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Altair Club Cars What Do I Think About 2022 RAM 2500 LIMITED 4X4 MEGA CAB is it Better than 2500 Sierra ???

What Do I Think About 2022 RAM 2500 LIMITED 4X4 MEGA CAB is it Better than 2500 Sierra ???

just got this 2022 RAM 2500 LIMITED 4X4 MEGA CAB wanted to make a quick vid to see what is all the fuss about … we have this on the lot if you are interested in it we can deliver to all 48 states .text me to know more information about this Bad boy … DM me or text me ….

What’s up guys hey i wanted to make a quick video of this dodge 2500 cummings diesel this is a limited edition i want to see what’s all the fuss about we just got one in here and i don’t know let me see i’m gonna see how i like it i wanted to make a quick video show you the interior show the exterior see why these so popular man you can’t get a hole get your hands

On these so i wanted to make a quick video this one’s actually all right it has a lot of accessories so let me show you around show you the interior maybe go a little ride see how it goes but this is pretty all right not no at4 but it’s all right all right here we go so that’s the exterior you got the grille guard your back i actually liked it when i was walking

Up i locked unlocked it and it actually unlocked the back saddles so that was something nice you don’t have to worry about people stealing stuff in the back because it blocks automatically 4×4 let me show you the interior all right you have the automatic here we go let’s go inside i do like the stitching has a lot of details in it you got some stitching they

Took dodge come up it’s come up i didn’t know they used to make the bicycles that’s where they came from so let’s go inside and see how it is first you look at this big screen show you the backup cameras 360. the reverse side mirrors look at that side back up so if you’re hauling something so that’s kind of nice you have all all of it here dual ac i do like

This you have a lot of you can close that up this goes up this goes up and if you’re not using them use it maybe set your laptop set something right there eat lunch if you’re out there in the whole field need a little place to eat your food this cubby has plenty of room and you still have some room right here that’s pretty nice i like it i like it all right

The screen is really nice there’s the interior of it let’s say the system’s pretty good better than both it is gonna be a carmen carhart i think that’s how you pronounce it i’m not a dodge person so here we go i did like the the back of seats here let’s go back there and look you got plenty of room some come with little ice chests down here you lift that up

With your eyes chest this put this down this one go down that would go down you have a little cubby hole back here and then you got your jack over there so it’s nice that’s nice that’s nice something different all right and let’s go work our way on the back you got these rims black guy that’s that’s i can dig those i’ll walk i’ll drive around on that okay you

Got the back right there i kind of like that you’re gonna get to the top if you need to jump off on there and you’re kind of short like me you can kind of get your way in up here all right roll away bed cover you can unlock and lock or put the tailgate down with the fob so there’s the fob start it up this is limited so it has everything on there all

Right guys from one to ten i don’t know it’s like a two three i’m just joking uh i dig this i think this it’s pretty nice all right guys all right well if you want any other vehicles do a walk around if i get it put it in the comments i’ll take care of it um this dodge is all right all right guys see y’all later bye

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What Do I Think About 2022 RAM 2500 LIMITED 4X4 MEGA CAB is it Better than 2500 Sierra ??? By Dreams in Driveways

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