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Altair Club Cars Why I bought the 2021 Toyota Tundra SR5 Crewmax TRD Sport

Why I bought the 2021 Toyota Tundra SR5 Crewmax TRD Sport

In this video I do a quick walk around of my 2021 Toyota Tundra SR5 TRD Sport Crewmax (WOW that is a mouthful!). This Vehicle will be transformed into an overland rig over time and I intend on taking many adventures in it. Want to know more about the truck just ask in the comments below and I will try and answer them for you. Thanks!

What’s going on everybody welcome to hike overland my name is josh and today i’m going to show you my new 2021 tundra so so yeah so i bought the 2021 toyota tundra this is the sr5 crewmax sport trd sport model um i wanted a truck i’ve been driving a essentially a minivan for some time and uh i needed a truck i’ve been wanting a truck for a long

Time i’ve owned trucks before and the the other vehicle just wasn’t cutting it for me this my channel is all about getting outdoors going camping going hiking going fishing eventually getting into some overland trips and i just couldn’t do that in the vehicle that i had and um i i have a hard time finding any kind of car that i fit in comfortably so i’m six

Foot ten inches tall and i’m about 340 pounds so i’m a i’m a big dude and i need i need a car that’s really big for it to be comfortable for me i um leg room has always been an issue i have a size 18 shoe so that’s that’s always been kind of a problem uh and so i started looking i was um i was looking at i looked at the dodge the ford the chevy and uh i’d had

A toyota 4runner a couple cars back and i loved that thing it it was it was bulletproof i put 300 000 miles on it about 300 i think i was around 330 340 when i finally sold it and that thing just kept going it never gave me a single problem ever so long as i just kept the maintenance up that was the only thing i had to do for it is oil changes sometimes change

A belt here there but it’s just a great car overall and i i took that thing off road i had some some pretty fun adventures in that never gave me an issue once and so i i looked at the toyotas and i really liked the way they looked i’ve really liked the tundras for the last 10 years i believe this is now year 11 where they really haven’t changed much in all of

These trucks and the only thing that was kind of holding me back on it a little bit was the fuel the fuel efficiency it’s just it’s not great it’s got that big v8 in it which i like in a truck and uh as i started thinking about it yes i could have got better gas mileage uh better fuel efficiency with a ford or a chevy especially but um i just there’s something

About the v6 with the turbo that i just can’t get on board with yet uh it’s better fuel efficiency i understand it’s got a lot of the same towing capabilities but i’m a car guy i’ve been a car guy for years and it’s just something about a truck with a v8 and maybe that’s stupid on my part i don’t know but i needed to have that v8 i love that rumble i love the

Power and i like that it doesn’t have a bunch of other stuff on it that can break it’s uh i don’t have i don’t have to worry about a turbo going out or uh yeah i don’t i don’t have to worry about any of that stuff it’s it’s and not to say it’s bad i i will not be shocked at all if the 2022 tundra that’s coming out is a v6 uh twin turbo will not surprise me in the

Least bit the other part is i wanted the 2021 because uh this is a proven engine if you go on autotrader craigslist or facebook marketplace or anywhere that you can purchase a vehicle you can find 2010 uh tundras that they’re they’re some of them are up there in the three four hundred thousand mile range and they’re still going strong and the people selling them

Are still getting money for them so i like that it’s proven the uh 2022 it’s it’s toyota let’s be honest it’s gonna be fine it’s gonna be a great truck uh but it’s it’s new it’s a new platform for them and typically with the newer stuff that comes out just in my experience uh there’s there’s generally a lot of recalls on them as they’re starting to work through

Iron out all the kinks that are that are happening so again it’s a toyota it’ll probably go forever it’ll probably be great there probably won’t be any major issues with it but the 5.7 v8 is proven and uh there’s just something to be said to that and i i i have i’m at peace with that so if i’m going to be driving out in the middle of nowhere in utah i’ll have

A little bit more peace of mind knowing hey the engine’s rock solid so long as i don’t run out of gas i’ll be all right but that’s why i bought this truck it’s got a ton of room uh i i’m not gonna show you but i behind me right here i can i can actually fit behind me uh in the back seat when i’m in a comfortable driving position in the front seat this thing has

A ton of curtain airbags roof air bags side air bags airbags all over the place so safety wise for me and the family it’s good uh and i yeah i’m just i’m very very thankful to be able to get into this truck it’s been it’s been a you know if you’re like me i’ve got a list of vehicles that i’ve always wanted to own and this is on that list of vehicles i’ve always

Wanted to own a tundra i knew that they were going to be changing next year and or 2022 next year’s 2021. um and i wanted to get one before they changed up the model if i really like the next model year i’ll get i’ll get that one but uh yeah these i’ve been looking at these for a long time and i finally finally pulled the trigger on it and i’m really stoked that

I did so far i have no complaints i’ve taken a couple of pretty long road trips in it and it’s been very very comfortable i have not tried the uh four-wheel drive yet i haven’t had a reason to but um i hope to be putting myself in a position where i’m gonna need that soon and um yeah overall it’s a great car it doesn’t have a lot of frills in the in the front

Here on the dash it’s pretty basic stuff but uh my last car had every bell and whistle you could ever imagine and quite honestly i i got annoyed with it it was too much i had i think i had over 25 buttons on the steering wheel alone and that’s just really obnoxious so i’m i’m happy with this one uh i’m i’m looking forward to getting some adventures in it and

I’ve got a lot of plans for it so stick around i’m gonna do uh my next my next video is gonna be some of the things that i don’t really like about it uh and i’ll drop that as soon as i can get it done but uh yeah for the most part i i really like this truck i would recommend it for anyone that’s considering it it’s incredibly comfortable and it’s got a really

Good rumble i don’t think i can pick it up on this microphone i’ll try here i’m going to do a quick start yeah i’m sure this microphone isn’t going to do it justice but that v8 rumble i just i love it you can’t ford did a great job with their v6 they they did a great job with their v6 but you can tell it’s not a v8 and uh i don’t know there’s just something

To it now that 5.0 coyote engine they put in there that thing sounds pretty mean but um 5.7 is just a little bigger so yeah anyway not to not to compare the uh the different models i don’t want to start that argument i i like i’m like i said i’m a car guy i like all kinds of cars who makes them i don’t really care so long as they’re a good car and uh the fords

Are awesome the fords are awesome the chevys are awesome the dodges are awesome i like them all i’ve had nothing but good luck with toyotas and uh they’re they just make a great product and that’s why i finally settled on this one they had the most room of any of the other trucks i looked at it had it was definitely the most comfortable and it still had that v8

Without all the turbos and stuff i like turbos but uh i want those in my you know my subaru sti or my civic type r um put the turbos in that stuff this i wouldn’t mind someday getting a supercharger for but that’s that’s way down the list on things that i want to add to the truck so all right thanks for sticking around listening to listening to me ramble about

This truck and uh if i can answer any questions drop them in the comments below i’m happy to try to answer any questions i can i i don’t believe that there is such a thing as the perfect car and this one definitely has a few little quirks that i don’t love about it and i’m gonna do a video and go through those uh but yeah all in all very happy with it thank you take care

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Why I bought the 2021 Toyota Tundra SR5 Crewmax TRD Sport By Hike Overland

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