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Why I Love the Nissan NV200 Cargo Van

Hey everybody its dave the env guy over a garland shelton nissan and temple texas beautiful sunny day here if you’ve watched any of my videos you know that i absolutely love the nv200 cargo van and you say why well let me give you a few reasons fuel mileage 24 city 26 highway and it gets it for the 2020 model year we’ve had some improvements you now get a seven-inch

Touchscreen display with built in android auto apple carplay standard so your navigation from your phone can go right on the display has a rear-view camera standard bluetooth standard steering wheel controls for your audio system and telephone it will even read your text messages back i love that feature sure makes driving around town a lot easier air conditioning

Automatic power windows power door locks those are all standard does you’d expect the nissan nv200 comes with dual sliding doors both sides makes it super convenient to us to get your goods out of the back the rear has 60 40 split doors and as you see they can open 180 degrees makes loading and unloading a breeze and look at the low low floor for loading that makes

Getting your cargo in and out super super easy but you say hey dave i need more i got to carry a ladder look at this i can get a adrienne steel ladder rack put on there for you carries their ladders easy to get to i can install windows side windows rear windows a wire cage gives the protection but still keeps it open or we can get a full metal partition in there

And if you’re a business we can get these things some of this done for free but you say well i need some shelves not a problem here you can see i’ve added the shelving package on this one and and you can access it from the driver’s side makes it convenient for the plumber electrician to grab things off the shelves real easy to get to but if you don’t want that

Shelf blocking that side door no problem we can take that shelf and put it over here or you don’t have to have it this one also has the adrian steel composite partition seals off the cargo area much more gives it a lot more security and it helps if you’re carrying some maybe some stinky items inside but you say hey i’ve got a specific need to carry things that

Are chemicals things that really cause a lot of problems no problem dave here the env guy i can get the gro interior package installed this is a totally sealed cargo compartment it is certified to not allow any fumes into the driver compartment it has floor drains built in rails on the floor we can add shelves if you would like this is perfect for say oh cool

Cool supply company pest control company heck i can even get a roof top refrigeration unit installed like a thermal king and i can take the cargo area and keep it at i can get to get it to where it’s freezing if you like or just over freezing these are all things that are available if you work with dave the env guy because i pride myself in making your experience

The great experience i want you to be able to get the van equipped the way it works best for you without the hassle of you having to go out and look for stuff and try and get it done and again a lot of this can be done free we’re at a reduced priced with the nissan fleet program any business is eligible for this so i pride myself in taking care of my customers

This morning in a sold of in and b202 a customer that over the past two years has bought 39 mv to hundreds and frontiers from him he just calls offices dave i need a van and he knows i’ll take care of him as i do all my customers because that’s my my business my future business is the repeats and referrals so let me help you let me take care of your needs give me

A call or text five one two five eight six three three one zero or send an email to dave at the n v guide com let me know how i can assist you thanks for watching stay the envy guy every day

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Why I Love the Nissan NV200 Cargo Van By Dave the Mercedes Sprinter Guy

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