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Altair Club Cars WE RACED FOR 0,000 (Lamborghini Huracan STO vs FERRARI 488 PISTA)

WE RACED FOR 0,000 (Lamborghini Huracan STO vs FERRARI 488 PISTA)

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Yeah you ready for the race today i’m ready today we got the ferrari 488 pistol versus the utica stl it’s about to be crazy you think you got it i think i got it yo two of the best track cars out right now so let’s face make sure you guys like and subscribe comment down below who you guys think is gonna win yo what are they doing yo why are you guys taking so long

To get ready to race we’re taking so long you guys are taking so long that’s why i’m playing my favorite game right now warm up your car come on yeah man let me eat my breakfast too you guys gotta get hit bro rage shadow legends you guys haven’t played that before not yet not yet yo it’s free download it right now so you guys have seen lord of the rings yeah you

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The story now you can play as them they’re just trying to survive and build themselves up like we are on our journey in life yeah most important thing guys you’re missing out download this game for free and if you want to get ahead of the game click the link in the description you guys get one free character his name is verges that’s why i’m wearing this right

Now he’s a high elf i like the high elves guys those are my favorite guys click in the link in the description not only do you get a free character named verges you guys also get 200k silver one xp boost one energy refill and one energy shard so you can unlock more characters so unique bonuses worth almost 30 dollars all the treasure will be waiting for you right

Here let’s go you guys get ahead of the game right now rank up and let’s play maybe we’ll meet online click the link in description guys only available for the next 30 days and only for new players get your chance right now but it is addicting guys best game right now go download it link in the description go download it all right let’s face definitely going to

Play that game after this race good luck lucas thank you let’s bet some money on the race definitely going to bed a couple thousand let’s do it let’s go well today it’s the battle of the italians lamborghini versus ferrari who’s gonna come out on top some of the most beautiful cars track focused here right now high horsepower lightweight let’s talk to

The racers really good this is a legendary race right here both the best track cars for each brand for our 488 pista woodacon sto it’s about to be crazy like and subscribe guys it’s crazy how you feeling feeling hydrated feeling good i love racing as you guys know this is the sto made by lamborghini we got lucas in the ferrari 488 pista uh he’s got a fast car

I think i know who’s gonna win but you guys gotta wait and find out so i’m not saying it’s me but you have to watch the video to find out so all right let’s do a rub off all right let’s do it yo let’s do it all right let’s do one it all right sounds like the cars are ready we got a v10 versus twin turbo v8 let’s see what happens both cars do amazing on the

Track today’s the drag ship and roll races obviously i’m gonna go with the piece to brother i’m gonna go with the pista but man i know that the lamborghini is very light too so it definitely launches pretty fast at the end they have to see when the power is going to push down you know yeah we’ll see what happens all right and they got to make sure they don’t

Mess up their shifts too because every shift counts ready to race let’s do it all right no commentary looks like he’s in the zone no commentary from him i heard there’s money in the line too yeah there’s money on the line how much i’m not gonna say really yeah that sounds like it’s a lot bro yeah are you guys ready my god foreign whoa the lamborghini the

Lavender kitty took it what i think he was catching though i think he was catching towards the end towards the end he did catch up but at the beginning just like i predicted i said the lamborghini gonna take off first because it’s lighter i didn’t say that he’s smiling no he knows bro he’s like what the sto took it off the launch i think at about 120 something

Miles an hour the pieces started to uh pull so yeah my prediction was that this will take off first just because it’s lighter i know the piece that has a 2.5 launch very fast launch when i race it with my 720 but this time you got off the line quicker so and guys keep in mind thank you cyrus and guys keep in mind the performante was all-wheel drive this is

Rear-wheel drive too so the sto is fast naturally aspirated they both wave on the same horsepower but i mean i did slip off the launch but i’m gonna creep up let’s see how the next one goes maybe i won’t slip this time we’re gonna run it back let’s do it you ready lucas yeah i’m ready raise number two you ready are you ready hmm oh my gosh all right that

Was a good race that was a good race once again the takeoff was pretty much dead even and at about 110 i was looking at the dashboard 110 is when it passes you so much adrenaline right now but this roll race coming up hopefully i don’t leave the shift this time uh you got this let’s go that was a better one that was a better one guys yeah that was a good run bro

That’s pretty accurate how fast did you go i think we went up to actually 150 really 140 it’s a quarter mile yeah you beat about like three car lengths i mean yeah it’s okay it’s a 10-second car too so this is crazy all right number two foreign how was it that was a great that was fun that was fun italian stallions are pretty pissed off yeah and shout out

To the camera guys cyrus and marcus that was a movie bro every time we race fast cars the lifestyle you guys killed it but this is a lot closer to the pizza than i thought it was gonna be i’m not gonna lie yeah i’m pretty sure because it doesn’t have the all-wheel drive system it’s so much lighter now you can just take off yeah hope you guys enjoyed the video make

Sure you subscribe and most importantly drive safe and dm us on dobre cars on instagram if you want to challenge us to a race and be featured in one of our videos hey fast cause the lifestyle be safe out there let’s go pay up pay up pay up pay up pay up all right the chain’s good enough for me i’ll give you the presidential it’ll appreciate more in value all right

Thanks bro right there a lot of comedians all right let’s get it

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WE RACED FOR $50,000! (Lamborghini Huracan STO vs FERRARI 488 PISTA) By Dobre Cars

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