why i bought a mid year porsche
Altair Club Cars Why I Bought A Mid Year Porsche 911The Most UnlovedGeneration of Air Cooled

Why I Bought A Mid Year Porsche 911The Most UnlovedGeneration of Air Cooled

I bought a mid year Porsche 911 in one of the best factory colors of all time: ice green metallic. In this video I’ll tell you why I think the mid year Porsches are so outstanding.

What’s up guys will here with red enthusiast my youtube channel that is all about air cooled porsche 911 ownership experience and if you’re here because you’re curious to learn more about the most unloved generation of air cooled the mid-year 911 spanning from 74 to 77 then i have great news for you because i’m going to take you through my new to me 76 911 coupe

Sitting here behind me this car is very very very special to me i’m super excited to own it i was not in the market when this one became available and even though i really really really didn’t need to buy it i couldn’t resist it i did so in the walk around footage i’ll take you through the back story on the car why i like it so much and why i couldn’t resist buying

It also i’ll also take you through some information about these mid-years and you know what the what my research has told me about like why they’re loved and maybe why they have been not as sought after i’m also going to share with you why i think they’re going to come up in value before we jump into the content though i’d love to invite you to subscribe to this

Channel we’re bumping up against 20 000 subs very very stoked about that so if you subscribe you’ll help me and you’ll also get notified every time i publish another air cool porsche video also please like this video the third thing i’d like to ask you to do is if you’re on facebook come join our facebook group we’re enthusiast air-cooled porsche fans that group is

Not about me it’s about the 3 000 members and the energy i’m seeing inside of that group guys are sharing pictures of their cars they’re answering each other’s technical questions i’ve seen cars and parts for sale guys are of course sharing opinions on auction results i’ve seen some drives get organized in that group so join participate or just watch we’d love to

Have you let’s now jump into the main content okay here it is my new to me 1976 porsche 911s coop in ice green metallic with the with cork leather interior i have a very special connection to this car which i’ll tell you about in a moment the back story behind it and why i bought it i have not been in the market for another air-cooled porsche i have three already

And i i just didn’t really need another one and plus prices are prices are rough right now for buyers but i um i haven’t been aware of this car since 2019 i went to my first air-cooled porsche rally and i saw this car there and when i saw this car in this color with this interior with these seat centers i was absolutely in love and in fact i approached the the

Owner at the time kind of made a soft run at the car and i asked if it was available and would he sell it and the answer was no so since 2019 i’ve seen this car in a couple of other spots sought at works for union sitting out on the golf course and man i i just i loved it there too so i’ve always admired this car i love ice cream it’s amazing and um i don’t

Know i just the car popped up on instagram and was available and the first time i saw it i was like man i can’t buy something right now it’s just not the right time and then i saw another picture of the car and i’m like man i just got to reach out and see see what he’s thinking here and long story short i flew down to florida saw the seller chatted with him he’s

A friend slash acquaintance of mine we gotten to be a little bit tighter since i bought this car a guy by the name of keith ennis he tends to find underground really interesting 911s as well as some other vintage cars so i’ll put his contact information down in the description if you’re interested in learning more about him but long story short bought the car

Had it shipped up to north carolina and here we are and guys i want you to follow me here and i want you to tell me in the comments if you’ve fallen into this trap before so i own an 86 carrera guards red and you know it’s a great car i feel very very connected to it i’m just not a guards red guy so the bargain i made with myself is hey if i buy this ice green car

What i’ll end up doing is selling that 86 to make room for it and i am having a conundrum now that i have this car because i’m really struggling to list the 86 it needs to be sold but i’m having a hard time letting it go so i’ll do a video on that because i really really want to get some insight some advice from you guys but tell me in the comments below like is

That something you’ve done before justify one of these cars like kind of make a bargain with yourself and you know it’s just funny how we do that you know so anyway 1976 911s ice cream metallic so i’ll tell you a couple of things i really really love about it first of all these seats these are factory sport seats that keith had redone i just love the centers i

Have always loved the centers gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and i think it was just tastefully done and how they tie in the ice green car has a factory style roll bar very very cool and these pop-out rear windows man i love that i love the bright work so cool but really i mean aside from the aesthetics of the thing something really really neat about this is this

3-2 motor so there you know these mid-year cars 1974 to 1977 were unloved for a long time i do think they’re going to come up in value and collectibility just because the colors that they came in were so cool and a lot of them have had engine work done that that took care of the problems that the two sevens had so let me give you a little background the mid-years

Have been kind of the unloved generation they fall between the sc and uh and the long hoods they are narrow body and you know i’ve done some research it’s a really great video out there by the way nathan mers is a dude who has done really three fantastic classic 911 videos guys just a wealth of knowledge he did one on you know long hoods and what’s a hot rod and

What’s not a hot rod he did one on you know the later g-bodies and then he did one recently on these mid-year cars and uh these mid-year cars were unloved for a while you know it doesn’t have that the carrera flares its narrow body and the reason that they were unloved partially is they had a 2.7 liter motor and by the way this is my understanding i don’t pretend

To be an expert you may want to fact check me but 2.7 liter motor that was prone to issues because of the emissions equipment that porsche was forced to put on them so the engine would grenade early like 30 to 40 000 miles it just it was heat heat killed them between the heat based on the emissions uh that the emissions equipment emitted as well as the mag case

On these two seven 2.7 liter motors you’d have engine failure to a driving impressions video of this car i’m not going to do that for you today just because i’m pressed for time but i’ll do a separate video in a couple weeks telling you guys what it’s like to drive this thing but i’m just going to say it’s quick it’s a lot faster than my 86 which is interesting

So my 86 911 has a 3 2 motor in it as well but man over the years so between like 74 75 76 up through the later g-bodies like so all the way up through 89 they progressively got heavier and the weight it’s been a little bit since i read this i want to say that this car might be 200 pounds 300 pounds lighter than my 86 with that same motor and so it just it springs

Forward really really fun to drive the car needs a couple of things so first of all if you guys watch the channel you know i’m i’m i always kind of dial my cars in to make them my own and this one will be no different i i gotta say that the decisions keith made as he built this car out we’re very very tasteful right so he did the seats he left the factory aluminum

Rocker trim down here he put the roll bar in so you know the way that he describes this car is it sits today is a is a gentleman’s hot rod it also has a fab speed exhaust on it which sounds really really good but for me i’m gonna make some changes which i’ll reveal in a couple of videos i should see a couple videos down the line so if you’re interested in seeing

The plans for this car how they unfold definitely subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already so you’re notified when i publish those videos in case you’re interested or maybe you own one of these cars and you’re thinking about making some changes so my intent there is you know the changes that i’ll make are going to be mostly i i would say understated i’m not

Going to fiddle with it too much i just think it needs to be optimized a little bit to my taste but that’s coming down this is uh by the way a tmu car total mileage unknown which i’m okay with obviously i bought it so i think when you’re buying a car that’s tmu what you’re really doing is relying on the condition of the car so along those lines i did uh have a ppi

Done and did a compression test uh two percent to four percent across all cylinders feeling good about that and you know that really shows up in the motor so in terms of how the motor pulls another point i’ll make to you car has a rebuilt 915 transmission with a wrench shift er kit on it and i i gotta say i like the wrench shift so much better than the wevo so

The wevo is a similar product i have that on my 86 and it’s just the weevo feels chintzier it feels cheaper the rent shift is far superior so if you’re looking for a way to clean up your 915 throws i would strongly recommend taking a look at the rent shift i will put a link to this a link to their site down in the description i did put this momo on already i had

It left over from another car that i sold i am such a geek i love this original carpet i mean yeah it’s a little bit dirty that’s okay man that’s like to be expected headliners clean i mean it’s showing its age a little bit um the camera makes it look dirtier than it actually is car has the retro sound head unit in it which i actually shockingly prefer to the

Continental head unit if you if you’ve got if you guys have been watching my videos you know that i’m super high on the continental i like this better especially in this car it’s just it’s just simpler um so yeah guys this is this is the car i am i am in love with it um i’ll just say that that this is a keeper for me and you know my conundrum is do i sell my

86 to you know open up space and cover the cost of this or do i hang on to the 86 and just um enjoy the fact that i’ve got two g-bodies so we’d love to hear your opinions there and i will definitely share with you in a future video that whole conundrum and tell you where i land so i hope you’ve enjoyed this if you’re a an air-cooled geek like me you’re just

Looking for videos on these cars maybe you’re in the market for one of these mid-years i i think they’re killer so i really appreciate you watching and i hope to see you next time

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Why I Bought A Mid Year Porsche 911…The Most “Unloved”Generation of Air Cooled By Rennthusiast

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