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Altair Club Cars Why Im Selling My 2022 Jeep Wrangler After Owning It For 2 Months

Why Im Selling My 2022 Jeep Wrangler After Owning It For 2 Months

In todays video I go over what I don’t like about my jeep and the reasons I’m selling it for a truck

I know i’ve only had this vehicle for two months but i hate it now i’m just joking i don’t hate it i love like everything about this vehicle except for too small well they’re not small things because if they were small things i wouldn’t be getting rid of it but in today’s video i’m gonna be going over why i’m getting rid of it and what i guess i’m replacing it with

Because i have already got something that i’m replacing with so just stay tuned but as you can see over here we have done some modifications and i really regret doing these modifications because i’m getting rid of it and i’m not going to get value back that i spent on this vehicle because i did it but it looks pretty sick now and i’m sorry i haven’t been uploading

On this channel but it’s because i’ve been working on two videos and these wheels in paris being one of them but i’m selling it so i was like you know what let me just scrap those videos and i’m just gonna film this video so here is the big real entire reveal so on the jeep we have 20 by 12 fuel triton wheels and those are wrapped in a whopping 35 inch

Mickey thompson baja boss all terrain now i went back and forth with what kind of wheels and tires to get originally i was thinking of getting something more like on the nissan where it’s like on the outside here but as you can tell on the jeep there is a deep dish and i actually really like this setup i went with 12 inches wide and i believe it has negative 44

Offset and if you guys don’t know what offset is this is going to be a bad explanation but it’s basically like the distance from where the wheel attaches to like the hub so for example this one has a negative offset so that’s why it’s like so far in but if you have a more positive offset then it’s more out which means there wouldn’t be this big lip and therefore

This tire would be closer in if that makes any sense but i went with this because i really like having the poke i think it looks really aggressive and cool and because there’s poke i went with aggressive looking tires but the reason i went with these tires is because they also have the i actually forget what the exact name is but it’s like the three peak snow

Something rating so basically it’s like rated for the snow i don’t know and because obviously in the winter there is snow and that’s why i got this thing for the winter but it’s not even gonna touch snow while it’s owned by me so and in order to fit these on without it rubbing against anything i had to get a two inch lift it’s called a two inch mopar lift but the

Thing is everybody says it’s actually more than two inches like two and a half to three inches i didn’t measure so i have no clue but it looks pretty sick i will be honest though once you get like offset like this where the wheel sticks out i think it’s like five inches so it’s five inches on this side and five inches on the other other cites us till at 10 inches

So this thing goes from i think i think the stock width is 76 inches like side to side but now it would be 86 so it’s like parking spots if there’s a really tight parking spot you like can’t fit in it going through drive-throughs i always stick my head out the window just to make sure i’m not going to rub on the curb just because they’re like sticking out so much

And it’s just not the most practical thing but that’s not why i’m getting rid of it so there’s two main reasons why i’m getting rid of it one i bought a dirt bike let me know if you guys want to see a like gopro pov of me riding the dirt bike so originally i was planning on getting a hitch for the back of the jeep so it’d go right here it would stick up here

And then the bike would like sit on top of it because they make those but the thing is the max tongue weight for this vehicle it’s like the maximum weight that could be like right on the hitch is 350 pounds and the dirt bike plus the hitch is pretty much 350 pounds so it’s like maxing it out so it’s like kind of risky i obviously don’t want to like fly off on

The highway and hit another vehicle because that would just not be good so i could do that and risk it or i could get a trailer but then i got to figure out where to store the trailer and trailers are expensive and then it like adds 50 million feet to the vehicle and it’s just it’s it would be much easier if i could just put the dirt bike into the back of a truck

Bed right because right now i’ve been using my friend’s dad’s truck and i feel really bad every time we go because it’s like it’s not my vehicle it’s his right and that’s one reason the second reason so i love everything about this vehicle i love how it looks once you like do all the mods i like how many mods you could do the interior is nice sound system is nice

Everything is nice okay you could take the roof off if you want but the thing is it like it drives so bad and like i know putting big tires and wheels and lifting it makes it worse but to be honest i barely the only really the noticeable difference that it made to me like driving it was it was i’m a bit higher up and if i look out the window i could see the tires

Poking up but other than that it pretty much drives the same as it did before and before it was like terrible i’m sorry i know i’m gonna upset a whole bunch of jeep owners it’s just it’s i don’t know it’s like i’m gonna put up some clips of me driving it with my gopro on just to show you guys because it’s like actually i could show you literally right now too i will

Put the clips in though but like look at the vehicle’s off and look how much play is in the wheel that’s how much it moves before the tires actually move like as you can see i’m moving this quite a bit and we’re we’re staying straight down the road now if we go to my car look how much it moves okay now we go back to this one quickly and look how much it moves

Like that’s a big difference and this that was the one thing i noticed that i didn’t like about it when i was like test driving it but the reason i still went with it is because i liked everything else and i was like i’m just used to this tiny car doesn’t even have power steering so i’m like i’ll just have to get used to this but apparently as i do more research

To talk to other jeep owners it’s just how the jeep is and i don’t like it like it’s literally scary driving okay no it’s fine if i’m driving like 50 or if i’m like driving okay 50 kilometers per hour is a guy not miles per hour i’m canada here or if i’m driving on the highway and there’s like nobody in the lanes next to me but as soon as someone comes into the

Lane next to me there’s two hands on the wheel focusing so hard that the vehicle doesn’t go into the other lane because it’s not only two to three inches before it actually moves it’s like it just goes wherever it wants like if a big gust of wind comes boom you’re in the next lane not literally but it feels like that’s what’s gonna happen and i start i literally

Start sweating when there’s someone next to me because i i just want to stay in my lane and not go over and hit so it’s just like it’s not enjoyable to drive i was gonna try and buy parts to fix it or make it better but the thing is now that i got the dirt bike it just makes sense to get a truck so i’m sorry guys i’m not gonna tell you guys which truck i got but

I have a truck on order it’s a 2022 truck it was actually supposed to be here the middle of september but i’m filming this after the middle of september so it it didn’t come on time but as soon as that comes in i’ll make a video on that and the reason i still have this vehicle okay to be honest i know i said i’m selling it after two months but after two months

Is when i kind of two to three months is like okay i’m actually getting rid of it but i’ve had it for like three or four months now the reason i still have it and haven’t sold it because i would have sold it and just drove this thing because the truck’s going to be here before winter and so that’s all i need like i need something before the winter but the thing

Is so i moved from manitoba to alberta and after moving you have 90 days to switch over the registration for manitoba to alberta so i went in with the jeep because it had been already 90 days and i was like okay i’m just gonna go in get my alberta plates put it on the vehicle and i’ll be good to drive this thing but nope they say i have to get an out of province

Inspection in order to register in alberta because the vehicle isn’t within four years old and i haven’t got it inspected within the last 90 days so i have to get it inspected in alberta before i could register and drive it but the thing is i booked the appointment i went in and there’s a whole bunch of stuff that they failed before one of the things isn’t even

Like i know it’s fine but they said that i have tint on my headlights i don’t have tint on here there’s no all it is is the back part is like painted black the housing is black there’s no tint or anything covering this so that’s fine he did say um the side reflectors failed because there’s tint and i actually forgot about this i didn’t actually know this would be

A problem but this is easy to take off well it’s easy to take off but it’s actually not because i have to take the whole bumper off and to take the bumper off i have to like peel this open unscrew a whole bunch of stuff but whatever but the thing i thought that might fail which did fail too is the exhaust because the exhaust is loud but the thing is i was like well

Maybe it won’t fail because if they just start it up because i don’t think they drive it but if they just start it up it’s not even that loud it’s only loud if you like floor it right but no aftermarket exhaust so it failed they also said that my brakes were installed wrong but the thing is i got this car inspected when i bought it and it was the brakes were good

And since then nobody has touched the brakes so i don’t know i don’t get it some i don’t know who’s wrong i guess the people that inspected it first just i don’t know like i don’t know and then i feel like there’s one more thing oh yeah something i have cracked rubber in the rear spring or something one of the rear springs so that’s why i still have this thing

Because i can’t drive this thing and it’s just oh my gosh like i gotta take off the whole exhaust system the thing is my original exhaust system is back in manitoba 11 hours away but my dad said next time they come which they’re coming soon they’re going to bring the exhaust system so then what i’ll have to do is i’ll have to bring it into the shop and a whole

Bunch of time just like get an uber’s back and forth doing all this stuff get them to take it off put the old one back on fix all this other stuff take the tint off blah blah get it inspected and then what i’m not just gonna leave it with a crappy exhaust then i’m gonna have to put it back on i’m like oh my god it’s okay guys it’s okay i know i’m probably over

Exaggerating all this it’s just kind of annoying and i think that pretty much covers everything i will leave you guys with a little something though for the truck even though the truck is even here i already ordered something for it how do i i don’t think no matter what i say we’ll kind of spoil it but it’s gonna be this thing that i’m that i bought it’s gonna

Make it a trillion gazillion times faster than this faster than a whole bunch of cars not gonna go into detail too much but the reason i ordered it is because it was like because it was supposed to be like a 12 to 18 week wait once you order it so i was like okay i’ll order it now and then i’ll show on after show up after i get the truck but the thing is the

Person said when he placed my order that the estimated date that it would be here was october 8th which was only like a month from the date that i ordered it so that thing might even be here before i get the truck but i’m excited for that like it’s gonna be literally yeah i’m kind of sad to see this thing go but at the same time i’m not because it’s like i hate

Driving it i do really love how it looks now with the big tires sticking out and everything but every time i drive it i just don’t enjoy it it’s like you gotta concentrate so hard and like i just i regret buying all this stuff i just got too excited i’m like okay let’s mod the jeep guys and i bought all this stuff and now i know i’m not gonna get what i paid for

This stuff back so that’s why i’m regretting it but anyway wait that’s gonna be for today’s video if you guys enjoyed it make sure to slap that like button let me know in the comments below what you guys thoughts are on everything and i will see you guys in the next one peace

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Why I'm Selling My 2022 Jeep Wrangler After Owning It For 2 Months By Luke’s Garage

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