022 model or maybe even bmw’s 8 series model the 2023 honda cr-v will also boast standard front-wheel drive and an available all-wheel drive it will also continue to receive standard honda sensing the brand suite of driver assist features as well

As android auto and apple carplay compatibility usb ports for each seat row and also an available smartphone wireless charging keep a look out for updates like the digital instrument cluster a larger standard infotainment display than the tiny 5.0 inch screen the prior generation honda crv was equipped with and with better placement of that display so it’s higher

On the dash targeting competition like subaru’s wilderness and toyota’s trd and adventure lines honda promises trail sport models will eventually be more off-road ready than standard models a crv trailsport trim level could also be a possibility but right now it is just an appearance package on the passport midsize suv and the ridgeline pickup truck we hope a crv

Trailsport will get off-pavement features like additional ground clearance standard all-wheel drive and all-terrain tires honda should upgrade the 3rd gen 2 motor hybrid system to improve fuel economy and performance on the powertrain front in the current crv hybrid the powertrain boasts a 2.0 liter ivy tech engine with two motors with flat wire technology for a

Total power of 212 horsepower one is a 181 horsepower generator motor and the other a propulsion motor the car will operate the majority of the time as a series hybrid the propulsion motor will drive the wheels while the engine will generate electricity for the traction battery and the propulsion motor then the system will switch to parallel hybrid operation when

It needs more power in the next gen crb honda will likely offer the new honda sensing 360 system a package of various safety and driver assistive technologies honda sensing 360 should get a better sense of the crossover suv’s surroundings than 2022 crv’s honda sensing as honda says it has expanded sensory range around the car the honda company said back in 2021

That it will first apply the new omnidirectional safety as well as the driver assistive system in china this year and that honda also plans to make it a part of standard equipment in the united states by 2030. the all-new honda cr-v will have a simpler interior that aligns with the brand’s new philosophy simplicity and something honda should use a slimmer dashboard

To clean up the crv center console relocate the infotainment system screen and reduce the number of physical controls the honda company will also most likely mount the touchscreen panel on top of the dashboard making it more easily accessible to the driver while keeping the crv’s console clean a spacious and stylish interior will create a comfortable and cool

Environment in the 2023 crv the quality materials and a familiar layout combined for a contemporary look and feel furthermore the tasteful balance of faux wood accents chromed plastic and brushed satin finishes looked notably upscale in the touring version we tested leading its class in cargo volume and luggage space and the cr-v earns high marks in those subjects

And includes user-friendly and useful equipment supportive and nicely sculpted front seats hug their occupants in all the right places fold the back seat flat and also the honda crv even offers best-in-class luggage space car experts managed to fit 10 carry-on suitcases behind the rear seat which matched the cx-5 and the ford escape the release launch day and the

Global relevance suggests that the debut model for the advanced google system could be the new 2023 honda cr-v with its google built in potential customers will get to use google assistant google play and google maps directly through native apps installed on the car’s infotainment system the all-new 6th generation honda cr-v should adopt the plug-in variant in the

Lineup globally like the current version panda the company would be studying the response and customer preference and choice for its all-electric suv onto prologue which is due in 2024 to decide whether or not an all-electric or plug-in hybrid option is suitable for the honda crv segment the all-new 2023 honda crv should arrive in american honda showrooms this fall

And it will most likely be available as a hybrid right from the launch expect prices to start around twenty seven thousand dollars for its gasoline variant and around thirty two thousand dollars for the hybrid variant as it targets to catch up to toyota’s rav4 well guys that is all we have for you today what are your thoughts on the honda crv get involved and let

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