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Altair Club Cars Whats Up With The 2022 Chevrolet Colorado?

Whats Up With The 2022 Chevrolet Colorado?

The 2022 models are starting to arrive at McClinton Chevrolet. We just received this Colorado LT Crew Cab. In this video, we take you on a quick walk around and show all of the special features.

Good afternoon everyone john corey here from the clinton chevrolet mitsubishi and today we’re going to take a look at this brand new 2022 chevrolet colorado lt let’s do a quick walk around show you some of the features and um tell you why this is a great vehicle for you to consider let’s take a look i don’t wanna hold back all right now one thing i do want to

Mention real quick is that this vehicle just came off the truck it has not been pdi’d yet so for those of you don’t know anytime we get new vehicles in or use vehicles too they go through a an inspection process in our parts and service department down there they gotta make sure that they’re ready for the road they put gas in them and make sure all the fluids are

Good to go this one has not been through that or detail yet so that’s why it’s going to look a little dirty but i wanted to show it to everyone because new inventory is very hard to come by right now so we want to take this opportunity to show it to you you also see like there’s plastic on the seat still but let’s look at a good idea of what this truck is like

Now this is um an lt it is a v6 it is four wheel drive uh the color which is stunning is bright blue metallic so it’s an lt so you’re looking at kind of in the mid-range it’s not a work truck by any means it has heated seats for instance it’s got the touchscreen infotainment screen there one thing it’s nice on this one it does have the trailer brake controller so

If you’re going to use this vehicle to tow you’ve got plenty of power to do it because this is the v6 the 3.6 and you have of course those nice features and i know it’s on the left and a lot of people don’t like that’s on the left but there wasn’t a whole lot of room there on the right of course up front you do have the two chairs with the console in the middle

Still have your traditional shifter there in the middle there’s your hvac controls this one also has one of my favorite things a heated steering wheel there’s your nav controls and your radio controls as well down here you’ll find your headlight controls of course it does have automatic headlights fog lights all that fun stuff of course you also have your four

Wheel drive controlled there too or your transfer case it is a two speed transfer case so it has low range which is nice got two wheel drive auto four high four low look here at the interior of course because it’s a chevrolet has onstar xm satellite radio is available also 3.6 liter v6 this is the crew cab so you’re getting the you know the full back seats i

Just did a video the other day on an old 2011 ranger that had the extended cab and it’s crazy how much these smaller trucks even though they’re not really small trucks anymore but how much the rear seats have changed i mean you could barely get a child in the back of that ford ranger now i mean i could easily sit in the back of this truck myself so pretty well

Equipped once again it’s not it’s not a high country it’s not um it’s not got the off-road package like a zr2 would have or the bison per se but it’s you know if you’re just doing normal truck stuff it’s gonna be good for you got your two charging points there in the back for the rear passengers of course this does have apple carplay android auto nice i love

Those rims on this truck they’re just nice and classy on this they’re not over the top nice goodyear tires here is the bed now normally we would order these with the spray and bed liner from the factory but with inventory constraints right now we just we have to take what we can get so this one is untreated as far as a spray and bed liner goes however if you

Want one if you buy this truck we can arrange for that to happen we have some great partners that we work with for any kind of accessories we have genuine gm accessories here of course and then for stuff like spray and bed liners we can always refer you out i do love that it has the sliding rear glass for the back window that’s a nice feature especially if you

Have like dogs with you if you’re on a long road trip they can get plenty of air one thing i do want to mention is the price uh this one is currently listed at 34 000. i’m sorry let me say it again this one is currently listed at 39 165 with all the options of course those are 18 inch rims one thing that’s nice about buying this vehicle you’re getting a three

Year 36 thousand mile bumper-to-bumper warranty and because you’re buying it from mclennan chevrolet you’re getting a 10-year million-mile powertrain warranty you’re also going to get the dot track theft deterrent system which will help keep your vehicle safe because obviously this is a nice looking truck and people are going to want to take it from you this one

Does not have the z71 or z71 package on it but it is still four wheel drive it’s got the little bumper steps there which i like but there it is a 2022 colorado lt if you have any questions do not hesitate to give us a call 304-422-6501 check us out online mcclintonchevy.com actually real quick before we go here’s a quick comparison of how this truck compares to

The silverado so the colorado you know we would think that it would be a small truck that’s more of a mid-size than anything else and right next to it is a silverado which is also a crew cab so there is a big size difference in them but the colorado is way bigger than like what the s10 used to be so good size truck if you don’t do a lot of towing or if you just

Want something a little bit smaller the colorado is a great vehicle to consider once again give us a call 304-422-6501 you

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What's Up With The 2022 Chevrolet Colorado? By McClinton Chevrolet \u0026 Mitsubishi

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