whats new on the 2023 land rover
Altair Club Cars Whats New On The 2023 Land Rover Defender 130

Whats New On The 2023 Land Rover Defender 130

What’s New On The 2023 Land Rover Defender 130.

What’s new on the 2023 land rover defender 130. land rover has a brand new addition to the defender lineup the 2023 land rover defender 130. it is now the third available configuration for the defender and it is also the largest boasting eight seats among three rows the move is logical on land rover’s part as competition in the three-row luxury suv segment is

More fierce than ever before right now especially with new players like the jeep grand wagoneer and genesis gv80 gaining a foothold in the u.s market not only that but it completes the defender lineup offering a new configuration and a boost in size to almost any taste while still remaining on the same rugged off-road based suv platform when the original defender

Debuted in the 1980s it had always featured three distinct wheelbase arrangements short long and extra long as such it became world renowned for its versatility and variance of configuration although there’s something to be said about the new defender not remaining true to originals at least land rover has now finally done the lineup justice for the 130 the rear

Section of the four-door defender 110 has been stretched an additional 34 centimeters 13.38 in this increases cargo and passenger space but it also messes with the overall proportions of the defender while the defender 110 looks evenly positioned and well designed from its side view the new 130 has a funky looking rear overhang which leaves a bit to be desired in

The aesthetics department however it’s fair to say an additional third row that is capable of holding three more adults is worth the awkward design the three-row seating is configured as a two plus three plus three setup trim options remain familiar for the 130 with available s c x dynamics c and x levels all borrowed from the current defender lineup exclusive

To the 130 is a first edition for 2023 it is essentially a fully loaded x-trim and it sits at the top of the ladder though starting price has not yet been announced the defender 130 won’t be available with the 5.0 l v18 in the 90 and 110 at least for now this news may come as a blow to land rover and gas guzzler enthusiasts alike but it doesn’t mean the 130 lacks

A new engine offering quite the contrary in fact as land rover is introducing a new configuration of land rover’s p 300 powertrain which in turn makes the 130 more capable than the rest of the non-v8 defender lineup this time the p300 will feature a detuned variant of the standard 3.0 l turbocharged inline 6 we’ve seen in some range rovers and it will put out

296 horsepower with 347 pound-feet of torque a beefier p400 setup of the same engine will also be available and offer similar power output to other applications of the 3.0 liter 395 horsepower with 406 pound-feet of torque both motors feature the same 48v mild hybrid system we expect to see these powertrains transfer over to the defender 90 and 110 soon enough

To replace the outgoing inline four cylinders no matter the engine specification each defender 130 will come standard with the typical 8-speed zf automatic transmission and land rover’s two-speed transfer case all-wheel drive system land rover also says that the air suspension available on the defender 90 and 110 will not be standard for the 130. this increases

Ground clearance from the typical defender by a sizable 7.11 centimeters 2.80 in inside each row gets its own ventilation system and there is an optional four zone climate control available exclusively to the 130. standard equipment includes a 26.04 centimeters 10.25 in infotainment screen and a 28.96 centimeters 11.40 in instrument cluster display integrated

Within the infotainment system land rover is also rolling out their new what three words satellite-based navigation system this system allows defender 130 drivers to navigate to nearly any drivable point of the world within three meters without depending on a cell phone signal also included is a new and improved air purification system that constantly monitors

Interior and exterior air quality with nanox technology that has proven to drastically reduce ambient viruses and bacteria in the air the system features a purge function that allows the driver to remotely sterilize the cabin before driving to ensure optimum air quality at all times pricing for the 130 in the u.s will start at 68 000 msrp for the s model but it

Goes up to 99 900 for the top of the line x three new color combinations are available depending on trim foreign

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