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Altair Club Cars Who needs a 770Nm SUV? | Bentley Bentayga S Road Review

Who needs a 770Nm SUV? | Bentley Bentayga S Road Review

The Bentley Bentayga S has 770NM and 545PS, meaning it will hit 62mph in just 4.4 seconds. But that’s no faster than the standard V8. The difference here is that the Bentaya S will then go around corners quickly, thanks to some firmer suspension and fancy rejigged traction control. But, at the end of the day, what really is the point? Should this even exist?

The world is going to hell things are on fire fuel prices are going crazy so what do we need right now really big suv with a massive v8 that’s what we need yes this is the bentley bentega but you knew that you know the inside of it is extremely nice you know that the outside is much better than the first bentega in fact you pretty much know everything that you

Need to know about the bentayga except what you don’t know is what it’s like when bentley has a day off what happens when they take the bentega v8 a car that already has a four liter twin turbocharged v8 engine producing 770 newton meters of torque and gives it what amounts to a handling pack yes a bentega with a handling pack it still has 770 newton meters

It already had 542 horsepower it could already do not to 60 miles an hour in 4.4 seconds and now it’ll go around corners it’s insane and so rather than doing the usual talk through the inside the outside everything you need to know you know everything let’s just revel for a bit in just how delightfully gloriously wonderfully bonkers this thing is let’s explore

Together quite how insane the bentega s really is i’m not 60 in 4.4 seconds is um was pretty quick feels pretty quick anyway but it feels especially quick when you’re doing it in well when you’re doing it in an aircraft carrier as this thing really launches itself backwards to go forwards you feel it absolutely he when you call up all of that talk and well it’s

Really like riding a literal wave of talk but why is it fun to do over and over again until the breaks are burning and really complaining but it shouldn’t really be a surprise because the talk wave is well it’s the flattest thing this side of the fence it just starts and bings all the way up to the top at 1700 rpm and then stays at 770 newton meters all the way to

4600 like it’s too afraid to jump off it’s also slightly insane is that in order to make the bentley bentega speed bentley has done nothing to the engine nothing at all it’s exactly the same it is the standard twin turbocharged four liter v8 that you’d get in any event taker this car normally does not 16 4.4 seconds none of that is the most bonkers or hard to

Believe thing about this car no no it’s the when you get into a corner it doesn’t collapse it doesn’t give up the suspension doesn’t ping off and the dampers don’t just explode when you try and hurl two and a half tons of bentley around a corner no no what it does instead is um well it works it goes around corners the corners really bloody well in fact and

All that’s changed is the air suspension has been made 15 stiffer 15 when you’re a normal road you literally can’t notice it if you put it in sport mode gets a teeny teeny bit jiggly but that’s the only difference i don’t know what this car runs on because i don’t think it conforms to the laws of physics certainly not the laws of physics that we know on the earth

I can only assume that bentley have done something they’ve brought in some small miniaturized black holes and got them to power the dampers something insane like that because that’s the only way i think this thing can work it should just collapse in on itself when you send 770 newton meters through all four wheels at the same time as trying to get into corner it

Should just completely give in when instead what it does is grip and then it grips a bit more and you can push it it doesn’t slide or send you off into the distance when i come to a corner i should fear for my own children never mind feel like i can push it a little bit harder every single time there’s the tiniest bit of understeer that you’ll notice at first but

That can be solved with power more of that power more of that talk seems to solve everything even in the wet it barely seems to want to break traction there is a little bit that you can do with the fact that it’s got the slackened off traction control and you know where the most of the power going to the backing well it’s fun it shouldn’t be fun in reality a car

This big that’s made to go incredibly fast should be functional it should play with your brain in the way that it actually does it but it shouldn’t be fun it shouldn’t feel exciting it doesn’t feel light but it doesn’t feel horrendously heavy either and the steering well that’s sort of its low point there’s not really anything to it it gets a little bit heavier

But doesn’t really tell anything about it but i guess it’s got a large 4 liter v8 dangling over the front axle so if you felt all the weight from that you’d barely be able to turn the wheel and then that’s the thing about this car nothing about it makes sense nobody in the entire world needs a two and a half ton bentley that can do not to 60 miles an hour 0.3 of

A second slower than a ferrari f40 nobody you don’t need it however if you want it i am more than happy for you to go and buy it because in the grand scheme of things it’s not bentley ben tiger s’s that are going to kill them it’s everyone’s fiestas your polos that micro in front of us the cars that everyone drives day to day not event cars like this the i don’t

Know 11 that bentley will sell okay i’m exaggerating 12. bentega s’s that bentley will actually sell are not going to kill the planet but they will be gone very very soon so while we still have them rather than vilifying people who buy them or complaining that they exist while this cacophony of absolutely incredible engineering is still able to blast us across

The country let’s enjoy it let’s celebrate it let us hear it do this over and over again until it breaks that’s the end that’s it

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Who needs a 770Nm SUV? | Bentley Bentayga S Road Review By Goodwood Road \u0026 Racing

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