we sold our 2017 porsche 718 box
Altair Club Cars We SOLD our 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster after 6 MONTHS. And here is why..

We SOLD our 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster after 6 MONTHS. And here is why..

If you watched a couple my videos in the past i’ve definitely hinted at this topic a couple of times but this is the full video you guys have been waiting for i’ve been getting comments i’ve been getting questions i’ve been getting asked uh why are we selling the boxster and this is that video i’m gonna explain all the reasons behind it some a little bit of backstory

About why we’re doing this and uh yeah let’s get straight into this video this is chef’s tech cars and i hope you guys do enjoy this video uh before we get into some of the reasons about why we are getting rid of this car uh i want to admit i want to go over with a little bit of an overview of this car real quick just really quick one for all the new people watching

This video if you are new to this channel and if you if this is the first time seeing my face on your screen consider subscribing i’m trying to make youtube my full-time job when i’m older and i really really really will love the all the love and support from you guys second thing is if you are wondering for all the porsha purists out there that are watching this

Video if this popped up and you’re recommended or something no it was not the car that we there was is the reason why we’re getting rid of this car we love porsche as a company i love porsche’s accompanying we think that their cars are amazing the quality is amazing the engines everything about them is amazing um so it’s not the car that uh it uh is the reason

Why we’re getting rid of this car it’s not porsche is a company it does nothing to do with porsche at all for all the reasons we’re getting into this car anyways let’s go quickly to the overview over your overview real quick we bought this car in march of 2021 so not even that long ago uh seven months ago to be to be exact uh we bought this car um and mainly we

Bought it because my mom really wanted a convertible she’s been talking about get looking at the audi a5 she hasn’t really looked at the porsche to be honest with you but after we stored our my grandfather’s two out of the seven boxers for him over the winter since they don’t have a garage um my mom drove it periodically out through the winter just so to get all

The fluids going just so the engine stays healthy and she really liked it i mean she loved it she said that after the winter i’m gonna go out and buy myself a boxster and that’s what she did at the time of buying this car there really wasn’t a choice on what what what there was out there march was the start of what is now known as the chip shortage and there

Weren’t a lot of these out there at all so there were three of them actually those this black one there was a silver one and there was a a graphite blue one they’re all at different dealerships across massachusetts there were three of them like no not three in their price range no there were only three of them like for sale they were in very high demand at the

Beginning of like the summer as winter was going away they were really really in high demand for some reason the three she chose this one and should we still think to this day we got such a good deal on this car um we bought this car with only 19 300 miles and we paid somewhere around mid 50 grand for the car that is a very good deal considering a lot of them now

With all the chip shorts are going over 65 000 which is just absolutely insane this car out throughout the summer and now we get to the point we are now it’s currently october and now we’ve made this decision about selling this car let’s get into the few reasons about why we’re selling this car and let’s start off with the biggest one yet and then i’ll go slowly

Down and that is the practicality of this car now as you can see this car only has two seats and that works really well for obviously a four or the family of that’s three a family of four people now yes i know we have three cars and yes we don’t really drive this that much but hear me out for just one sec on the warm days my mom likes to drive this car as much

As possible she wants to take in all the the roof down she wants to obviously it’s a summer car obviously and with this car only having two seats it that makes it really hard to drive one car over the weekend you don’t have to kind of go back and forth between so if my mom wants to carry more than four uh what more than two people in the car she has to swap over

To her audi suv which again again it isn’t a bad thing but it’s kind of pointless for mainly why i bought this car is for all of us to have fun in it and again with not with it not having four seats for us it just seems kind of pointless now you may be wondering why did we go with a two-seater in the first place well number one is that the boxster is significantly

Cheaper than the bigger brother the 911 and when going into having a porsche we’ve never owned one before so if whatever reason we didn’t like it then then guess what it isn’t the most expensive model that we’ve gotten ourselves into and the second thing was that during the time there were during the time the uh when my mom drove the boxster she really liked the

Boxster so she thought two seats may work a little bit better than uh may may work with our family compared to the four seats over the summer we did take advantage of the two trunks in this car that’s right this car has two trunks one up here and then one in the back which i’ll show later but uh we took advantage of the two trunks and that’s one thing we actually

Do really like about this car the two trunks so that’s practicality out of the way let’s move on to the second reason why we’re getting rid of this car that is mainly the specification of it um of this car we’ve never owned a black car in a very long time and when we did own a black car we didn’t really like it and literally when we got into this thing black on

Cars is the best color and also the absolutely worst color like ever obviously one awesome thing about black is that when it is clean it literally looks like a black mirror it is amazing but when it is dirty let’s see when it is dirty you can basically see everything on the car now this car was i literally just cleaned this car a couple days ago but i mean you

Get the point it’s dirty so obviously black kind of basically shows everything it shows mainly all the wear and tear on the car it shows all the dirt it shows all it shows some scratches on the car in when we bought this car it was it was owned by someone in new york city it was owned by someone in manhattan which kind of explained why this car kind the paint had

A little bit of a little bit i would say like a hard life so we had to spend a little bit a little bit of money doing a full paint correction in a full ceramic coating right after we bought the car so now the paint it looks like a black mirror it looks great and there are zero swirls in it which is awesome i mean it literally looks like a black mirror you can see

My reflection hello but i mean it looks great now i do one thing i actually do love is all the black wheels they these this person powder coated these wheels and i have to say i’m never going to own a car with black wheels when i’m older reason is that so i don’t know if that’s just powder coated wheels or if that’s black wheels actually if you guys are comment

Down below if this do black wheels get this dirty or if they’re just like the powder coating material that’s letting them to get this dirty this is all brake dust that is literally crazy and then the presenter powder coated these red brake calipers we’re actually we actually do love the red brake calipers but mainly it’s just the black on the black wheels on the

Black interior which don’t get me wrong it does look really good i mean i love the speck of this car but it really wasn’t what we wanted we really wanted chalk which is a color uh that porsche made but there were no chalk boxers at the time and uh we had to get what we could find and this was the one that we found so it has a black interior and i mean this car

Is very well equipped it has the 14 way power seats it has there’s a fedex truck coming up the street it has the ventilated seats it has sporting the sport mode so i mean it’s a very nice spec overall this is we didn’t it isn’t really what we like wanted we had to get what we can find at the time and this was what we found but we really did enjoy this car a

Lot and uh going disregarding the color and everything like that in practicality we really love this car mainly the two big reasons why we’re getting rid of this car again they may sound kind of stupid practicality and whatever and the color and the spec is the reason why we’re getting rid of it it sounds really stupid i know but uh you but there’s kind of a

Little bit more to it when we did buy this car we didn’t really kind of think it whole through we just kind of bought it sight unseen and we we really learned that we love porsche and everything we but this just isn’t the car to keep for the long term and this car has been awesome we we’ve been to a bunch of pca events in it um we’ve been to a bunch of car shows

In it and we’ve had a blast and i have nothing but to say for positive things about porsche as a company and everything about porsche in general we’ve absolutely enjoyed this car and it’s really going to be sad to you know i mean let it go to a next owner the car has indeed sold this is actually our last week with it um but it’s definitely very saturday night

And we did have fulfilled a lot of memories with this car and i’m definitely going to miss it a lot maybe wondering you may be wondering what is next after this car are we getting something else are we just selling it flat out and the reason why i’m not as disappointed as i should be is that this car we’ve this car is getting replaced by something else we’ve

Bought a replacement for this car and it’s pretty much pretty obvious about what we bought but that will be unveiled next week when we do pick it up but uh that is right we we went to the dealer yesterday we finalized everything and we bought a replacement for this car which i am super excited to get into because i mean putting them side by side this is this

Car specifically is probably the one we really should have bought in the first place but this is a kind of this the boxer really got us warmed up with the porsche community and have owning a porsche and a type of maintenance you have to go through because now we can really step up to um something that’s even better than this i hope you guys do enjoy this video if

You did smash that like button comment down below what you think the the car we bought was and uh click the thu and click the bell so make sure all your notifications are are turned on so when i upload a new video you guys can know when i upload uh a new awesome video that is it for this video thank you guys so much for watching see you guys next time and peace

Out uh and to enjoy the last little bit of this video before i roll the outro uh i i put together a little bit of a montage uh even though we’re getting a different even though we’re getting a different car i put together a little bit of a montage of all the fun awesome memories and moments with this car throughout my youtube videos throughout the car shows we went

To um uh over the last seven months so hope you guys enjoy that and i’ll see you guys next week see ya perfect porsche sports car whether that’s a 911 where that’s a 718 boxster or 718 the thousand dollars brand new and uh after options you can find these uh brand new for around 70 to 80. come check this out 300 horse of power speed 177 an

Hour this car has sport exhaust you

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We SOLD our 2017 Porsche 718 Boxster after 6 MONTHS. And here is why.. By Shep’s Garage

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