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What’s up youtube so as you can see man it’s another day we’re back we’re here once again we’re back we had a lot of dealing man today is friday it’s almost been a week it’s almost been a week since we’ve been carless since we sold the lexus yes it’s been a rough little battle but we’ve been missing good cars coming too late a day late dollar short they’re selling

Fast so we wanted this pacific tesla so today we’re here at another dealership another one i’ll let y’all see it real quick so y’all can see what’s going on here got the white interior got the black wheels um they got these captain seats in the back it’s locked oh it’s locked yeah so once we get the key we’ll let y’all see yeah so we uh yeah man we’re trying to

Get this one right now we smashed over here when they said they had yes we’ve literally been to dealerships every single day this week like from monrovia to glendora to i mean hermosa beach like it’s been crazy so the way to your we’ve been we’ve been all over the city yeah it’s been a crazy crazy week but we wanted a particular style we wanted like captain seats

We wanted white interior you know there were things that we just didn’t settle on black wheels yes so we finally got our first ev and we are approved yes so we are super duper excited um to be you know finally i’m just happy to have a vehicle because yeah them last few days been a little rough we’ve been praying we’ve been reading our bible we’ve just been like

You know just asking god to guide us in the right direction because we didn’t want to make any moves you know or settle for anything that we knew we weren’t going to be happy with so shout out to god and jesus and uh because they’re the truth and yeah so um like charles said once we get the keys we’ll give you guys a little tour of the car we still have to clean

It up and stuff so yeah or we might clean it i don’t know i don’t know they’re busy yeah we gotta go we might have yeah get it cleaned up have a special person come to the house yeah clean it up for us wax it up for us make it look real nice yeah and now we have to get the charging system yeah we got to get one of these at the crib so yeah that’s gonna be our

Next thing we gotta get our charging we gotta order it from there so if anybody knows anybody in the la area that installs these comment below yeah or if you’re electrician yeah if you’re an electrician hit us up man that can get us in like this week this coming week that’ll be great because we definitely are going to be looking for that all right so yeah man

Y’all stay tuned brother and uh sisters and we’ll be right back peace yes room so is it just one key um so using navigation is very simple you hit navigate you type in the address you want to go to and it takes you there very simple this is a push back so if you want to close it just push it back one time perfect touch the screen this is all through

Google by the way so it’s very easy to learn so fan to your attempt click the fan you can control the fan speed music is there scroll it off so it’s showing approximately 176 miles depending on the way you’re going to drive it you go somewhere far grab that scooter all the way down if you need to go to a charging station get the lighting bolt right here it’s

Going to show a list of all the supercharging stations you know i’ll show you the closest one yeah it’s all right there four point miles 5.7 click the one you want to go to or watch you there you just easily pull in um if you want to you open the chart hit open charge board or on the actual charger itself there’s a little button you can push it and it’ll pop open

It’s always on your left side tail light by the way it’s on the side oh it’s a button you got to push either you push it here or you push it on the clicker itself on the remote oh you can’t just push it with your hand you can do it you can double tap it okay double tap the corner it’ll fly open you can set up driving profiles you can set up your home garage link

Everything’s automatic your locks your lights don’t ever have to do anything there you do have adaptive air suspension for best ride quality dussel recommends leaving it to a standard setting but if you need to lift the vehicle up you’re gonna go like a steep driveway you can lift the car up you didn’t have to just off the floor um front defroster defrost volume

Button is here also a volume on your type there connect your phone all right guys this is the whip man we need this for the kids man our family is growing as y’all can see so we got six in our family and this is a six seater so that’s what we needed well actually we got five because one of the kids he don’t even he don’t even hang with us no more y’all stay

Tuned we’re gonna keep you all updated with what’s going on next in our lives it has it right now we are ev owners we’re entering into the tv world man so this is what it looks like this is what it feels like we got to get with the program and get technology and get where the world is heading the world this model that black one right there so i’m gonna

Get two evs man it’ll be done i don’t need no more eps after that gas is too crazy all right guys so charles just gave you guys a tour so we’re about to get out we got some stuff to do and some money to make so we’ll be paying for this car but yes i’m super excited super grateful for my husband and yeah we have entered into the ev world so i’m super excited

There’s a lot to learn about this car so i will be on youtube all day and i’ll give you guys updates about it as you know we learn about this card

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