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Altair Club Cars Wheelchair/mobility van 2012 Nissan NV 3500 SL (0299), 198k Miles, 4,495

Wheelchair/mobility van 2012 Nissan NV 3500 SL (0299), 198k Miles, 4,495

Includes FREE Carfax & shipping in the lower 48 states.

Good afternoon my name is jeremiah with affordable mobility solutions and today i’m shooting a video of our 2012 nissan 3500 nv this is the sl trim package top of line trim package got a manual sliding door it’s got one of these braunability lifts inside it you got to make sure the lift is on have a remote here hit the unfold button as you can see it will

Unfold and fold down once it gets to a stopping point here you now go to the down button so it’s a two-step process you’ve got your handle over there to keep you uh in case you need something to hold on or the person in the wheelchair wants something to hold on to it’s got the flap there to keep them from rolling off the back when uh when the lift’s going up

And down folds down opens up just like so put this uh control back in here then of course you roll on reverse the process the 30 and three quarters inches of room width on the lift 42 inches deep 46 inches coming inside the vana head room once you’re inside the van 51 inches of headroom i’ll just show you this got this carbon fiber floor easy to clean got your

Leather seats in the rear hill four in the back this is a removable seat if you don’t want it but you can put the wheelchair you know up here if you got room there is quite a bit of room remove that seat if you want it got the upgraded q-string tie-downs at no charge to you up front got the leather seats a little bit of scuffing there you just used to be owned by

A family with a with a kid in a wheelchair and you know they it’s not a perfect van they’ve got a couple little bruises on it but overall looks great steering wheel controls can keep your eyes on the road back up camera a dual climate control rear air um heated seats got blind spot monitoring i’ll show you all more about that but you get the chair loaded in here

Then you exit by the way headliner looks good you can see all your rear air vents back there it’s got the entertainment center up there as well so fully loaded all right so once you got the chair loaded you come back over here grab the remote hit the up button then once it gets to this level it will stop and hit the fold button pretty simple to do be ready

To roll so i came over here under this bridge today in the shade because it’s uh it’s too hot the sun will shut my camera off it overheats it so walk around with the van pretty clean for the miles i mean it’s been well taken care of and family driven uh the front tires are firestone’s about seven thirty seconds of tread uh the rear are about ten thirty seconds of

Tread so like almost new fire stones the front are in very good shape a lot of tread left on them as well so it’s got some good tires a good name brand of tire see a little dent back here in the rear and in any little small dents you see we can fix them it’s got your tow package check it out underneath nice and clean not all rusted out you see a spare tire there

You know it shows a few signs of wear with any vehicle that’s almost 11 years old 199 000 miles on it’s going to show but again it’s very nice been very well taken care of nice clean van i’ve got two sets of keys two keyless entries as you can see on the interior of the van very clean i’ll show you the vin number but that way you know the vehicle is here in my

Possession this is not some internet scam power driver seat all leather this is the sl trim package dash is in great shape no cracks and holes in the dash i showed you that earlier but yeah it’s got the configuration just a different view i know you’ve seen all this already but it’s a little different view of doing things it’s got your handle down there in case

The lift every malfunctioned you can operate it manually so that’s nice so you’re not stuck you know in a parking lot or something like that like i mentioned heated seats that’s your tow package blind spot monitor is on all four corners of the vehicle got your remote remote there for the dvd player the entertainment center when i go to fire it up you can see all

The dummy lights work so all the check engine airbag abs all illuminate and that’ll go out so there’s no check engine lights on no airbags none of that current miles 198 993 like i mentioned uh fully loaded has navigations firing up the navigation right now it’s got your backup camera put all your rear air controls up here and i’ve got three mechanics that work

For me we test all the power mirrors power windows power locks mirror right there the heat air crews belt suspension hoses uh brakes replace fluids as needed we’re very thorough before we put these vans on the lot we do not just throw them on the lot we inspect them fully underneath the hood got the v8 engine idle smoothly no signs of any leaks no signs of any

Damage exactly what we’re looking for as they crawl underneath the van much of the same very clean as far as you know i don’t see any signs of rust from a flood this is not some this is a former vehicle from this region so it’s not all rusted out no signs of any leaks no signs of any bent metal from an accident and that’s the number one mistake people make when

Buying used vehicles they assume things they assume because it looks nice in pictures and they assume just because the salesman was nice to them they assume that it runs and drives good they assume it’s not all rusted out underneath and you know don’t fall for that demand a detailed video like this you’ll notice my competition they do not show you the undercarriage

Of their vehicles there’s a reason for that they’re buying these from chicago and new york they’re buying rust buckets they’re taking a can of spray paint they’re spray painting underneath hoping you’ll never see and they sell it to you and you’re forever going to have issues with rust and it may not even pass inspection in your state if it doesn’t pass inspection

In your state you can’t drive it you’ve just bought a paper weight demand a detailed video demand the carfax report go online see who you’re buying from check out their reviews and demand a warranty this fan comes with a 90 day warranty could anywhere in the united states do not buy as is demand a warranty okay the this portion of the video i like to get the

Vans out on the highway give them some gas so you can hear the engine run feel the transmission shift through all the gears and you know whether you take advantage of our free shipping in the lower 48 states or if you come in and drive this nissan home we’ve done our due diligence we’ve made sure that it’s road worthy runs and drives good good acceleration you can

See that steering wheel’s nice and straight no unusual vibration or noise see if i can pop this up to about 70 miles an hour you see there right about 68 got the cruise control set cruise works good so van runs and drives very nicely uh do keep in mind we have extended warranties past our 90 days uh they go all the way up to i believe three years and everywhere

In between so talk to me about how you can affordably protect your investment those warranty some of them even cover the conversion that lift as well so that’s a great investment and also keep in mind we don’t have any hidden fees a lot of these dealers have a real nice price online then you start reading the fine print they’ve got a 500 dog fee they got tag fees

Administrative fees all these hidden fees on the back end and then oh yeah they don’t have free shipping like we do have you checked what it would cost to ship a vehicle this big with the price of diesel right now on the back of a truck yeah it’s very expensive and shipping companies are not easy to deal with so let me handle all of that for you at no additional

Charge to you and my question to you if someone’s not telling you the real price on a vehicle if they’ve got a bunch of hidden fees they don’t tell you about to try and get more money from you what else are they hiding from you is it a salvage title is it flood damage mechanical issues you know i don’t know i just know if people aren’t being transparent from the

Get-go there’s a really good chance there’s some other things they’re hiding so keep that in mind while you’re out shopping and if you want to give us a phone call 316 262 vans that’s is easier for 316-262-8267 three one six five one eight four three seven seven my name is jeremiah that’s the this my i’m the owner and that’s my cell phone number a nice hard break

No grinding no squeaking no unusual break noise or vibration so once again exactly what we’re looking for and hey i challenge you to ask the competition are they dedicated enough to give you the owner’s cell phone number talk to the big companies like the vmi and the braun mobilityworks united access freedom motors ask them if they’re dedicated enough to customer

Service to give you the owner’s cell phone number because i am that dedicated because you have my cell phone number and hey if you do want to call and talk to the competition and talk to a used car salesman who’s going to call you five times a day to ask if you’re ready to make a deal you go right ahead and do that if you want absolutely zero pressure sales i’m

Just here to give you information let you make the best decision for you give me a call i’m happy to help yes we do take trade-ins even from across the country whether standard or mobility vehicle call me i can explain how that works and if you’d like to see our entire inventory with detailed videos just like this free carfax reports and dozens of pictures check

Out our inventory 24 hours a day at www.mobility316.com that’s mobility316.com okay the final portion of this video i want to show you the carfax report we’ve used the vin number as you can see four previous owners 16 service records so been serviced regularly no accidents or damage as we scroll down carfax shows no salvage junk rebuilt fire flood hail or lemon

Brands on the title carfax shows no total loss so this is not one of the super risky salvage or rebuilt title this is a clean title with no accidents carfax shows no structural damage or airbag deployment shows the odometer shows to be accurate no accidents or damage does have an open recall you can schedule to get that repaired at no charge to any nissan dealer

In the united states as we scroll down you can see the vehicle has been serviced regularly owned in missouri in kansas so you know not big snow areas so we definitely look for that also no matter who you do business with check out the reviews online you can find us on ebay 1073 transactions 100 positive feedback that’s 1073 people said we did them right and zero

People said we did them wrong also no matter who you do business with check them out online make sure they are a real company located within the united states do not send your money to a scammer posing as a private individual seller or even a dealer you send that money overseas you’re never going to see it again the police aren’t going to help you your credit

Card company is not going to help you that money is gone and also check out their reviews you can see we have 4.8 out of 5 star reviews i hear a lot of people saying how they got they got a bad raw deal from mobility dealers and i look those dealers up online and they’ve got one and two and three star ratings so if you want to do business with people like that you

Go right on ahead if you want five star vehicles with five star service give me a call today and as always thank you so much for checking out affordable mobility solutions where mobility is affordable call us today

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Wheelchair/mobility van 2012 Nissan NV 3500 SL (0299), 198k Miles, $24,495 By Jeremiah Coleman

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