we drive the new volkswagen id b
Altair Club Cars We drive the new Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo

We drive the new Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo

For those considering the switch to electric power for a work van, the Volkswagen ID.Buzz Cargo is sure to be on your shopping list. Due to officially debut later this year, it will feature a 77kWh battery and rear-wheel drive. We’ve taken a pre-production model for a brief test drive to see what we can expect.

Volkswagen wants to reinvent the transporter the van the boss whatever you want to call it the original bully it’s called now the ide buzz cargo so our first chance to drive the id buzz cargo is in this pre-production format that explains all the sorority paint on it now you’ve got a plumbing business and you like the look of it i’m sure volkswagen will oblige

But today it doesn’t really matter too much what it looks like and most people won’t buy this because of how it looks they might like the image but most of them will be just watched because they want to go electric now volkswagen tells us that they’re going to try and price it so it is competitive with existing diesel fans it might even come out at about 50 000

Euro sounds like a lot but bear in mind that the capacity it’s got a range of probably 400 kilometers or so and the power output there’s a motor in the back 150 kilowatts which is 204 horsepower there’s plenty of gold it’s got an amazing turning circle actually it’s got a lot going for it it’s all very well what it looks like with swirly paint and everything we’re

Here to drive it so i’m going to go out and drive it and tell you a bit more about it our first drive was at the wheel of the 90 bus cargo which is actually the bad version so you can see the bulkhead here behind me this one has a window into the back but it doesn’t feel like a van from behind the wheel at all it’s really quiet it’s really refined wrist wheels on

The board actually the noise suppression is really good it also shows the biggest impression suppression just rides nicely i mentioned earlier initially the audiobots would come with the 77 kilowatt hour battery pack from the id4 and the engine console and with that we expect a range for some of the models are at best by 450 kilometers now there is also talk of a

Bigger battery version coming in the distant future we don’t really know a lot about that just yet it’s immediately obvious it’s just how smooth it is cruising along it’s very smooth very comfortable and it feels like there’s plenty of really preserved so while it is a bigger vehicle than the likes of the id3 and the id4 um it doesn’t feel like it’s lacking in

Terms of performance and ability it does feel like quite a different vehicle a larger vehicle but it’s a worse quality the id buzz cargo will come with quite a few different options it’ll fit two euro ballots of course and then there’s various other options like you can fit through through loading underneath spinning which configuration you have and various

Options as well for racking rails i have it in the b mode for extra brake energy regeneration mode and it’s not it’s not a very strong effect actually it is similar to the i4 but it’s not identical so that’s our first look at the id buzz cargo if you’re in business and you’re looking to go electric whichever way is let’s face it it’s going to make a really

Interesting option really looking forward to seeing how it’s priced you

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We drive the new Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo By Complete Van

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