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What Happened To The Hyundai Santa Cruz

What Happened To The Hyundai Santa Cruz? Where is it?

What happened to the hyundai santa cruz well good afternoon everybody and welcome back to rob motive rides first of all you may have noticed that the channel name changed it was robotiv mt for um i changed it to raw motive rides because the channel is going in a different direction you know i got to thinking i have two trucks i have the rob motive channel which

Is dedicated to the toyota tacoma and i have rob motive jt which stands for jeep truck and that’s dedicated to the jeep gladiator two of the best trucks the number one trucks on the road as far as i’m concerned in the mid-size market so i got to thinking you know i had the santa cruz which by the way i love that truck that truck is probably number three for me

Maybe number two uh awesome truck love driving it had great power i have nothing bad to say about it and if you’re in the market and you’re looking for a mid-sized truck i think you should give it a try it’s awesome very utilitarian more of a weekend warrior type truck i think it’s not real heavy duty but then again what mid-size trucks are heavy duty if you want

Something like that you probably ought to go to a full size so i got to thinking you know i love cars too i mean i love everything automotive not just trucks and i kind of missed having a car and honestly on the trip that i took recently it for those of you that don’t know i spent about two and a half months or so in ohio went up there to see family and stuff and

Uh i drove a mercedes-benz when i was there i was able to use one as a loner if you will drove that around and fell in love with it and it didn’t take much because honestly i’ve had a mercedes before i had a mercedes c43 loved that vehicle the only reason that i got rid of it was because we moved from ohio to south texas and i had four or five different vehicles

And i didn’t want to bring all of those was just too much too much to haul so i ended up hauling i think it was if i remember a honda civic sport hatch manual transmission which i really did like a tundra which i really did like and then lastly a toyota tacoma which is my number one you know it’s it’s my go-to vehicle so those were the three that made the cut i

Sold the mercedes and i had i believe i had a corvette too i’m not sure but i sold that one as well just didn’t want to pay to haul all that stuff and honestly i didn’t have enough room for it down here in texas anyway i would have had cars sitting all over the place i didn’t want that not a real big deal for me so anyway back to uh what happened to the santa

Cruz well i traded it you know the santa cruz is a pretty hot commodity right now they’re still difficult to find i get a lot of reports from people that they’re trying to get them they’re having to order them bring them in from different dealers if they can do any of that at all so i thought it’s a good time to make a move because the santa cruz was worth exactly

What i paid for it in other words i traded it in for what i bought it for i didn’t lose anything and when you can do that that’s the way to go right so i traded it in on a mercedes it’s a c6 or a c300 i should say um and i did that as as for trade goes at carmax now there’s a reason i did it that way i had tried and i talked about this on the channel a little bit

Already but i tried to buy the new mercedes c300 because it’s a reef remodel they’ve redone the entire thing even the body a little bit i think it’s a little bit different dimensionally now and i really like it i like all the tech and stuff in it and it’s interesting because it reminded me of the santa cruz the way the screens are set up all of the upscale most

Recent tech that’s inside much like the santa cruz so i didn’t feel like i’d really be missing a lot as far as that goes with the new mercedes however there’s a problem you can’t get them nobody has them like everything else and i think it’s even worse with the mercedes i had talked to a dealer down here in south texas trying to buy one they said that they had one

In production so the short of that is is it didn’t seem like they really did they couldn’t give me any pricing they couldn’t give me any delivery schedule they couldn’t give me anything matter of fact they even moved the model year out to 2023. now this was about two or three months about three months ago so i would surely think they’re still building 2022s but who

Knows i don’t know what their production schedule bottom line i could not get one so i decided to do the next best thing which actually works out a little bit better for what i do anyway and that was to pick up a used one hence carmax i could go to carmax i already knew what the the santa cruz was worth and by the way santa cruz will now give you a value of your

Car over the internet it’s awesome of course they’re going to verify it when you take it in but they’ll give you a price over the internet and it should be valid mine was assuming that you report everything accurately so make sure if you do that you give them the right information i mean there’s no reason to give them the wrong information and then you show up and

They tell you it’s worth three thousand dollars less than the original offer right so i did that i priced it out online thirty five thousand dollars awesome that’s what i paid for it so i then needed to find a mercedes now i decided to go with a used late model low miles and most importantly to me mercedes has a four year warranty and we all know that mercedes

Doesn’t have a sterling reputation when it comes to reliability right so i wanted at least some of that remaining warranty now i bought a 2020 that gives me till 2024. two more years of warranty on that car that was very important to me i wouldn’t have gone with anything older than that because i wanted at least a couple of years warranty and there’s a few reasons

For that we’ll get to in just a second so i found one they actually amazingly had one sitting at the dealership down here in south texas it was the far carmax if you’re familiar with the area far is a city in south texas so worked it all out went there test drove the vehicle of course loved it i love the mercedes anyway and uh and made the trade pretty simple pretty

Seamless very easy to do and by the way one thing i do want to mention about carmax that i really wasn’t aware of myself if you find any little issues with the vehicle there are things there were they will fix a couple of things on the mercedes that had a little chip in the windshield shield they filled that it was no big deal and it was missing the tire inflation

Kit i wanted that since it doesn’t come with a spare i may add a spare to it i probably will but i wanted something so that i could get out of a pinch if i needed to you know i know a lot of people will say well you should have aaa or something yeah but you still have to wait on the side of the road i did not want to do that so the direction of the channel is going

Towards more upscale cars or at least cars anyway my thought is is to work my way up in the mercedes line maybe some other lines i don’t know yet until i get to the pinnacle of whatever it is within reason i mean i know mercedes has like a gazillion dollar you know super type car i’m not really interested in anything like that but i do want to move up the chain next

Will either be a coupe 300 simply because i like it that’s a two-door and then we’ll go to the c43 which i have had in the past but not a new one and then most likely a c63 because i really like that one too aka auto vlog thank you very much for that by the way it’s really your fault uh so that’s the plan we’re going to kind of step up in vehicles we’re going to

Go towards cars we’re going to go with cars on this channel things you can do to them of course mods and things there are surprisingly a lot of things you can do with a mercedes-benz to improve them both aesthetically and performance wise and we’re definitely going to tackle those there’s a few things i’ve already done so anyway i just want to get on here kind of

Let you guys know what happened to the hyundai santa cruz it’s been traded it’s been traded for a c300 mercedes-benz sedan check out the channel i hope you’ll stick around i do appreciate you guys being here this is part of my process and i really hope you’ll join it and stay with me as we go through it you never know what might happen in the future anyway leave a

Comment let me know what you think and yeah if you’re leaving i would be curious to know as to why and if you’re staying thank you very much i really appreciate it and i hope you’ll check out the future videos i do have two additional channels rob motive all about toyota tacomas and rob motiv jt all about the jeep gladiator check them out and if you’re interested

In those please consider subscribing thanks for watching lots of exciting things to come here stay safe bye you can see the writing on the pavement your kids

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