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Altair Club Cars Whats New In The 2023 Lincoln Corsair Luxury SUV? – All Vehicle Changes

Whats New In The 2023 Lincoln Corsair Luxury SUV? – All Vehicle Changes

In this video, Sam from South Hills talks about what to expect from the 2023 Lincoln Corsair. We believe it’s important for anyone interested in the luxury SUV to know what some of the new changes are that they’ll be making from the 2022.

Hey guys what’s up this is sam with south hills lincoln i cannot wait to talk to you guys about this they just released information about the 2023 corsair and in this video i’m going to talk to you about all the information all the changes i did this with the 23 aviator the 23 navigator and the 23 nautilus and now i’m going to make a video about the corsair but let’s

Get right to it i’m going to talk to you guys about everything that i found in the order guide changes for the 23 that they’re making on the corsair all right so let’s talk color shall we link it is going to be adding two new colors to the corsair one of them is called whisper blue pretty name isn’t it and the other one’s called crystal red what really astounds

Me about these colors is that none of the other three vehicles are getting these colors for 2023 on top of this there are new interior colors too that are corsair exclusive just like those exterior colors and i’m going to make videos about all of these colors and everything inside and out when we start getting the 23 corsairs in these colors the first one’s called

Eternal red for one or two or three years now the corsair has had an interior option called medium slate it’s like a light gray and a black sort of two-tone interior they’re replacing medium slate with a very very very so slight that if i didn’t mention this you wouldn’t even look for it let alone notice it it’s almost like a tiny little green it’s called smoked

Truffle it’s a very earth tone sort of gray i think it’s gorgeous i think all of this stuff is gorgeous i wrote so many notes please excuse my raised by doctor’s handwriting here i’m a lefty too that doesn’t really help but here’s a pic here’s a picture of all the notes that i wrote and i never write close to as many notes for a video this is how packed this video

Is gonna be just so you have an idea here’s what lincoln said about the smoked truffle it’s gonna give the corsair’s interior a mid-tone neutral space with medium to dark soft trim accents to create a warmer luxurious environment mind you both of these interior designs come with new appliques so that like pinstripe aluminum or rosewood i think santos rose what

It’s called different stuff like that that you’ll see on the dash onto what colors they’re getting rid of what colors are on the chopping block if you want to call it that they are getting rid of the following people who really really love these colors hold your breath and make sure you’re sitting down flight blue ocean drive blue and you guessed it if you’ve

Been watching our other videos bronze smoke onto the engines some people have said that maybe they’ll be adding one of the engines to another trim like maybe you could get the hybrid engine in the standard trim but they’re getting rid of an engine that engine is on the chopping block just like those colors lincoln’s dropping the 2.3 liter engine option i asked my

Manager why he thinks this might be and he gave me an answer that made more sense than anything that i’ve probably ever been told by anyone that i’ve ever spoken to in my entire life the reason his best guess was it wasn’t enough of a difference in horsepower for it to really make enough of a difference in sales to keep it between 250 and 280 i mean i guess you

Could say it makes sense the nautilus has the same 250 horsepower engine the 2.0 as its standard engine and that jump went from 250 to 335 being a v6 which is an amount of cylinders that some people are will refuse to buy any vehicle that does not have that’s still an incredibly popular option now on to the look i’m convinced that they changed so many things about

The corsair that it dropped its own jaw the corsair now has a bigger grille it looks like it almost goes all the way down the big change on the inside is a big change that a lot of you guys have commented on these videos telling me that you’re waiting for lincoln hopefully they’ll do it for 2023 and they actually listened it’s going to be the sync 4 infotainment

System that means that the corsair is going to come with a 12.3 inch touchscreen on the inside something worth keeping in mind and lincoln has not done this with any of their other vehicles that have sync 4 they’re actually making a smaller center stack where on the 20 to 22s they have the climate audio and gear shift controls they’re really to my knowledge only

Putting the gear shift and it’s going to take up less space my favorite thing about the 23 corsair as you may noticed what we’ve talked about so far and what a couple things we’re going to talk about shortly it seems that lincoln decided that the corsair alone has been enough of a smash hit vehicle that to keep up with the sales of the other ones it didn’t really

Need all those different things that lincoln has been adding to the nautilus and the navigator and the aviator since maybe 2020 or 2021. but what they’re doing with the corsair is they’re adding all of those things in as potential options and more so there are three trim levels of the corsair there’s the standard the reserve and the grand touring which is the

Hybrid each one of them has two levels of equipment that you can get they’re adding a third one to all of them each one of them is going to have a corresponding set of driver assistance and safety features the first equipment collection is going to have the first one the second is going to have the first and second and the third is going to have all three of them

Let me explain to you how crazy this is there are so many safety settings some of which are not in any other lincoln vehicles right now even the navigator as an option and by the way you can get as many as all three of these on any trim level for simplicity’s sake because it seems i’ve made this video more than complicated enough as it is let’s just call them

2.1 2.1 vision and 2.1 drive the notable features on 2.1 are intelligent adaptive cruise control with stop and go and lane centering and more vision which comes with a 360 camera that you can see a bird’s eye view of the vehicle when you’re in parking lots as well as 360 parking sensors all around the vehicle and lastly this is insane people have been saying that

They’re not getting lincoln’s just because the lincoln’s don’t have this as an option drive it’s gonna come with active glide an extremely popular and sought after feature that’s only available in the 2022 navigator and no other lincoln models until now i’ve talked about it and what it does in other videos but the other ones piggyback on top of it this is not

Just activeglide this is activeglide 1.2 i don’t know where 1.1 i guess it’s such a big deal that it skipped over 1.1 lane changing assist people have said that active glide it only keeps straight it doesn’t change lanes that’s a thing now okay in lane repositioning intersection assist and driver state monitoring system for some time lincoln made it an option

An individual option where if you want a sunroof on a new vehicle you can just get a sunroof on a new vehicle as an individual option recently for the corsair the only way that you can get a sunroof at least with a standard is an extra entire package that it comes in exclusively called the premium package that’s not a thing anymore the premium package mind you

Is twice the price of the sunroof that they’re charging now so the sunroof is going to be an individual option no more premium package also something super super cool that some of you may have looked into this a little and they’re like how has he gone this far and not mentioned this the jet package some of you might know that the aviator they came out in mid 2022

With something called the jet package i made a video about the jet package literally everything that it comes with it is a purely cosmetic package but it makes the vehicle on the outside it just really really stands out it’s gorgeous like i said like it’s taking all these updates on the other vehicles and it’s just actually piggybacking on those updates of all the

Other vehicles what they did with the jet package the aviator you can only get it on the reserve trim you can get it on the standard or the reserve corsair isn’t that crazy isn’t all of this really crazy the most significant thing to me about everything i’m going over in this video is that to me it almost seems that the 2023 corsair is almost like lincoln’s way of

Telling us that they’re capable of putting all of these different changes in their vehicles and appearances and technology into one product and what’s important about that is if they can do this with one product they can probably do it somehow with the others but those are all the changes that they’re making in the 2023 corsair let me know what you guys think are

You excited for this thing or what if you haven’t had the chance to drive a corsair give us a call at 724-941-1600 and always ask for sam at the very making of this video you could be watching this and this could be completely not true anymore we do not have any 23s that are on the way it was literally a day or two ago that we were able to start ordering them so

If you’re really interested in one just give us a call again at six zero 724-941-1600 and always always ask for sam or extension five two two i’ll take it from there and we’re gonna get the corsair of your dreams i’m so excited about the corsair i am almost surprised that i didn’t explode in the middle in the filming of this video other than that i’m trying to

Work with as many people as humanly possible so i will pay you for every person who comes in and buys from me saying you referred them if they come in and buy from me and we know that you referred them we will send you a check for anybody who doesn’t want a brand new lincoln we have an impressive pre-owned inventory most of which is lincoln’s and certified ones at

That we have a ford store i can sell through as well new and used and for anybody who lives far from pittsburgh pennsylvania we do deliver but i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe if you haven’t already thank you so much for watching stay safe and enjoy the rest of your day

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What's New In The 2023 Lincoln Corsair Luxury SUV? – All Vehicle Changes By South Hills Lincoln

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