washing and detailing a 2015 acu
Altair Club Cars Washing and Detailing a 2015 Acura TLX

Washing and Detailing a 2015 Acura TLX

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Foreign all right guys well that intro that i did record the other day was actually from a couple days ago i uh what happened was i started to get everything ready and it ended up downpouring everywhere so it’s like i think like two days later and finally to give this 2015 acura tlx a wash now as we work our way around as you can see it’s pretty dirty up

Here there’s some road chips and i think i need to order something to like i found like this like detailing thing that i should be able to uh i should be able to get the uh things out pretty well we’re gonna be getting this thing pretty much a good wash inside and out so let’s get it all right here we go got all our products i think i actually just have to

Go over and grab towels but uh yeah here we go these are all the products got the at the soap we’re not going to be using the squeegee i’ve learned not to use squeegees with washing cars and some more stuff for the wheels um yeah i think these would all be for wheels and i’m not even sure what this is dilution bottle but i don’t know i don’t know and then

Here we got the soap so let’s go ahead a little bit of soap into here should be good all right let’s do this oh i’m also forgetting the most important thing and that is the fingers washing the car with here we go it’s i know this is definitely some type of microfiber kind of thing it actually came off of this but i don’t like using the full things because i

Kind of do it by hand and then i got my gopro body mount right here that i’m going to use um for when i’m actually washing the car and get some good clips as well as i think a time lapse too on my phone oh uh me is um i don’t know what it is but i always find it that hoods and bumpers are always harder to clean i think that’s just because like

The road grime and stuff is mostly there but pretty much got this whole thing rinsed off now i gotta dry it and i can’t forget about the wheels but i showed it in the wheels first and especially got the door jambs those are most important i would not wanna look at a car a very clean car without a and then open the door and see that the door jambs are dirty

But imperfections again i’ll take it it’s like a touch-up paint i don’t know i don’t know if it’s like really like a touch of paint but it’s uh i saw a guy doing like an audi rv and it looked like it worked so i’m gonna have to look into that and try to get it now here comes the part oh we’re gonna try to detail it a little bit better and i think we got clay

Bar for us there we go we got our clay we got our just a little spray let’s go ahead we need our microfiber let’s grab ourselves a microfiber and spray down the hood we’ll start with start down and uh yeah so pretty much gonna clay bar the front and the most and uh see what other spots needed i checked pretty much like all around the car doesn’t really need

A clay bar but i think it does need like a good like waxing so i think that’s what i’m going to do is start with the hood and just kind of work my way around give it a nice protective seal moves on scenes here i’m actually going to start it because it’s pretty hot in here so i’ll get you it’s a stock exhaust but when i get you the clip anyways is the key oh

I think i got to shut the door wait no i don’t know i shouldn’t have to shut the door i don’t know why it doesn’t work all right i don’t know what that was about but uh since it is pretty hot here i’m gonna i’m gonna have the car running and the ac running because it is a little hot i can’t why am i oh here it is freaking blasts ac while i’m in here i guess

Not the last but oh there we go okay let us spray some of this interior cleaner all right pulled her back into the garage and i said came out actually pretty good it feels nice and smooth feels nice damn this trunk feels nice and nice and smooth everything feels good on this car check on this side everything feels pretty stretchy smooth got the interior all

Nice and cleaned up i think this car looks pretty good came out pretty good i pulled it into the garage did one last wipe down and she’s looking good all right

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Washing and Detailing a 2015 Acura TLX By Nick Gallo

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