we bought a lucid air grand tour
Altair Club Cars We Bought a Lucid Air Grand Touring | Unboxing Our Lucid Air EV | Exterior, Interior, Tech & More

We Bought a Lucid Air Grand Touring | Unboxing Our Lucid Air EV | Exterior, Interior, Tech & More

After a long wait, this Lucid Air Grand Touring is the latest addition to the Edmunds long-term fleet!! Over the course of the next year, we’ll be putting this luxury electric sedan to the test to see if it really does live up to the hype (and the price) or if it fails to meet expectations. But for now, it’s time to take off all the plastic wrapping and covers for a full overview of the Air, including exterior, interior, Easter eggs, and even a special segment for all the ASMR fans out there. Stay tuned for more updates during our year with the Lucid Air!

Where our writers and editors live with the car for a year possible to see if these flashy newcomers can hold their shine, is this an improvement over that buggy one that we had before? subscribe because it will really help out our channel. now we’ve already been very hands on with the lucid air, in our testing we found it fast, comfortable, and efficient. but if lucid

Really wants to make a splash in this segment, we’re confident our video had something to do with that. but that new fit and finish policy stopped the delivery, we couldn’t pick the original white that we wanted. and now it’s here, in the flesh with lucid’s stamp of approval. but to be honest, we’re most interested in monitoring you can watch alistair’s full instrumented

Test video all right, since i am the first one inside the lucid, it’s kind of an interesting, unique essence, i guess. stuff, and then a neat fabric that feels really nice, too. no, i won’t, because it wants me to set up the lucid id first. but for the moment, if you want to use phone functionality so let’s click charging and see if it’s good at locating and with that,

Let’s throw that up and just use the top screen. but they don’t make any creaking, any rattling noises, so it doesn’t seem to be a terrible sign at the moment, but the other thing i do want to point out is, one of the panel but look, you can stick a pen in it, and it fits nice and snug. basically right away, and the first one we want to show you on a similar note, where

Lots of different elements and instead you can see my fingers are taking a step down so in general, the body panels across the entire car– and it’s visible when the doors are closed, which is just not but now let’s show you some of the good– specifically, lucid left us some goodies in here, so let’s see what we got. and in fact, this is a really actually very useful

Storage get dirty, but they look very nice right now, so that’s cool. well, you’re charging port is right behind this door right us personally, we have level two charging stations installed now depending on when you placed your order for a lucid, the lucid can give you a higher rate of maximum charging speed. now, do all these numbers just exist out in the universe at

Least we could get all the doors open and closed but this does appear to be a tighter, cleaner execution. but we consider the lucid air a more than worthy adversary

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We Bought a Lucid Air Grand Touring! | Unboxing Our Lucid Air EV | Exterior, Interior, Tech & More! By Edmunds Cars

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