what extra features do you get o
Altair Club Cars What extra features do you get on the Premium Santa Fe #hyundaisantafe #phev #premium

What extra features do you get on the Premium Santa Fe #hyundaisantafe #phev #premium

In this video we look at the extra features in the premium Santa Fe PHEV compared to the executive version

Hey there everybody brian here from fitzpatrick’s i just want to show you in this video the difference between an executive plus and a premium specification in the new hyundai santa fe plug-in hybrid brian’s my name and i just want to show you this one here this is an executive plus model this one here is a premium model the executive pluses seem to be at the time

Of the video a little bit easier to get and we weren’t expecting the premiums to come in uh if you want a detailed video just about the santa fe plug-in hybrid this video here will give you a full tour about the specification on the executive plus and it lots to tell you about how the car runs how to charge it and basically everything you need to know to find that

Video simply just type in doolin d-o-o-l-a-n and santa fe phev something like that into youtube and it’ll come up as one of your first results in the case of this video though what we’re trying to do is just show you the differences between this executive plus and this premium and to be fair at a glance on the outside they are pretty much identical cars there’s

Four features i’m going to show you which should help you decide if you think that the premium is worth the extra at the time of the video for the price difference between these vehicles which is about two and a half thousand euros all the stuff that’s on that you couldn’t possibly buy it for two and a half thousand dollars but by the time prices change and all

That kind of stuff this could vary and maybe the time you look at the video slightly different um but there was a time where there was a foreground gap between these and even at that i still thought it was worth it uh this car here has just arrived in it’s got some protective stuff on it that’s why there’s all these bits of trim and stuff around us that are not

Cleaned off yet and i want to leave it like that because it’s currently in storage but anyway first thing is you have a large roof part of in my roof is a sunroof so it’s actually a large panoramic group so if you look inside the likes of this one here which is executive plus marble roof whereas this premium actually has this large panoramic roof so from a style

Context sometimes people actually like the fact that panoramic roofs actually have a black roof from a style point of view but really from a pragmatic point of view first of all you have a cover so you can still treat it like the normal one by just leaving the cover over but if you want then small button there that’ll release the cover backwards and then you end

Up with this absolutely massive roof so just give you an idea from the back here when you’re sitting in the car you have all that light coming in on top of you and the same when you’re sitting in the cabin in front okay the other thing is some people hadn’t realized and they’re surprised by if i click it so the first one i just tapped it backwards but if i click

It back it actually opens into a proper sunroof as well like any panoramic group there’s only so far that can travel but even if there was no glass behind there this in my opinion would actually still be quite a large sunroof so that’s the first difference the second difference between the two vehicles is okay so it’s a blind view camera so just not too confused

Santa fe’s have this blind spot indicator so when someone’s on your blind spot over here that actually lights up in the mirror just to warn you that there’s somebody there that don’t indicate out into them because you might strike them on the left or right but what i’m talking about actually is a blind view mirror so if i go left sorry right even or if i go left

Nothing happens on the dashboard in the executive plus on the premium however and i actually nev like i’ve seen this feature in the states and other cars but i never thought we’re going to get it in ireland but on this premium model there’s a blind view monitor which is using this camera here and using your dashboard when i hit the right indicator it’s showing me

In here what’s displayed on that camera that was in the wing mirror or similarly if i turn left and you know what like even a simple thing like that they could have just put into one side but it like it gives you a real kind of subconscious idea that this is my right hand side and this is my left hand side and it’s really really clear as well so again right hand

Side over on the right i mean how cool is that and left hand side over here so my camera’s not picking it up very well it’s much clearer in real life but how it works there’s a wii camera here on this wing mirror and then the same on the other side there’s another camera over there um that is a feature i’ve never had a chance to use in a car yet i’ve always been

Aware of it because i’ve seen it on hundreds and stuff like that over the years on hyundai’s but i just never thought we were going to get it in ireland but i think it’s really really cool and that’s definitely going to save somebody an accident someday when they’re changing lanes so very very cool blind view monitor the next difference between the two cars so

Executive plus here has a normal tailgate so i open it and i close it manually quite really cool in that premium and actually you know what any color is nice in the santa fe um so this one’s got a power tailgate so what i need to do is hold and i’ve got a tailgate that actually opens all by itself which is really really cool and then if i want to close it back

Down i can press the wii button here and it closes back down again i’m sure of course if i want to be super cool what i can do is get this hold it i hope and similarly hold it again so there’s two ways of using the power tailgate like what we’re saying i think the premium is really good value for money when you add up those things okay the fourth thing is there

Is a monitor for when you’re reversing which gives you a complete surround so in this case i am going into reverse in an executive plus so it’s giving me a camera along through here there are some settings i can change as to what way i want the camera to be but essentially when i’m moving i have dynamic guidelines here which move around i have this section here

Which is obviously visual and then this section here which is giving me a map as to what’s uh causing me a problem for parking around me and by the way i have to point out this video is not beating down on an executive an executive plus is a savage car uh it’s just this is the premium that just gives you some of these little extra bits so this one has a surround

Monitor which means if i go for reverse so you see what’s going on over here now what is happening here is i’ve got the same screen here okay slightly more uh options so like that’s making uh use obviously of the blind view detection that we’ve already seen i’ve got the normal setting like i had on the executive plus or this one looking straight down or if

I leave in this kind of normal one then over here i’m going to close the door and just show you it does make it easier for me because you see it’s giving me a trajectory of how i’m getting into the space i will say there is one limitation on these kind of cameras on a dewy morning where it’s really wet and stuff like that obviously these cameras get covered in

Water so they do work better in the dry and just to show you where the cameras are of one back here which is a reverse camera obviously we’ve seen the ones that are on each mirror up here and then there’s one more underneath the hyundai badge down here so again it’s just giving you that peace of mind when you’re backing in between things that you have a better

Idea that you’re not going to hit anything because let’s face it these are a big vehicle so anyway there you have it there is premium premium santa fe and this one here executive plus so brilliant car already and the other video like i said here we’ll show you all about that car we’ll actually show you all about how these two cars work and all the other features

That are standard or this video is just to show you what you get extra when you go for premium anyway hopefully the video is useful brian’s my name is patrick’s garage club nordica there thanks for watching if i missed anything in the video or you want to know something else let me know in the comment section below thank you

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What extra features do you get on the Premium Santa Fe #hyundaisantafe #phev #premium By Brian Doolan at Fitzpatricks Garage Kildare

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