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Altair Club Cars Why Is No One Talking About This EV Brand?

Why Is No One Talking About This EV Brand?

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Or maybe it’ll be a pole star 3 electric suv teased ahead of an upcoming reveal the 2023 pole star 3 is set to become the brand’s third model when a debut is october 12th that is quite soon its electric motors will dispense up to 510 horsepower that’s not bad hmm it’s a hatchback uh yeah sure looks like it in the form of a suv oh they call it an suv yeah pole

Star’s been teasing the third model aptly called the three since last december when it showed an image of the electric crossover in a pixelated rap this is one of those electric cars you can actually get you go look it up you can just order it i don’t know why more people don’t have these i don’t know if they’re any good i i don’t know why they never put one in

Our studio i’d like to inspect it yeah i mean the i think the pole star 2 was going for 60k canadian or 65. so was the affordable okay it’s affordable okay um but but don’t you agree you just don’t see that many of them and they’re they seem to be available and it’s just not a tremendous amount of buzz yeah i want general republic because they are cool looking

Cars but i’ve never driven one oh no i’m too sure i know never like i think you could just order it right now you could yes yeah yeah so i don’t know i feel like even if you go on auto trade or something you can just like they’re available i don’t know we should get one plus they have this partnership with volvo when they’ve been making cars forever so the whole

Thing seems just too feasible i i just want to know why people what people are avoiding here should we um get to the bottom of it let’s get to the bottom of it investigative uh you can that’s the one i want right there yeah yeah that one the concept o2 okay concept not anytime soon yeah you can will you can check you can take it out on the road and tell us about

The reflections sure yeah i can say i’m driving on a cloud instead of driving a cloud that’s what you say you say i’m driving on a cloud and there’s no reflections that was the key with your feedback you’re confused about that no no i was looking at like the no i’m not confused i’m just letting the people know that the key takeaways yeah cloud reflections that’s

All you got cloud reflections and launch that was that was go watch it you guys you guys need to will’s looking really comfy in there you got the seat belt on you got the alcantara steering wheel i don’t know we should see that well i’ll definitely drive it again it’s a cool car pole star also dropped some information about the three’s powertrain the company

Confirmed that an initial launch every three will feature rear bias dual motor powertrain which will include electric torque vectoring via dual clutch system on the rear motor pole star 3 will also come with performance package where the motors will produce combined 510 horsepower and 671 pound-feet of torque polestar did not reveal how much the crossover will

Make as standard but every three will come with adaptive dual chamber air suspension and active dampers what do you think of this yeah just the look alone oh looks great i like it man i like it i got no problems with it and now i really feel the need to get to the bottom of what’s going on with this brand yeah what’s going on with this brand deep dive

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