why the 2022 bmw i4 m50 can repl
Altair Club Cars Why the 2022 BMW i4 M50 can replace your M3

Why the 2022 BMW i4 M50 can replace your M3

Here’s why the new BMW i4 M50 could serve as a great replacement to your M-Car!

Foreign what’s up guys miles here with electric and i spent a week with the bmw i4 m50 which is bmw’s electric sport sedan based on the existing 4 series chassis this m50 trim is the most powerful variant of the i4 you can get making it even more powerful than the new m3 with over 530 horsepower and nearly 600 pound-feet of torque today we’re going to go over what

Makes this car an m3 killer as there’s certainly a lot to like about this car if you’re familiar with the new 4 series grand coupe there isn’t much that’s different about this car aesthetically and i think that’s a great thing if you’re already down with the new 4 series design some would argue that this car could have ultimately benefited from being based on an

Entirely new ground up platform but unlike cars like the ix and upcoming xm this car is going to offer that bmw familiarity that owners of older bmws will be accustomed to so compared to a tesla model 3 or porsche ticon that has a frunk you’re missing out on that here but this will still ultimately be more practical than an m3 sedan or m4 because you’ve got a pretty

Sizable hatchback and for sedan i think there’s more than enough room for mass grocery hauls the occasional ikea run all that fun stuff as far as the key differences that separate this and an ice powered m car you’re missing the quad exhaust tips and the back instead you’ve got this rather aggressive rear diffuser with these fins that i’d assume has a benefit in

The aerodynamics department and compared to the new m3 and m4 which utilizes this massive front grille for airflow this grille is mostly all vanity but you can see within the front fascia all these sensors and cameras that the car is using for parking assistance and driving assistance which we’ll get into later this i4 is equipped with 20 inch m sport wheels that

I definitely prefer from a design standpoint i think it’s the perfect amount of aggressiveness for this car and although the larger wheels will affect the overall range i’d still take these over 19s the interior is a really nice place to be and one of my favorite aspects of this car in general you’ve got comfortable leather seats with plenty of bolstering to hold

You in place when getting into some spirited driving and a very familiar infotainment setup if you’re coming from older m cars or older bmws in general the center piece of this interior is this curved glass panel featuring a 14.9 inch display alongside a 12.3 inch digital gauge cluster that runs the new idrive 8 system and idrive 8 apparently hasn’t been favored

By some but i honestly haven’t had any trouble getting around the software and figuring things out it’s been pretty smooth for me and while you can pretty much only get this new display set up on the i4 right now it’s going to be coming to all the lci bmws in the next year or so so every bmw is getting it eventually outside of certain accent pieces there isn’t

Anything about this interior as a whole that screams m car but it’s still a very nice place to be and outside of feeling like there could be a bit more room for the front seating i’ve pretty much got no complaints with this interior the best thing about the i4 m50 from a driving perspective is that it still drives like a bmw from the steering fill to the general

Eagerness to take off and i think this is good for people who don’t want to dive head first into something that feels completely alien in standard drive mode you’ve got completely normal operation of the car where you’re utilizing both pedals but if you pop it over into b mode you’ve got seamless one pedal driving and it’s definitely a mode that i started using

More and more as they use the car throughout the week but probably my least favorite aspect of the driving experience is how much debris i can hear flying up under the car if you’re playing music you usually won’t hear it but if not you’re definitely going to hear stuff flying up under the car even if you’re driving on normal street roads and for how much this car

Costs it’s definitely disappointing but everything else about the way this car drives is pretty dang good i drove this car a lot on chicago city road and the suspension handled all the potholes and uneven pavement pretty beautifully and overall i think that’s what most people getting into this car will appreciate you’ve got truly explosive performance which i’ll

Get into in a bit but all that performance doesn’t come at the cost of ride comfort for a daily commute or something like that one of my favorite driving features is the new assisted driving feature which we’ve gone into on our 40i trim review for highway traffic specifically i think this feature works very well it’ll adjust the steering wheel to keep you in your

Lane and automatically break for you and it will notify you if you have your hands off the steering wheel for a certain amount of time it’ll show these little yellow led lights that will indicate that you need to at least make physical contact with the steering wheel and we did get a comment about this car being able to change lanes automatically but in my testing

That literally never happened and that’s because i didn’t realize that you have to push and hold on the stock until the steering wheel starts to initiate a turn so it can indeed change lanes for you as well but i didn’t get to test that for myself unfortunately i did try using assisted driving on normal streets and found that it wasn’t very effective in that kind

Of scenario there were a few times where the car almost drove me into some cars that were street parked on the side and it seemingly doesn’t recognize stop signs or stop lights so there’s definitely room for this feature to grow but i think they’re off to a pretty good start now on the performance end of driving that’s where you’ll be driving the most comparisons

Between this and an actual or traditional m car and it’s definitely a different experience firstly this car accelerates better than pretty much any m car that’s come before it bmw claims a 3.70 to 60 but it’s been tested doing 0-60 in 3.3 seconds and technically the bmw m5 cs which is a v8 powered car should spank this car on paper with a tested 2.6 seconds 0-60

But the difference here is the powertrain the electric performance is just so consistent and is usually always going to give you the same result on the same roads cars like the m5 have been known to be very reliable in terms of the launch system and there’s obviously the slight unpredictability and power delivery due to the turbo setup but this car just goes

Every time the only downside to this is that the car is so fast and has a pretty low speed limit that the fun ends like really quickly it takes less than 15 seconds to hit the 130 mile per hour top speed in this car and then that’s it a car like the m5 is going to go way past 130 and not that anyone needs to go those speeds on the street or on the freeway but hey

Bmw has set a precedent of letting you do that so it is something that i’m kind of missing here and with over 530 horsepower you’d expect this car to at least be able to do 150 but i’m aware that 70 of the potential buyers of this car might not even launch it ever so these are all definitely nitpicks but there is going to be a small but you know pretty dedicated

Group of people who want to know about the extreme ends of the performance so i think figured it was worth a mention in terms of the handling for spirited driving that’s where i’ve been pretty surprised with this car overall this is practically a 5 000 pound sedan but the car can move like it weighs 1500 pounds less than that the car still feels big but it also

Feels incredibly light on its feet when making sharp turns and maneuvering the car in general it’s got a decently wide tire profile in all-wheel drive of course so you can make a lot of power moves with confidence it has the weight of a boat but it certainly doesn’t feel like it now the total range of the i4 m50 according to bmw ranges from 227 to 272 miles and

I definitely experience the lower end of that estimate with these 20 inch m sport wheels i would have about 200 miles of range after a full charge and sure the ice-powered m cars aren’t exactly efficient on fuel either but 200 miles is pretty bad and if for whatever reason you don’t have a home charging solution this would be pretty rough having to rely on finding

Charging stations to charge this car up pretty much every other day but when you do charge up you will be saving money compared to the cost it takes a few up a six or eight cylinder m car overall this car is not going to completely replace the things that satisfy you about a traditional m car from end to end but the instantaneous performance is there the practicality

Is there the handling is there the build quality is certainly there and if you’re looking for the most sporty vehicle from bmw that’ll grant you the least amount of gas station visits this is currently the one and a half compared to a model 3 performance i think this car offers better build quality a more exciting interior and more aggressive acceleration and so

If you can find one of these for msrp i think it might be worth a consideration that’s about it for this one though if you enjoyed this video be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for future content like this thank you all for watching and i’ll talk to you guys in the next one foreign

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