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Watch This Before Buying a B9 Audi SQ5

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What’s going on everyone welcome back to another video i’m eli this is my 2019 audi sq5 and today i’m going to be talking to you from the perspective of someone who previously owned the previous generation of this car and what you should know before you go and buy one of these guys my old video five things i hate about my sq5 has 54 000 views that means 54 000

Or roughly that many people wanted to know what i hated about that car now if you watch that video a lot of my complaints were super minor now a lot of you have actually already asked me this question which is hilarious this is the biggest thing that’s made an impact the mirrors on the b9 are smaller and they are lower than the b8 and a half sq5 if you remember

That was my number one complaint on the car you could literally get pedestrians lost in the line of sight because the mirrors were so gigantic now are these actually smaller i don’t know but there’s positioning on them where audi has put them down and a little more to the left where there is a gap that you can see through to see your local friendly pedestrian now

In the video i also went on to complain about the seats and that’s one area that we should really focus on for the b9 versus the eight and a half because that’s one area audi really stepped it up and i talked a lot about the seats in the five things i hate video um the previous generation sq5 had a two pc just like this but my 2013 s4 had these sweet single piece

Almost like bucket style seats and i was really wishing the audi had put that into this car now these seats i don’t feel like are missing as much overall styling as you were when you stepped from the eight and a half s4 to the eight and a half sq5 because i think they designed these really well i mean i’ve already mentioned the diamond stitch but just the overall

Way that they uh put these seats together is is a really really nice package it’s really comfortable for road trips and i’ve been really happy with them so i haven’t even thought about that bucket seat the way that i had in the previous generation sq5 now one thing i do miss about the previous one is i had alcantara seats in that one this one is black leather and

If you know anything about hot days out military does not heat up nearly to the extent or retain heat the way that black leather does moving to the back you can see i have this guy in here now when i previously made this video complaining about the rear seat space it was because we were using a rear-facing car seat so the front seat had to be way way forward like

Your knees were basically touching the dash if you were sitting in the car this car does not have much more room there’s not more length that they added to the b9 in fact i would wager that they’re almost the same length i’ll look it up one second a 2017 audi sq5 is 183 inches long 2018 is 183.9 inches long so there’s 0.9 inches of difference in the total length

Of the car and i can guarantee you that did not go to the back seat because this back seat is still very small now thankfully my little man’s in a forward-facing car seat now so his legs can hang down as opposed to having the car seat back that you really couldn’t push back into so if you need a little more room in the front in the front seat you can ask him to

Put his legs down but compared to my s6 which was a much longer car are he had a ton of room in the back interesting to note it’s something i forgot to mention in the previous video when i was talking about the rear seat space there is more than enough room for an adult back there it’s just when you get the car seat in you start to limit the angle of where people

Should be sitting that you run into the overall restriction of space back there so no problem if you want to put five adults in this thing you’ll have zero issues it’s only when you start getting the car seat involved and especially big chunky car seats that you run into the uh the rear seat issues here’s an interesting one for you the question of should you buy

This generation sq5 or should you buy the previous one a hard argument to make for the b9 in some cases an easy one in others um if you’re looking at pure overall performance if we take into account price the previous generation sq5 with about 50 000 miles at the time of me posting this video is between 32 to thirty five thousand dollars this generation with

About 50 000 miles is between 43 to 45 000 so you’re carrying about a ten thousand dollar premium to step up one year from a 2017 to a 2018. if you look at the 2019s or 2020s that price goes up even further if you had let’s say forty five thousand dollars to buy a car you could either buy this car completely stock or you could buy a beat and a half sq5 you could

Put it on coilovers for about i’d say 1500 bucks you could get a set of wheels and tires for it for three thousand dollars we’ll say so we’re at forty five hundred you could go dual pulley with a fuel pump a heat exchanger and intake the jhm test pipes the jhm baffled and counted downpipes i tune and a tcu tune for about six i think the number i worked it out to is

Like 6400 or like 6800 or something like that so you’re now in an sq5 that runs low 11 second passes on ethanol uh the e40 file from integrated engineering i went 11 3 at 119. um it looks good because it’s lowered and it’s on wheels um and a car that like really rips and and drives really well or you’re in a completely bone stock b9 sq5 now which one are you gonna

Have more fun in unless you’re just commuting if you’re doing anything else other than commuting you’re probably better off buying the eight and a half with that budget that said i believe there’s a lot more headroom in this car and i say that because someone just went on the stock turbo with a fuel pump e85 a downpipe which i don’t think has any power on these

Intercooler intake etc someone just went 11-6 i believe now my best time with all those mods that i mentioned before was 11.3 if we’re looking for all-out speed um the b9 is probably a better generation to be exploring and it’s also probably worth noting that the people who are buying the b9 are going to be a different crowd than the people are buying the b8 and a

Half for the most part um i think i think at this point the people who are buying the eight and a half would are the people that are going to be spending that money on mods and the people who are buying the b9s are a little bit more conservative and not necessarily willing to go as deep into the car right away if you’re making a pure value per dollar argument the b8

And a half takes a cake nine times out of ten now is this a nicer place to sit stock for stock probably does this ride way better because it has air ride yes the the b8 and a half stock ride is abysmal but remember in that budget we’re doing coilovers and wheels so you’re solving your ride problem because you’re going to put a nice set of coilovers on it and those

Will ride mint stock for stock where this car excels and again it’s carrying a ten thousand dollar premium you can get the sport package which has the air ride and the sport diff the sport diff and the air ride were both not options on the b8 and a half you get the factory car play which i think is is way more useful than people give it credit i find myself using

Carplay almost every time if not every time i’m in the car the looks department i’m kind of a toss-up on the two i need to put a proper set of wheels on this and put a real rear bumper with real exhaust tips on it and then i can really gauge it but i’ve seen some really nice looking versions of these and i’ve seen some really nice version look inside the eight and

A half so i think it’s kind of a toss up there now would i go out and trade this car in for eight and a half sq5 tomorrow the answer is no one because i’ve already experienced the the b8 and a half sq5 but two because i really like this car i think it’s a really nice package and i have no reason to take a to take a step back back to the previous generation but if

You’ve never owned either of them i would and you’re an enthusiast and you’re planning on modifying it i like it’s a it’s a really hard argument to make right now for the b9 from a performance standpoint and a value per dollar standpoint now what’s the one major caveat to this video it is that i haven’t driven an eight and a half sq5 or been in one since i sold

Mine other than my boy duckies i drove it very briefly so my memory of mine may be a little bit tainted by all the good times that i had in that car and how much i loved it i could very much drive one tomorrow and say wow this car is leaps and bounds better but based off of my memory of the car and how it feels i would say they’re both pretty similar they both

Are fantastic all-around cards and if you’re set on buying a b9 this is a this is a damn good car you’re not going to have an issue with this car but if you’re torn on the idea of which generation sq5 you want and you can get past not having the newest thing the eight and a half sq5 makes a lot of sense for the money this compared to a lot of other cars the value

For value per dollar there it is again is way higher this is a freaking good car but if you compare it to the previous generation that’s about ten thousand dollars cheaper for the same car i would say there’s more value in the b8 and a half sq5 with that said let me know your thoughts in the comments let me know what you guys think about these two cars my buddy

Fernando picked one up we’re gonna tune his to stage one and we’re gonna compare this stage one versus that one we’ll do some drag racing we may do some mexico runs and we’re gonna get the cars next to each other i’m gonna give you guys a full walk through but for the time being i wanted to put this video out so that people who are shopping for a b9 have a little

Bit of information from an owner’s perspective who’s on both those cars either way whatever sq5 you buy you will not be disappointed these are fantastic all-around cars arguably some of the best in audi’s lineup for a an all-around daily driver um and man i i just love this thing i love this i love my previous generation i really love my f6 but it’s a different

Kind of love it’s like a not practical love this is like a you can get in it and drive it every day kind of love so anyway let me know your thoughts thank you guys so much for watching go out there and spread some positivity and i will catch you guys in the next video i’m out of here

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