why do i want to buy this 22 tra
Altair Club Cars Why do I want to buy this? | 22 Transit Connect Passenger | Best van on the market

Why do I want to buy this? | 22 Transit Connect Passenger | Best van on the market

2022 Ford Transit Passenger XL

Hey everyone austin here from curry motors and this is a 2022 transit connect passenger a vehicle that i haven’t seen in over a year and a half and i’m excited to do a deep dive on this this one in carbonized gray so they knew i was going to do a video on this because that’s my favorite color this is going to be a six passenger van i haven’t seen one of these in

Probably a year and a half uh so this is nice to have and these cars are built in spain they have to travel across an ocean on a boat you can’t fly them here so these things i don’t know when we’ll see another one to be honest so taking a look here as we look up front we have the lights that do wrap all the way to the side giving the car the full 360 degree view

Of light ford logo there there are spaces at the bottom where you can add fog lights now this is an xl the upper trim levels will have fog lights there a different grille a little bit different features on it as we come around to the side here we do have the collapsible mirrors let’s get a good view of the mirror so they do collapse back and they collapse forward

So they won’t break off if you run into anything there now the van does have the sliding door here you have one on each side here we’re going to take a look at all these seats how they break down and everything like that let’s go back to the back here now in the back we do have some storage space we do have uh these seats that fold all the way down you’ll notice

There are some protector mats here that will fold out as we fold it down in case you want to put cargo in here as we come around to this side you have another sliding door showing you one of the seats folded down in a second we will fold all these down show you how all that works and then we’ll take a look on the inside here all right so folding this seat down

Is actually very simple so we’re going to pull up on the lever here to push this down make sure it locks into place going to pull up on the rear handle slide forward and push down so it locks down into place now to pull it back up all you’re going to do is pull this lever here once it’s up to here you’re going to pull that lever to lift the seat up we’re going

To leave this down to demonstrate the back and how to do those seats so as far as folding these back seats flat to the floor it’ll give you a full interior uh flooring so you can uh haul things now our first step is we’re gonna take this rear seat we’re gonna pull this little latch forward and put it down here now mind you i’m doing all of this with one hand so

Now we’re gonna go to the rear of the vehicle we’re gonna pull this red lever slide it forward we’re gonna unhook that there and then we are going to unhook those there and we’re gonna lay it flat so now you have this full surface there you could do the same thing here but as you can see that seat’s not full to the ground so it’s not going to go all the way down

Because i didn’t flip this forward and that’s not all the way to the ground i’m going to show you the inside of the vehicle from each row now right now i’m in the third row you can see how much headspace i have here quite a bit as far as leg room right here i’m 6’4 my knees are you know almost to the back of the seat here but i’m not uncomfortable back here we

Do have air on both sides and 12 volts cupholders some other little storage so here in the second row um you know we have the captain’s chairs there is a little lip step here to get to the third row this seat here does fold down you could sit here lay your feet straight across on a nice road trip if you were storing something you need long lumber you can put it

All the way across the second row does have nice power windows whole big window there bigger than any other uh van on the market some nice little things you can see from the second row here are going to be these storage vents up there so above the driver there’s a little bit of overhead storage there’s plenty of space here to add a overhead tv if you wanted to

To use this you know in some of the minivan functions there now down here we do have our heating and air controls as well as a 112 112-volt plug-in and a 12-volt plug-in one extra little cool storage feature in the car is underneath of this seat when it folds down there’s this little storage unit right there and all you have to do is just pull this panel out you

Can put the panel right back under there and it’s stored and no one would ever know so that’s a secret little storage compartment underneath of that passenger seat now getting out of the vehicle obviously very simple just pull this handle here and you can pull this shut open this here and now we’re here in the front seat of the vehicle now this is an xl so it

Doesn’t have um a ton of features but it has enough um something you know for me and my family actually this would be a great road trip vehicle uh it’s spacious um it’s got enough space for the four of us uh we’ve had many many vans and honestly with the amount of headroom you have in here you got tons of space here being six four uh the amount of storage space you

Have in here this is a great vehicle for everyday application um when it comes to like families or maybe you have team practice or you have um you know employees you have to move from a to b you know it’s it’s a really great vehicle a ton of space for a sub 40 000 price point now we do have power mirrors over here so you can move your mirrors up down left right

Over here you know up down left right we have all of your windows you can control the front and back we do have auto lights auto high beams you have your cruise control here you have your ford assistant you can control all this up there in the center we have a small uh center stack screen you have your bluetooth for your music you have sirius xm you have a bunch

Of little features here you still get that ford pass app to allow you to unlock lock auto start your car from anywhere in the world down here we have some air controls rear controls the rear can control it themselves we have eco mode traction control auto on and off down here in the center we have our usb and our 12 volt with our parking brake some storage here

A little bit of storage in the center console there and actually these center console storages in these vehicles look small but you got tons of storage in here i mean you could put quite a bit of things in there over here for the passenger you know you have door storage there you have uh your glove box up here you have a little dip where you can store a couple

Things there as well as in the center the seats are a nice leather wrapped seat it’s really comfortable i’m surprised to have the leather in the xl but it looks great it feels great um you know it’s a really nice seat it’s how it drives i’ll be very honest with you it drives really nice it handles well it’s smooth the steering isn’t super tight but not super loose

It’s comfortable i mean it handles well look at this i mean it’s maneuvering great i mean overall i have zero complaints about this 10 out of 10 on this car it would uh i i would definitely you know use it as a family vehicle i talk about the expeditions and the uh explorers and some of our bigger suvs i mean if you’re shopping for a family vehicle and you have

A budget 45 000 or less this is your car this is less than forty thousand dollars this is less than thirty eight thousand dollars we’re looking at thirty six thousand dollars for a car like this this is not bad at all um so if you’re looking for a vehicle for your family for your sports team for whatever this is definitely the way to go i have zero complaints

About this this is available right now here at curry motorsport in frankfurt probably won’t be long considering it’s been a year and a half since i’ve seen one we have companies we have families we have sports teams everyone who is looking for one of these they will be out here i mean we just got it in today uh you know if you’re interested i will call really

Quick and all right come in here ask for any of us we’ll take care of you at curry motorsport of frankfurt available right now

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Why do I want to buy this?! | '22 Transit Connect Passenger | Best van on the market By Austin Automotive

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