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Altair Club Cars We Get A Ride In The Electric 2023 VF 8 – What Is VinFast & Where Did They Come From?

We Get A Ride In The Electric 2023 VF 8 – What Is VinFast & Where Did They Come From?

To become a #VinFirst pioneer and take advantage of some special perks when you purchase this vehicle by the end of the year, be sure to visit: to reserve your own VF 8 or VF 9.

So i’m here on the first floor at the new york international auto show at the eevee test track where manufacturers like nissan kia chevrolet volkswagen volvo and of course vinifass are allowing attendees to experience their new all-electric vehicles for the first time now i’ve had a chance to drive most of the competing cars however i haven’t had a chance to ride

In or drive a vin fest as you guys know vin fast is a new eevee startup company based in vietnam and they are coming to the us by the end of this year so in this video we’re going to take a ride in the vf8 and we’re also going to find out what vin fast is all about and what they plan to offer in the u.s market so before we get out on the test track i want to

First tell you guys a little bit more about vinfest because you’re probably wondering what the heck is vin fast well vinfast the name is technically an acronym for a vietnamese word now don’t ask me what that word is because i don’t speak vietnamese however the the vinfast group or the vinfast brand was founded back in 2017 by the vin group now vin group has been

Recognized as one of the most dynamic successful and well capitalized companies in vietnam with an abundant portfolio of successful brands now when vin group established vin fast in 2017 they wanted to compete in the international automobile sector and just last year vinfast announced that they plan to launch two all-electric premium suvs designed for the global

Market those vehicles are the vf8 and the larger vf9 which is a three-row crossover so vinfast had some pretty great success in vietnam however they are a very new brand here in america and just as early as march of last year they solidified their commitment to the us auto market with a brand new 2 billion manufacturing facility which will be built in north

Carolina so right now vin fast vehicles are built in vietnam but eventually by 2024 a plant in north carolina will be built that will have the capacity to produce around 150 000 vehicles annually so if you’re wondering what vin fast is about well the vinfas approach encompasses three main philosophies that’s exceptional craftsmanship service and affordability

Craftsmanship of course deals with the build quality both the vf8 and vf9 are a premium suv that feature a design aspect from world-renowned italian auto design firm pininfarina in terms of service vinfass aims to focus heavily on the customer experience both before and after their purchase with world-class customer support service and warranties speaking of

Warranties this vehicle will come with a 10-year 125 000 mile full battery componentry warranty that’s actually one of the best in the industry even better versus brands like hyundai and kia which typically lead the market in warranties now affordability is also one of their top pillars and to do that vin fast is going to be introducing a really unique feature

Which is a battery lease program this battery release program is either going to be fixed or flexible and it essentially allows you to make a payment toward the battery pack depending on how you plan to actually use it for those of you who drive less you can choose a flexible rate or for those of you who drive more you can choose a fixed rate what that basically

Means is you can pay for the miles on the battery and if the battery capacity drops below 70 percent of its usage which can happen after a few years vin fast will actually replace the battery free of charge that is an unheard of offer in the industry and it should help customers who are weary of trying out their first electric vehicle because it kind of takes away

The stigma of having to actually shell up money up front for a new battery pack once these vehicles are driven for several thousand miles so now that we’ve talked about vinifast’s three main philosophies if you’re interested in becoming a vin first pioneer vinfest has a couple of special perks for those of you who want to be an early adopter now first of all you

Guys can go to the link in the description below for 200 you can actually reserve this car and be able to take delivery by the end of this year now with that um 200 reservation if you guys actually purchased the car vinfast will send you an e-voucher that e-voucher is good for the final purchase price of the car that’s only if you guys actually do end up taking

Delivery so in addition to those e-voucher perks vinfast will also include a couple of exclusive perks for those of you who want to be an early adopter and it’s a pretty long list so i need to pull out my phone to read it but essentially when you guys purchase this vehicle and you’re one of the first they will throw in a free vinfast portable charger they’ll also

Include their hands-free driver assistance tech because remember electric cars also want to have all that great hands-free tech vinfast will throw in that package free of charge for those of you who want to be an early adopter and this one i’ve never heard of in the industry you’ll also get a free seven-day vacation package at a vin pearl resort which is a luxury

Five-star hotel in vietnam airfare is not included but this these perks are included with the purchase price of either a vf8 or a vf9 vince vinfast claims that this pioneer package for vin first is valued between 13 to 15 000 so now that you guys know what vinfast is all about and what being an early adopter is all about let’s go ahead and go out onto the ev test

Track because i want to see what this v8 vf8 is like to ride in so welcome to the inside of the 2023 vf9 or vf8 actually we’re here at the ev test track at the basement of new york international auto show and this car has 402 horsepower which means it uh it definitely goes and i’m riding shotgun here of course in the vf8 this is the first vehicle to come to america

By the end of this year i have to say uh for a car company that’s never been in america just sitting shotgun here this thing rides really nice it’s super smooth also like the powertrain all feels smooth the there’s no obviously it’s electric so there’s instant torque and the seats are also really comfortable and they surprisingly also hold me in place really well

The tech in this car also like the tech i am shocked with this 15.6 inch screen it’s got things like wireless carplay and android auto and the just the feel this thing feels heavy and it feels really premium and that’s really hard to do with some of these electric cars that are coming out that are based off of economy vehicles but i have to say for vinvas’s first

Attempt this car is going to be in the us by the end of this year and this is the first model that’s coming i have to i have to admit this thing is going to sell a lot i really think that uh it’s the right size for a lot of americans it has good power and as long as the range is like right around the 300 mile mark i think people are going to be really shocked

When they see these on the roads the kias are like screeching the tires can this do that too if you really punch it uh yeah i guess if i held the brake you know i have to because i’ve driven the ev6 the only thing i haven’t driven is the aria on this lineup but uh but no this thing feels really nice it feels like substantial like a premium car yeah i’ve been

In it since about seven seven thirty this morning i’m super comfortable okay and yeah it just feels great now as an electric vehicle startup company vinfast doesn’t have to deal with some of the constraints that some of the legacy auto manufacturers have and after seeing both the vf9 and the vf8 i’m pretty impressed with what vinfast is coming to america with i

Mean we have a design philosophy that is unique to the vehicle that looks really interesting especially in person we’ve got interiors with a lot of premium materials good craftsmanship and a lot of great tech i wasn’t expecting an infotainment system quite to this caliber with the wireless car play and after spending some time riding along in the vf8 this is the

First mod to come to america at the end of this year it should be a hit especially with over 400 horsepower a lot around 300 miles of range and the dc fast charging capability but that’s i hope you guys have enjoyed this video where i take the vf8 out on the ev test track and we talk about a little bit of the history of binfast if you’re also looking to see the

Latest cars i’m testing be sure to follow me on instagram redline underscore reviews like us on facebook and as always guys please keep subscribing to the redline reviews youtube channel for all the latest reviews thank you so much for watching i’ll catch you all in the next video you

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