what do i think of the new maser
Altair Club Cars what do i think of the new Maserati Granturismo

what do i think of the new Maserati Granturismo

I express my opinion on the new Maserati Granturismo Fulgore. For copyright reasons I didn’t use the fotage, but you can see the Maserati Granturismo reveal on Maserati’s official channel.

Hello everybody i’m adrian and today i’m going to talk about what i think about the brand new maserati gran turismo fulgore but before let me just talk a little bit about my 2014 maserati granturismo so i think one of the my favorite parts about it is the the driving emotion and it starts as soon as i fire this thing up so it just makes such an awesome sound

So the new maserati in fulgore that reveals kind of like a soft revealed we didn’t really get much information we still don’t know what the interior is going to be like but uh so let’s talk about what i think about the exterior so i like the car and i think that’s got a lot to do with how similar they made this gran turismo yeah so the new gran turismo has a

Lot of similarities but we can see that it incorporates the new maserati front design that we can see on the mc20 on the new gray kale but yeah as far as the looks of it i really like the car i think it looks great so now let’s talk about the new eb so we kind of got to hear some of the sounds so i i like the sounds that it makes at least it’s not like that

New uh dodged that got released so so yeah the new um maserati gran turismo fulgore it does make some interesting sounds um so we can hear the the motors as um because they were driving by in that video and i think it’s all right but um i still prefer like the sound of my gran turismo they’re naturally aspirated uh to me the sound just adds a different

Driving emotion but um let’s talk about the horsepower though on that uh electric car 1200 horsepower so but this is your safety time is 2.6 seconds yeah that’s very fast so i gotta deposit on the new corvette z06 and that one’s supposed to do a 0 to 60 of also 2.6 seconds but the co6 will have 670 horsepower so to me something is not adding up how does a car

That’s got 1200 horsepower and also it’s electric with a electric you can you get advantage of that instant torque so really that car should have a 0-60 time of under two seconds and then another thing is they said he could do over 200 miles an hour unless it’s geared really high but i don’t see why it would be something that’s meant to go over 200 miles an hour

Really needs to have a good aero package a lot of downforce for stability so something so those numbers to me don’t make sense but uh maybe it’s the way they geared it maybe that car’s really heavy but uh they are coming out with a gasoline version i assume they’re gonna use that uh that v6 from the mc20 and if i was gonna get one that’s the car that i would

Get but personally i like my gran turismo uh it’s a great car i like the sound the the driving experience but uh once we get more details of the new gore i’ll make another follow-up video but right now it’s kind of hard to give it a true definite opinion but so far the looks of the car i like it and the sounds of the electric motors i think they sound good so

Maybe interior driving experience who knows but uh but yeah so far i think it’s a it’ll be a good car and then we don’t know the price yet that’ll also add into the it’s my opinion of it but i assume it’ll be more expensive than this grand turismo so another thing uh for me i mean i i’m sure the the electric one will be more efficient but when i drive my gran

Turismo honestly i never really thought about the fuel mileage and um this car actually has a what they call an ice mode which is supposed to be economy mode i’ve never actually used it but i might just uh go ahead and make a couple videos on the fuel mileage of this car because honestly i don’t even know and then i might make another video on economy mode just

To i think that’ll be interesting because i’ve never even used that

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what do i think of the new Maserati Granturismo By Corvette Dude

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