we take a spin in the 1000hp fer
Altair Club Cars we take a spin in the 1000hp Ferrari SF90 / The Supercar Diaries

we take a spin in the 1000hp Ferrari SF90 / The Supercar Diaries

The Supercar Diaries #31 / Ferrari SF90

Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the supercar diaries oh i can just imagine what’s going on in the commenting section but give me a minute this is the sf90 it is ferrari’s first for everybody production hybrid supercar we have to say this is a serious supercar hyper car it has all that performance but in here you can also have the best world

Of luxury yes we have the la ferrari but the fella ferrari was limited to a certain amount of numbers this car is available for everybody that has the money to put that down there is something that both of these have in common they can really go ape on the track the speed is insane but then the sf90 can do this now the reason why i say front wheel drive is

Because this car has got three electric motors and two of them are placed at the front which means it can drive in an all electric mode you’re hearing all kinds of noises because there’s no thundering v8 at the back in a totally silent ferrari ferrari says you can get about 25 roughly kilometers when you drive it nicely with the battery by itself and there’s

More electric in this car not just those motors got electric steering it’s got electric brakes which means between the brake pedal and the actual brakes there’s only a wire and a computer no physical connection probably mostly use it when leaving the house early in the morning not to wake up the kids all the while but since this is a ferrari let’s throw her into

Life oh you’re asking yourself who’s doing what what’s electric what’s combustion what’s the relationship between the two and are they understanding each other you’re experiencing expecting enjoyment in my face when trying to figure out this car this hybrid car with a 3.9 liter twin turbocharged v8 engine wait for it that has been bored into a now four liters

We said really lying down in the bosom of this car i’ve never seen a car with an engine placed so low and that four liter twin turbocharged v8 produces 770 kilowatts by itself and the electric motors combined will give you 230 with a whopping mind bending nose hair pulling out of your mind thousand horsepower that it will give you to all four tyres thank the

Lord for that through an eight speed double clutch gearbox zero to 100 2.5 seconds six 200 seven top speed three hundred and forty the speed is insane i feel that it’s a little bit longer than the f8 but i can’t say for sure it’s mostly because of the elongated nose and the fact that it has a sort of inward slant in the middle section it also has the same s

Duck a inlet system in the front similar to the 488 pista chasing that air over the bonnet over the car this car obviously working the aerodynamics to 400 kilograms of pressure at about 250 kilometers per hour which is a really good thing side slip angle control that ferrari offers you as well just making sure that the car stays properly in a straight line and

When a drift comes that obviously she doesn’t misbehave i mean this is a stock standard version it’s a base model which means there are hardly any exciting bits on this this is about as bare as you ever gonna see an sf90 what do you guys think about the look on this car now the front lip of this car i think could do with a little bit more carbon fiber also these

Fins on the side this little bit over here but i think all of those things are going to happen once we get our fingers on it on the top side of the hood just underneath the window there’s this black portion over here not in the ferrari 812 super fast we have um a carbon fiber section that fits in nicely under the on the ferrari f8 as well let’s talk about the

Wheels what do you guys think about the wheels in this car i feel that they almost a little bit small i feel this car could do with a set of different wheels just a different look i loved what we did with the f8 and that grey with the golden rim suppose this car can look equally awesome if it had the same i love the fact that it has a really strong encouraging

Red breaking calipers i look super sexy obviously clamping its teeth onto those carbon ceramic brakes moving on along the side just look how much space there is between the top of the wheel and the wheel arch it’s just it looks like it’s going to climb a pavement and that really should change nice large mirror so you can see who’s behind you could add a touch of

Carbon there in my humble opinion then you’ve got this sort of machined mesh on either side of that and similar that you have on the 488 pista there’s the cavity in the back of the car for the airflow above that of course this sort of winged area where also the spoiler is an active spoiler to give it even more down force when it comes to the atmos rear of the

Car you can see the two center tailpipes on each side coming out just looking i mean typical for ferrari and i love the fact that they are quite big even on this very very standard one there is a big diffuser at the back of this car i really think that would look fantastic in carbon fiber as well right at the back looking at it from the backside you can see that

This car has different taillights now our sf90 might be a hybrid but she still has that four liter twin turbocharged v8 resting really deep in her bosom so we obviously want to know how loud is this engine in stock form 105 from a 4 decibel not very loud i think that plane is nearly louder very very lively there’s a lot of the job that the driver is actually

Doing is being taken over the car’s doing the thinking for you however great that might be you sort of asking yourself the question whether that’s not maybe a little bit of a pity the ferrari’s always been a driver’s car but right now it feels like there’s so much computing in place maybe some of that’s been taken away now the interior of the sf90 has been totally

Redesigned it’s a nice touch of leather i love the red stitching the seats look really really great i absolutely love this duct over here with the sort of honeycomb look at the back looks like a an air vent over here the emblem engraved into the leather there stitched this beautiful prancing horse and then this alcantara bit with the red sort of accents just

Really love that and one of the big things they’ve changed is making things more digital now the big screen over here has got a 16 inch touch screen they’ve kept the iconic big center piece uh that of course a lovely looking scree also slightly caved in there so you can just see through the steering wheel now the steering wheel by itself we have to say is also

Totally been revolutionized a brand new steering wheel for the sf90 and it’s got get this touchpad you can now scroll around and activate and deactivate various things by simply touching areas on the steering wheel even the start of the engine is now merely a little light that you can touch then that four liter twin turbocharged engine will jump up into life

The mandatino switch is thank god still a manual one which you can turn here but then there is quite a sense of occasion going up on your digital display over here which is so exciting i love it when a car makes a bit of an occasion from selecting your different driving modes and here with the manatee switch you have that i’m not 100 sure about the touch pads on

Here i think the steering wheel is a very emotional thing it’s an aesthetic thing something you touch and maybe if you’re doing a longer journey and you’re not racing you want to just rest your hand somewhere in the wheel you might eventually just brush over something and who knows if you maybe activate or deactivate something paddles situated at a perfect position

Good rake and reach the seats are comfortable at least from the amount of time i’ve spent in this car one of the great things ferrari has done with the sf90 is they’ve really given us this gorgeous gear selected that harkens back to an era where we had manual shifters probably that’s a really really nice touch and then just under the sf90 stradali logo over here

You have another screen similar to what you have in some of the other ferraris where your passenger can see all kinds of information about how fast you’re driving and so on and so forth and try not to throw up so this looks like a zippo let me just do my cigar there my ferrari cigar yeah not not that exciting it’s um it looks very valuable don’t want to drop it

They’ve moved this right down over here in the center and you can really place this key all the way in there and it rests firmly in that cavity but here’s the problem i can’t get it out it’s really quite the task to get it out i can’t get it out let us know in the comments what you guys thought about this car what you thought about the looks on it about the way

It goes what it sounds like and as we said before do let us know what you think we should be changing on it we’d love to hear your comments if you haven’t yet subscribe to our channel and also follow us on instagram at novidegroup or me personally at pianocock i’ll see you guys in the next one ciao

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