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Altair Club Cars WEIRD? 2021 BMW X6M Competition Review

WEIRD? 2021 BMW X6M Competition Review

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Foreign 2021 bmw x6m competition with launch control okay yeah it’s pretty quick foreign torque 617 horsepower 553 pound-feet of torque from a twin turbo 4.4 liter v8 okay so this is pretty much exactly the x5m that we drove previously yes and we absolutely love that vehicle so i think the main thing we’re going to focus on to start this off is the looks but

Before that we are at toronto motorsport parking because you get to do that launch turns out they did some open lapping in the snowy conditions and now the whole track is beat up so that’s why we’re not really going to be sending it on the track yeah but enjoy this track footage that we leisurely took but we are going to head onto the road for the actual portion

Of the review other than the launches right before we get to the looks let’s just floor it into the looks so much torque yeah she’s quick man okay x6m versus x5m x6 is the slopey version x5 is the normal suv version i think everyone can agree the x5 looks better than the x6 yes and i think this is all of the worst parts of what an suv shouldn’t be okay but it does

Kind of look interesting and i always like the previous gen x6m in that cool uh laguna seca blue or whatever it is with the red interior i don’t know if you can actually get that yeah no that was this cool combo they’re probably not laguna sec it’s something like that it’s i forget what the color combo is but anyways uh looks wise this does have slightly different

Stuff at the front end very slightly yes very slightly like but it still looks pretty much like an x5m and then the back is like we’ve got the different tail lights and it’s like a lot higher load floor because we don’t have the split fold like we did in the x5m yeah which totally sucks but we’ll get to the box test later and from the side view you can definitely

See that slope and while it’s driving from these awesome drone shots that i filmed at toronto motorsports park cayuga it does look pretty sick especially all blacked out in this paint okay so this is frozen black which is a almost five thousand dollar option you can’t take this through car washes that have wax in them because you can’t wax this yeah so we didn’t

Clean it for this video because we couldn’t verify whether the local car wash had wax or not that’s awesome cool i mean cool rich people stuff you pay extra for so many different things in this card to just handicap yourself and make it just so much more difficult to live with okay but what’s weird about koopy suvs so say you have a sedan like the panamera okay

If you have the normal one you’re considered normal if you have the turismo sport sport tourism or tourism then you’re considered a little extra but in suvs if you have the humpback one which is like an almost den you’re considered a little extra and if you have the wagony one then you’re considered the normal totally disagree because i think the regular suvs

Come first because well i don’t think that i know that because the x5m style came before the accident nobody’s got a coupe suv before they’ve done the normal suv correct so that’s why the regular normal one in suvs is the more functional normal suv style so we go by whoever came out with it first yes okay and if you like the looks of the x5m more than the x6m

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And don’t forget to use promo code tsp 150 for 150 additional entries back to the car so after looking at all those photos of that x5m this isn’t as good looking as that is it no this is hideous in comparison okay but speaking of hideous bmws i i kind of still like it the spec of this is as x6m as it could ever be we’ve got carbon fiber and red inside black and

Red everywhere with this paint i can’t see anything that’s more x6me than this no this is definitely an x6m type of person type of spec it’s just it’s so ridiculous like the fact that you have to pay five thousand dollars for paint that is so much more of a hassle to deal with you also have to pay extra for the x6 over the x5 to make it even more useless because

It also holds less boxes box test different box test okay so we didn’t box this this one because we box test the last x6 and nine but we did all these cool drifting shots with it and showed some boxes so shout out to all our box test members yes and is it pretty easy to drift yes it is actually yeah yeah but you have to have it in four-wheel drive sport or else

It gets a little understeer drifty yes because i accidentally started it in four wheel drive and it definitely understood more than in four wheel drive sport which definitely sends more power to the back and then after a while the diff is going to get angry at you because this isn’t a car even though it’s coopy yes just like we experienced on the x3m and x4m on

The racetrack where the diffs were overheating because we were trying to drift it so to hand off the looks this or a gl e coupe or a porsche cayenne coupe cayenne coupe all day i think gle that’s the worst i like that like chrome trim that comes all the way around okay yeah good boys good boy gang i got 500. we got 500 on the bottom so i was telling you earlier i

Saw one gle coupe 63 sending it it looks so dumb the tires are so fat it just looked like this diaper thing driving down the road i get why you like it yeah yeah i saw a photo of a pt cruiser coupe version have you seen that no it actually looks pretty sweet does it yeah does any prowler or pt cruiser or anything look pretty cool yeah that chick drove up to one

Of the bachelor like okay so before you drive let’s talk about the actual handling and all this kind of stuff because it does handle pretty well considering its size we did like the x5m this is basically the same i can’t feel the difference other than the sidewall of the tires being a little bit fatter because we are on winter tires so the wheels that we have on

Here are not the regular competition specs but these particular ones look pretty good for winter they do and if you wanted some continental tires what would be the continental recommended tire for the x6m beautiful suv the conti sport contact 5. and earlier you did say that this is x drive so this does hook up pretty well conditions we have track no issues today

It’s great all-wheel drive system everything about all the bmws are generally really good exactly except i have one complaint about this one which i had the same complaint in the x5 and i think you did too this is definitely stiffer this is a competition so you do get stiffer suspension you can change it from going comfort sport and sport plus but even in comfort

It is noticeably stiff it’s not i’m barely stiff it’s just noticeable yeah and we got all those cool modes to change everything through our setup button here and then we can program everything through our little cool triggers on the steering wheel which is the best yes and then we also have the my mode button which changes your gauge cluster and stuff like that

Yeah if they added a little dial to it i think that would really top it off i’d like that just some pre-programmed modes but this is also kind of cool it’s just like the cool bmw thing just having the red buttons the m1 and m2 is perfect and this is an eight-speed auto it does shift pretty quick it’s a zf unit as we love in basically every car so i feel like

I don’t really need to explain it anymore like if it has a zf8 speed it’s a good transmission and it’s a good car we get a little bit of that but not like too much and then like i’m pretty sure we got some gnarly pumped in audio on this yes we do which is a very x6m guy thing too yes and we do have a button for that so you can vary it so you just turn it on or

Off it does sound pretty good from the outside let’s take a listen from the outside all right and last complaint before you drive the driving position so i complain that the driving position of the x5m was too high this one i feel like i can actually get the seat lower but when i get the seat to the lowest point i feel like the steering wheel does not drop low

Enough until tilt down yeah exactly so i just can’t get comfortable at the lowest position so i have to raise my seat to compensate okay and then here’s my argument for the manufacturers they’re not setting it up so that you can go lower and feel like more race car they’re making it so that the tall person who wants to spend their money can drive it and you’re

Just trying to take advantage of that tall person’s extra bit but in other cars that i’ve driven i have never experienced the fact that i can’t lower the steering wheel to accommodate the driving position from the seat look i get it but i’m pretty sure it’s because they just want tall people to buy their cars too but i’m a tall person no that i would actually be

Tall anyways if i bought this i’d be a little upset because i can’t get to the optimal driving position but let’s get you into the optimal driving position in the driver’s seat reminder for every potential x6m owner out there traction all the way off we we need to have it into manual shifting motor sport shifting mode with the full speed and four wheel drive

Sport floor it even though your manual it would automatically option holy x67 that was my best x6m guy impression i like this guy i think this car is super cool like especially when you’re just flooring into dumb looking coupe car oh it’s definitely dumb looking but this can do 0-60 in 3.7 seconds in optimal conditions which is not what we have today but

It can still hook up very well today yeah even hooks up in like when it’s wet damp kind of frozen like all thanks to all-wheel drive yeah and even at this track like look at the condition of it everyone had fun on the weekend i wish i was there for that would have been good but whatever like yeah let’s go on to the road though and we haven’t asked you guys to

Subscribe in a while so if you’re new to the channel consider subscribing thank you i like this car i like the speed i like interiors of bmws so much i got into this and i had no panic no stress i’m like it’s the same thing in all of them i know what it is connect to the bluetooth so that i can have my wireless apple carplay my phone fits right in that charger

The resolution is insane yeah it looks like the map’s painted on it even has android auto which is also wireless like i i do really like bmw interiors now and does your iphone 12 pro max fit in this wireless charging thing yes it does yuri yes it does and then i did also try to get the steering wheel lower so ah you are 100 right there see but maybe some crash

To safety readings that’s why they couldn’t something something the x5 was totally fine i felt that the seat was too high but now i think they lowered the seat in this but didn’t adjust the steering column to compensate for that okay so we have the old style shifter which is confusing we always put in neutrals like left right up down left right left left yeah

Surrounded by gloss black no big deal still easy to control you’ve got the hey bmw stuff you’ve got the hand controls which are super cool so we’ve got the hard buttons here that you can program stuff to the volume knob it has siriusxm and it has jump back not time shift so you don’t have a dedicated time shifting that you could set up to one of your things with

One of the subscribers message me on instagram and i did a walk through with his bmw to try to figure that out and we couldn’t figure out a way to set up time shift like you could in his old one because he really liked being able to go left and right with those hard buttons what’s up yuri i’m in my 2021 m550i with version 7 of i drive from bmw i used to have a

2017 that had i drive version 6. now version 7 isn’t really that great of an upgrade the problem is that you can’t use these hardware buttons anymore to rewind or fast forward satellite radio if you want to do that you have to click over to the right and click on jump back and the problem is with a soft button is that you can’t really do that while you’re driving

You have to take your eyes off the road and that’s just unsafe now at least it rewinds satellite radio i have this other car over here never gets driven literally because it can’t rewind satellite radio womp womp womp rewind gang proof that i’m not the only one who’s obsessed with this rewinding stuff and then we can also set up our car play projection to one of

These hard buttons as well yes except i couldn’t figure out how to do it because i just got the phone in car play which goes to my favorites in apple carplay not the map okay so click home up and then once we have carplay here now i tried that it’s some it’s oh no okay okay now here’s it see here it is for everyone out there if you want your carplay to go to one

Of these buttons you go down to communications and then car play i also tried that i literally tried everything can i just try this real quick yeah okay so with the phone connected i think we go down to communications and then see phone and carplay that’s what i did right there well i figured it out before what was it oh i’m telling you mobile devices i couldn’t

Find a way to do it maybe there is apps you go to apps apple carplay and then you hold it ah you got it does anyone remember this yeah that left with finished spinners no that left with um ali g oh yeah so i can do that snap thing but you know what i can’t do with a whistle oh i’ve whistled like twice in my life can you whistle it’s very poor whistling but i

Can’t but you also like can’t snap your fingers sometime like because my fingers are always dry yeah so are mine right now anyways what else do you want to talk about in this car okay back to the car yeah we got the thing that looks at your eyes so we’ve got the lane keep and uh traffic jam assist nice and slow speed it’s all pretty good but it does kind of

Move around a bit like every other bmw but it’s not as bad as the alpena that i remember i think this is better for some reason and then we’ve got parking assist so we can do all the cool automatic parking and then we also have the backup assist so it’ll reverse you out 50 meters of whatever you drove in unless you slip on snow or something first then it cancels

Everything it’s like nope this is not a variable we know it’s not comfortable cancel yeah it’s all the same tech in every other bmw that we’ve driven so watch all of our other bmw reviews for more deep dives in every individual video there’s like portions of everything if you watch our x5 review that covers all this current tech not our x5m then we’ve also got

These cool seats do you like them are they comfy yeah they’re actually really comfortable and we should probably do a peel subscription break because these are still fresh foreign and then ambient lighting we’ve got the same old bmw clue colored ambient lighting and we got the cool ambient lighting sunroof here okay and then we do have baby shades in the back

Or since this is an x6m would they be called peasant blockers bro they’re always peasant blockers baby shades baby shades no baby time’s coming bro yeah it is but they’re still peasant blockers babies don’t want to see peasants like my baby doesn’t okay in here but then how about the room in the back seat it’s actually really good the slopiness does not affect my

Headroom at six foot one and a half and then box test we already did that but i don’t know if we showed the trunk so here’s a picture of the trunk and i think that’s everything all right so i’m sitting here at bmw returning this car after a full week with it and there’s a couple things i realized number one the suspension’s too stiff yuri also agrees with me on

That number two we actually forgot the visor test three two one full pass also the passenger side passes i also check that and the cup holders check this out so that’s a medium tim hortons that passes and a small mcdonald’s that passes they are heated and cooled and finally the box test sort of should probably get to the price it is more than an x5 in comparison

This starts at 133 000 canadian and this one is optioned out to 160 600 so you pay more and you get a worse overall functional vehicle yeah but getting a worse functioning vehicle is part of why you pay more it’s like i’m paying more to show how how much money i’ve got you are correct that is the thing that people do okay but i am not one of those people i okay

If i had to pick well i guess i am i have a stupid rap that’s like useless if i had to pick between this and the x5m i would have to pick the x5m but i would applaud and be happy for anyone who would pick an x6m over this i can get behind that because i 100 would never consider that myself i’m proud of you for the xxm but i think i would take the x5n and what if

You wanted to win an x5m to enter for your chance to win a 2021 bmw x5m with twenty thousand dollars in the trunk go to the spray pipes and use promo code ts 60 150 for 150 additional entries and remember every donation benefits a great cause

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