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Altair Club Cars WHY ARE DEFENDER 90S SO EXPENSIVE? *ENGINE SWAP* Land Rover Defender 90 Review


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Me right it’s like climbing up into literally one of the biggest things in the world this fully jacked up run and jump is key to getting this thing right so let’s start her up this is sick it’s literally like being on top of a plimp insane driving position welcome back to the channel guys today i wanted to sort of start by trying to get in this thing because

It’s hilarious there’s no step but you sort of like can step on the guard railing bit just there to get this thing probably one of the sickest defenders i’ve ever seen in my entire life fully galvanized chassis fully restored by the guys at air tech what a machine this is we’re going to hit the road we’re going to see what this thing is like because i’m really

Intrigued i’ve only actually ever shot one of these for the channel it was a longer dual cab pickup version so i’m interested to see what the sort of highest level of defender is really light because this thing is well up there now the commanding driving position of these uh defenders is definitely a huge talking point i want to say a massive thank you to

The guys at lucky devils competitions for letting me take this thing out today this is one of their cars and it’s actually an ex-air tech development car that i’ve had my eye on since i first saw it probably a couple of years ago in the back of their unit i kept on asking oh what are you doing with that what’s going on and they’ve actually completely restored

This thing back to what it should be probably you know better than the factory standard if i’m quite honest and now this thing is like the tightest nicest defender you can get yourself into now this one i will put a complete rundown of what has happened modifications and all that in the description or you can go to the lucky devil’s car competitions website to

Actually have a look at the spec list of this thing so first things first what’s it like to drive now huge fan of old school or things i’ve owned an american truck from the 70s and it does have the same sort of remnants of that truck but in a slightly newer way it is incredibly agricultural i’m going to go peep in this thing it is such an experience to drive

One of these defenders again if you’re watching this and you’ve ever driven one you’ll know full well what it’s like it is not a workout because this one is very tight it’s very very nice to drive it has a 300 series engine and that’s obviously created more power in this thing as we can’t touch a set of traffic lights it is actually hilariously loud and oh

A weird sensation smashing gears and accelerating in something so um farmy i’m gonna say it’s so farmy in here it actually gives one hell of an experience because you don’t get a lot of cars like this i’ve driven a fair few jeeps and stuff as well um the gearbox is so tight i don’t remember the last one being this tight to actually change gear with but like

It is just like not necessarily an attack of the senses or anything because it is actually so comfortable with these bucket seats this massive armrest you get the traditional uh defender problems like not being able to put your arm anywhere here because the window is like literally right there and unfortunately it is way too cold today for me to uh be putting

That window down but like as you drive this you tower over everything i’ve just literally driven past a range rover like a new shape one and this my eyes were level with the roof line on it that’s how big this thing is videos and pictures will not do this justice whatsoever the lift kit the big tires of course this will make a fantastic off-roader but you

Just pool around town him it’s actually quite an occasion in a weird way i just like well impressed with how tight it feels especially it feels really really tight the gearbox is so notchy i think that’s notchy in a way that is uh again agricultural like a bit of farm equipment hilarious and it’s so like there’s so much motion in it that’s not in the body

Whatsoever that is in the suspension but it like sort of adds weirdly to how this thing drives inside as we do stop behind a sainsbury’s van that’s in the road beautiful place to be again these are very uh low spec i’m gonna say from the factory you know this is a an older version of the defender so it wouldn’t have come with all the niceness like this one

Has so this one has lovely new flooring it has these fantastic bucket seats it literally feels like i’m not in a truck it feels like i’m in a race car as well big armrest we love armrests on the channel i just think if you’ve never ever driven a defender you need to this is 100 probably the best one that you can get by modify you know i think this is the most

Desirable version of the defender you could ever build so that makes me feel like i’m really driving something special this has had years of development and you know just being made right and i’ve been in many of these from like literally cheapest of cheap all the way up to this one and i can see why they command you know so much more money for a well sorted

One the one i drove previously was sort of middle ground it had been done but it needed work this one needs absolutely no work and you can tell from the steering and how well it actually steers for a defender how comfortable and refined the whole interior chassis suspension everything is on this thing and you know obviously today this isn’t my car i can’t take

It off-road i know you guys would absolutely love to see that and i’d love to do it at some point even just road driving this around town is sort of like a really really good experience you guys just gotta love the second gear though second gear i can’t believe how it’s not it’s not fast right but it gives the excitement and experience of going a dab site

Faster than you actually are i love that you can weirdly throw it around as well that this camera won’t pick up it sounds that’s so good

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WHY ARE DEFENDER 90’S SO EXPENSIVE? *ENGINE SWAP* Land Rover Defender 90 Review By Jamie_FYD

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